Ruto’s Private Karen Home

Dr. William Ruto’s houses

To be the President of a country like Kenya is in more than one way both very advantageous and also very disadvantageous.

Over the years we have witnessed the rise of Kenya’s President William Ruto both politically and financially and have been able to see first-hand what being in politics can do.

Dr. Ruto has risen over time to become one of the wealthiest tycoons of our time and he owns a significant number of properties around the country, from land, hotels and homes, the President has really done it all.

This article will give you a glimpse of some of Dr. William Ruto’s houses.

Dr. Ruto’s Moiben mansion

Ruto home
Ruto home

There is no doubt that President William Ruto is not poor.

If images of an alleged property DP Ruto was building are any indication, the self-proclaimed ‘hustler’ who used to sell kuku kienyeji at Kambi Kuku market along the busy Eldoret-Malaba Highway is swimming in cash.

Aerial photographs of a multimillion-dollar luxury house project in Moiben, Uasin Gishu County, that Ruto supposedly owns have been circulating on social media.

According to the Star, the magnificent mega project is set on a 20-acre plot of property known as Kapkochir, which Ruto purchased from an Asian investor in 2015.

The opulent estate features an artificial lake in the center, six more opulent residences in the front, and the main house boasts a pavilion that leads right into the lake.

It also has its own private airport.

To make ends meet, the ‘hustler’ said he sold chicken to truck drivers to make ends meet.

Ruto claims that when he was in Standard Seven, he slept hungry because his family didn’t have enough food, and that when he started Form One at Wareng’ High School, he wore his first pair of shoes.

He is now the country’s most powerful man, chauffeured on private jets and helicopters, and a diverse business portfolio.

He earns Sh1.4 million per month in pay.

Dr Ruto’s Private Karen Home

Ruto’s Private Karen Home
Ruto’s Private Karen Home

After he became Deputy President, Dr Ruto moved into the official residence of the deputy President vacating his other home that is located right there in Karen.

He, being a business person or “hustler” as he likes to refer to himself, saw an opportunity and converted his private home into a five-star hotel for high-class clientele.

The house is now a branch of Dr Ruto’s Weston Hotel which is located around Wilson Airport in Lang’ata.

It may not be possible to know all of Dr William Ruto’s houses because he has not yet publicly declared all the properties he owns, either within or beyond our borders.