Diamond Platnumz’s houses

Diamond Platnumz house in SA
Diamond Platnumz house in SA

Currently considered the richest musician in East Africa, and one of the most successful musicians in Africa, Nasibu Abdul Juma Issack, better known as Diamond Platnumz is the ultimate living proof that talent and consistency in the music industry pays off.

The gifted musician not only owns a private jet and a fleet of luxurious cars but he also owns several mansions in his home country Tanzania, neighbouring Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa.

Here are all the details and photos of Diamond Platnumz’s houses that proves that he is the “Simba” of East Africa.

Diamond Platnumz’s state house

Diamond Planumz's house
Diamond Planumz’s house, source: Instagram

One of Diamond Platnmuz’s house is a beautiful multi-million dollar mansion that has been dubbed as his State House.

The award-winning Bongo star took to social media in 2017 to showcase his luxurious statehouse which is located at the leafy suburbs of Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

During its building, the Bongo star gave progressive time-to-time updates from the time the house started being built to its completion.

In an Instagram post, Diamond posted a picture of a year ago during construction vs three weeks ago after its furnishing. He captioned it ‘My 10th house.’

The videos of the house tour are evidence of how expensive his house is. It has a Tsh70 million pure gold plated toilet and custom-made designer gypsum ceiling that is the view of him from his bed. It has a Jacuzzi, gym, basketball court, dance hall, bar counter, studio, swimming pool and a darts playing area.

Diamond did a heart house tour after artist Bebe Cool claimed Diamond’s small house could not compare to his two houses. In his compound was a fleet of eight commendable rides including a 2021 Rolls Royce Cullinan, SUVs, and two Land Cruiser V8s, among others.

The superstar is set to also buy a private jet to make his international travels easy. The house has several rooms including 6 Bedrooms, a Classic Kitchen Boardroom. The house is estimated to have cost him Ksh 40 Million.

Diamond Platnumz’s house in South Africa

Diamond Platnumz house in SA
Diamond Platnumz house in SA

A while back, Diamond shared several videos showing off his house in South Africa. He bought a house in Moreleta Park in Pretoria. The singer announced the acquisition of the house during his baby mama Zari Hassan’s birthday while they were still together.

The luxurious villa has a swimming pool, spacious dining room and living room. It features a Jacuzzi, balcony and a garage that parks two cars. Before the divorce with Zari, they used to stay in the mansion.

Zari lives in this house and has made it very clear that she is not moving out. The exact cost of Diamond Platnumz mansion in South Africa is unknown, but it is evidently expensive.

Diamond Platnumz’s house in Kenya

Diamond Platnumz’s house, source: Instagram

The news of Diamond Platnumz house in Kenya emerged online in 2017 after purchasing a mansion in Nairobi. There were speculations that he wanted to relocate to Kenya. He also went ahead and bought Tanasha Dona, his ex, another house in Kenya.

Diamond was also speculated to have bought another house in Rwanda. The rumours about Diamond Platnumz house in Rwanda started in 2018. This was after he went on social media asking his fans to help him to find a nice house in the country.