Tanasha Donna house

Tanasha Donna’s house

Tanasha Donna is a popular Kenyan artist and entrepreneur recognized for her previous connection with Tanzanian artist Diamond Platinumz. The Sawa hitmaker announced back in 2020 that she had bought a home in one of the posh estates in Nairobi.

At 24, Tanasha became a homeowner of a beautiful two-storey mansion. Inside Tanasha Donna’s house, you can see a great taste of choice in every single design.

Tanasha Donna’s house is what any person would dream of; through the mini house tour she gave her fans, she showcased her house with a luxurious bathroom that she pointed out was her favourite part of the house.

Tanasha Donna house
Tanasha Donna’s house’s swimming pool

Her bathroom is installed with a spacious bathtub and transparent showers, just like the designs of most modern bathrooms. The lighting fixtures, the wooden floors, and the faucets imply that the house’s designer did their best to come up with such a blending combination.

As a successful young person, the singer thanked God for the strides she had made just a few years after her career had picked. Tanasha began her career as an NRG radio presenter after returning to Kenya when she was only 20 years. After that, she began to make a presence in the music industry, which made her quit her presenter job to focus on music.

After she got engaged to Diamond Platnumz, her singing career took off. During this time, she collaborated with Mbosso on the song La Vie, which has received over 10 million views on YouTube. She also appeared in Gere alongside her ex-boyfriend Diamond.

Tanasha Donna’s house elicited reactions from netizens who claimed that she must have financial support from various channels. Most people argued that Diamond, his ex-husband, must have helped her to buy the house.

However, Tanasha gave a disclaimer to netizens that she does not need a man to own a home. The Sawa hitmaker implied that she bought her house with hard-earned money. With a few years in her career, the musician has acquired a lot of value.

Tanasha Donna’s net worth

As of 2022, Tanasha is believed to be valued at about 30 million Kenya Shillings. Her main sources of income are YouTube and ads. Tanasha has actively engaged in the Beauty Industry, her most favored industry, as a businesswoman.

She is the owner of a multi-million dollar firm called ‘For Her Luxury Hair,’ which sells hair products. In Kenya and Tanzania, she has also received various brand sponsorships. She also comes from a financially secure family that supports her entrepreneurial endeavors.

Tanasha’s baby

Tanasha Donna baby
Tanasha Donna baby

Tanasha is the mother of one child, Naseeb Junior, whom she sired with her ex-husband Diamond Platinumz. Her pregnancy was first suspected in April 2019, when fans observed her bulging stomach. Tanasha Donna, Diamond Platnumz’s Kenyan girlfriend by then, welcomed their newborn son on October 2, 2019.

The mother of one also shared a video of her happy son; she captioned that she works days and night to ensure she provides everything for her son. As a single mother, Tanasha Donna’s house is not only a great accomplishment but also a dream house for any family.