Spice Diana

Spice Diana biography: age, career, relationship, family, net worth

Spice Diana profile within the music industry has immensely grown since she came to the limelight in 2014. When she was young, she did not even envision that she would get into music. Fast forward to today, Spice Diana has released a couple of hit songs starting with her first “Onsanula”. But there’s more to her story. Get those details in this Spice Diana’s biography.

Where does Spice Diana come from?

Spice Diana was born on 23 October 1996 in Mpererwe, Kampala. She was raised by a single mother, Beat Nanatale after her father abandoned them. Spice Diana’s real name is Hajarah Diana Namakwaya. The musician has two siblings.

Spice Diana now aged 25, did not have it easy while growing up. In order to help her mother make ends meet, Spice Diana worked as a maid and a waitress in homes and restaurants in Nakulabye, Kampala. Part of the money she earned went into paying her school fees.

Spice Diana lived in different parts of the country. During her mother’s marriage to her father, they lived in Kibuli. After their relationship collapsed, Spice Diana and her siblings went to Nansana before they relocated to Nakulabye.

Which tribe is Spice Diana?

Spice Diana comes from the Buganda tribe.

Spice Diana schooling background

Despite the hardships she endured growing up, Spice Diana’s managed to get her education. She did her primary school at Varreria Primary School. For her secondary school, Spice Diana attended St. Peters Senior Secondary School. She then went to Makerere University where she graduated with a degree in Industrial Arts. She concentrated on fashion and design.

Spice Diana career

Spice Diana admitted that she never thought she’d be a musician. In fact, she didn’t have an interest in music. It was in secondary school that Spice Diana discovered her interest in music. Since it was not a conventional career, Spice Diana sought the counsel of her mother. She had reservations about the industry but supported her idea.

Musical Journey

2014 was a big year for Spice Diana. She was new in the music industry when her song “Onsanula” became a hit. She went on to win Best Female Breakthrough at HiPipo Music Award in 2015. This was her first award. Spice Diana was still in university.

Spice Diana began her career under the management of Dr Fizol of Avenue Records. She then signed for Twinkle Star and Humble Management under Emma Carlos. Down the line, Spice Diana became her own manager before she met Roger Lubega commonly referred to as manager Roger in 2016.

Spice Diana has nothing but praise for Roger. He’s had a big influence on her career. The duo met when Diana was struggling with her projects. He got her back on track and promoted her music to great success.

In the same year, Spice Diana organised an awards ceremony to appreciate her team. The event was dubbed Team Spice Diana Awards. Only upcoming artists were invited to perform at the show.

In 2017, Spice Diana was one of the acts invited to perform at the Kampala City Festival. Her song “Onsanula” which painted the police as being at odds with citizens, was allegedly what led to her beating by the police.

As Spice Diana’s career soared, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The impact across industries was evident and musicians resorted to other ways of selling their content. Spice Diana adapted to the change.

She uploads her music on her YouTube channel but the uptake could not be compared to gigs. That said, she admitted that her endorsement deals, smaller gigs, private parties, weddings and birthday parties kept her afloat.

Spice Diana songs

“Upendo”, “Body”, “Omusheshe”, “Anti Kalo”, “Best Friend”.

Spice Diana relationships

Who is Spice Diana dating?

Spice Diana has a boyfriend but she won’t reveal his identity. Whilst sharing the news, the musician said that she wants her love life to remain private. There’s been a lot of speculation surrounding Spice Diana’s relationship status. Many thought she was in a relationship with her manager, Roger.

As she cleared the air, Spice Diana boldly questioned how people could deem her to be a single woman yet she is very beautiful. Spice Diana even went further and said she was not a virgin.

While she keeps her love affairs on the low, we can tell that Spice Diana doesn’t have a husband, at least not yet. Spice Diana also doesn’t have children.


Spice Diana’s parents separated when she was young. Her father left Spice Diana and her mother for reasons that still remain unclear.

Spice Diana is the firstborn in a family of three children. Despite being brought up by her mother, she still remains grateful for all the things she’s learnt from her. Her brother desires to pursue audio and video production whilst her younger sister wants to be a dancer.

Who is the father of Spice Diana?

The identity of Spice Diana’s father remains unknown. He left her mother when she was still young.

Spice Diana controversies

Spice Diana Sex scandal

Female musicians giving sexual favours to their managers, deejays and producers is not unheard of. Spice Diana has been alleged to be involved with a producer.

One who has been identified as Producer Wise claimed he slept with Spice Diana. The trade-off was to make her music for free. Spice Diana did not comment on these allegations. Be that as it may, she once stated in an interview that she would be the last person to be caught with nude photos.

Spice Diana dating manager Roger?

Spice Diana keeps her relationships private. Even so, her relationship with her manager Roger has come under scrutiny. Their closeness was deemed to have gone beyond the normal employer-employee relationship.

Spice Diana denied having an affair with her manager. She maintains they are just close friends. Further, she said that she has so many goals to work on that take up her time.

Spice Diana failed stunts

Spice Diana wants to keep her relationships private, that much is clear. Even son, she tried to pull a publicity stunt by declaring that fellow singer Nice Henry was her boyfriend.

She even called him out and asked him to make their love public on social media. However, some of the fans did not buy into her post. They deemed it as a publicity stunt meant to promote a song that the two did together.

Spice Diana net worth

Spice Diana has made huge strides in the music industry since her entry in 2014. She has been listed as one of the richest female musicians in Uganda. Spice Diana’s net worth is estimated to be $1 – $5 million.

Spice Diana car

After her old car was stolen, manager Roger bought Spice Diana a new car, a black Toyota Harrier said to cost around 35 million Ugandan shillings.

Spice Diana’s other car is a red Range Rover Evoque. It emerged that the car belonged to slain tycoon Ali Jabbar. Spice Diana said that she bought the car from Ali Jabbar’s wife for 100 million Ugandan Shillings.

Spice Diana house

In 2019, Spice Diana shared images of her house that was under construction. The following year, she gave fans a sneak peek into the mansion believed to cost her sh 600 million.

Where does Spice Diana live?

Spice Diana’s house is located along Salaama Road in Makindye.

Awards & recognition

2021: Most Stylish Female Artist in East Africa Fashion Awards

2021: Best Female Artist East/South/North Africa at the African Entertainment Award (AEAUSA)

2021: Nominated Best Female Artist in East Africa at AFRIMMA Awards

2018 & 2019: Female Artist of the Year Zzina Award

2018 & 2019: Best Stylish Female Artist at Abryanz Fashionista Awards

2015: Best Female Breakthrough at HiPipo Music Award

Social Media 

Spice Diana Instagram: @Spice_Diana 

Spice Diana Twitter: @SpiceDianaUg 

Spice Diana Facebook: Spice Diana

Spice Diana YouTube Channel: Spice Diana


How many songs does Spice Diana have?

Since Spice Diana came into the music industry, she has released three albums – Bimpe in 2017, Kokonya in 2020, and UpClose & Personal in 2020. These albums have a total of 41 songs.

Who is the husband of Spice Diana?

Currently, Spice Diana is not married.

Who is Spice Diana dating?

Spice Diana revealed that she is in a serious relationship. However, she has not disclosed the identity of the man she is seeing.

Who is Spice Diana’s manager?

32 Records boss Roger Lubega popularly known as manager Roger is Spice Diana’s manager.

Is Spice Diana single?

Spice Diana revealed that she is in a relationship.

How old is Spice Diana?

Born on 23 October 1996, Spice Diana is 25 years old.

Who is Spice Diana?

Spice Diana is a musician.