From mini to maxi: the denim skirt trends for 2023

Denim Skirt
Denim Skirt

The denim skirt is a prime example of how fashion trends can last for decades. Whether cut short or long: the denim classic is reinvented again and again – also in 2023. We present three new trends.
Admittedly, the denim skirt trends are not really new this year. At least as far as the length of the popular items of clothing is concerned: From mini to midi to maxi, well-known styles are again included. But what exactly characterizes the it-piece? It’s the colors and cuts that breathe new life into the denim classic in 2023 – and make it an absolute must-have for fashionistas. Whether A-line, high waist or pencil skirt: In the following we present three popular looks that you can easily recreate at home.

Denim maxi skirts

This year, maxi denim skirts are making a big comeback. It doesn’t matter if you go for a straight cut, an A-lineor a layered lookdecide – as long as the skirt reaches at least to the ankles, you are right on trend in 2023. An old acquaintance is particularly popular this year: the leg slit. It is usually found on the front and can vary in length; the long one stand out. And what is the best way to combine this outfit? Depending on whether you prefer to dress sportily or smartly, we recommend sneakers and boots or even ballerinas and boots as suitable footwear. As for outerwear, you can choose a blouse or a crop top, paired with a denim jacket or blazer. Incidentally, the denim skirt with a maxi length is just as suitable for curvy women.

Denim midi skirts

Midi-length denim skirts also prove that leg slits are very popular again this year. Most models reach down to the calf, which gives them their typical look. In terms of color palette, the 2023 washes vary from classic shades of blue to darker nuances like black or grey. Small eye-catchers such as button strips (besides the slits) are particularly noticeable in this fashion season, geometric proximity , belt or inlaid pleats. And of course there are also midi denim skirts for plus sizes. The cut ensures even more comfort if you opt for a model with an elastic waistband – here you can choose between a completely gathered version choose or a half page. The cuts in 2023 are often combined with sneakers, loafers or pumps.

Denim mini skirts

Another denim classic that shouldn’t be missing from the denim skirt trends for 2023 is the mini skirt. Since the 1960s, the world’s wardrobes would be unimaginable without this popular it-piece. For this reason, the narrow piece of fabric no longer has to reinvent itself – instead, the fashion favorite this year comes up with fine refinements. Mini pleated skirts are particularly popular, gathered cuffs, button plackets or side pockets. The cool to rocking look is rounded off by rough boots, sporty sneakers and, on top, in combination with a leather jacket. And what about the color palette? Also there is of blue to black everything included again. So summer can come, until the time comes, mini skirts can be combined with leggings or tights.