Spice Diana

Spice Diana’s parents

Considered one of the best and fastest-growing female musicians in Uganda right now, Spice Diana is one of those names that are worth knowing about.

The Kokonya hitmaker who is known for her sweet voice, well-written lyrics and bold sense of style has made her name well-known in the male-dominated space and is currently a force to be reckoned with both in Uganda and across East Africa.

But while we know so much about the Upendo singer’s music and current projects, we have to admit that we have all at some point wanted to know who Spice Diana’s parents are and well, this article answers that question.

Here is everything you need to know about Spice Diana’s parents, her family and her background.

Who are Spice Diana’s parents?

A young Spice Diana with her mother
A young Spice Diana with her mother, source: Facebook

Namakwaya Hajara Diana, aka Spice Diana, was born on the 23rd of October, 1996 in Mpererwe, Kampala.

Spice Diana’s parents separated when she was around five years old and she was raised by her mother since then.

While very little to nothing is known about Spice Diana’s father, Spice Diana’s mother who can easily pass for her older sister is a beautiful, youthful Ugandan mama called Beatrice Nantale.

Spice Diana’s mother was forced into an arranged marriage while she was young and got pregnant shortly after. Although the marriage did not work out and she left her first matrimonial home quite fast, the result of the marriage was her beautiful gem- Spice Diana.

Spice Diana’s stepfather

Still very young and now with a little child to fend for, Spice Diana’s mother got married for the second time to a man from Kibali and together with Spice, they moved with him to Kabalagala.

Her second marriage bore two more children but the marriage did not work out and Spice Diana’s mother and her children moved to Nansama and then to Nakulabye where she raised her children as a single mother.

Like her biological father, very little is also known about Spice Diana’s stepfather. It is not clear whether the sensational musician has a relationship with either one of her fathers.

Spice Diana siblings

Spice Diana with her young siblings
Spice Diana with her young siblings, source: Facebook

Spice Diana is her mother’s firstborn child, and she has two younger siblings from her mother’s second marriage- a sister and a brother.

Although Spice Diana has not revealed a lot of information about her little siblings, the artist who always refers to herself as her siblings’ father and sister has on several occasions vowed to provide for her siblings and make sure they never lack.

Spice Diana’s boyfriend

Spice Diana and Nince Henry
Spice Diana and Nince Henry, source: Youtube screenshot

After years of speculation as to who Spice Diana was dating and at some point being linked with her manager Roger, Spice Diana finally revealed who she is currently dating.

Her current boyfriend is musician Nince Henry with whom she collaborated with on their hit song Body.

It is not clear when the two started dating and whether or not Spice Diana’s parents approve of her relationship with Nince.

Does Spice Diana have a house?

Yes, Spice Diana has a beautiful, modern, multi-million mansion which is located in Makindaye, Kampala, along Salama road.

The musician also built her grandmother a house, and she also plans on building her mother a house as well.