Rema Namakula biography: age, career, education, net worth, family, relationships

Rema Namakula with her husband Hamza, source: Instagram
Rema Namakula with her husband Hamza, source: Instagram

Rema Namakula is a recording artist and singer. She started out when she was young and has gone on to perform on some of the best platforms on the continent. Here’s Rema Namakula’s biography.

Rema Namakula was born on 24 April 1991 in Lubaga Hospital, Uganda. She is the lastborn child in her family. Her late parents were Hamida Nabbosa and Mukiibi Ssemakula. She lived with them in Makuba District until their demise. Rema Namakula grew in a staunch Muslim home.

Birthday: 24 April 1991
Nationality: Ugandan
Star sign: Tauras
Birth place: Lubaga Hospital, Uganda


Rema Namakula went to Kitante Primary School. She then joined St. Balikudemba Senior Secondary School where she got her Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE), A- levels and Uganda Advanced Certificate (UACE). Rema was offered a bursary during her A- levels due to her talent in music.

Rema then joined Kyambogo University. Initially, she applied to study Administrative and Managerial Science but later changed to fashion and design because of her busy schedule.


Rema Namakula aged 31 is one of Uganda’s best female artists. Her journey began when she was in school. She then went on to become a backup vocalist for Bebe Cool and Halima Namakula in the song “Sambagala” in what would be the beginning of a long-standing work relationship with Bebe Cool.

The duo would go on to release the song “Cease and Sekle”, a song whose idea was conceived by Bebe Cool. According to Rema, she says the message of the song is to tell people that it’s fine to take a break from work. You might disagree and have another interpretation of the song.

Meanwhile, Rema Namakula was also a backup singer for Gagamel Crew. Her parents were aware of all her dealings with both parties – Bebe Cool and Gagamel Crew. They paid for the first song she recorded, “Take A Look At Me”.

Rema Namakula then went professional in 2009. Her stint with Gagamel Crew and Bebe Cool would last another four years before they parted ways. Their separation was occasioned by an interview Rema did without the knowledge of Bebe Cool in which she shared her plans of going solo.

This was 2013 and it was the start of Rema Namakula’s solo career. She went on to release the song “Oli wange” written by renowned songwriter Nince Henry. She then went on to release other singles like “Taala”, “Sweetie”, “Give Me The Paper”.

Her most popular songs on YouTube are “Akatonotono” with over 4.5 million views, “Lowoza Kunze”, “New Ugandan Music”, “Akaliro”, and “Yo Sweet” all with over 2 million views.

In 2016, Rema Namakula was chosen to represent Uganda in the fourth season of Coke Studio Africa. Eddy Kenzo, Weasel and Lydia Jazmine were the other Ugandan artists selected to participate in the show.

Relationships, Family

Rema Namakula got married in a lavish traditional wedding attended by family, friends and industry colleagues in Nabbingo, Butaka in Wakiso District in 2019. Rema Namakula’s husband is Dr Hamza Sebunya.

Two years after their marriage, Rema Namakula and Hamza Sebunya welcomed a baby girl, Aaliyah Sebunya who was born on 7 November 2021.

One of the doctors who helped in the birth of Rema Namakula’s new baby was her husband Dr Hamza. She is Rema’s second child after she got her first with fellow musician and ex-boyfriend Eddie Kenzo.

Reports suggest that Rema and Sebunya first met in 2014 at an event the songstress performed at. He grabbed the chance to have a picture with her and then escalated his advances which have now culminated in a marriage.

Rema and Kenzo

Before her wedding to Hamza, Rema Namakula dated Eddie Kenzo for five years. The pair went separate ways in 2019 in a public break-up. In an interview with a local station, Eddie Kenzo revealed that he could not keep up with Rema Namakula’s public lifestyle. He said that her desire to publicise their relationship meant he couldn’t continue being with her.

In the same interview, Kenzo also stated that Rema distanced herself from their relationship long before they broke up. She ignored his calls, lost trust in him and even went on to build a separate house without his knowledge. Kenzo said he got wind of these developments through social media.

Even then, rumours of infidelity circulated widely. Plus, Eddie Kenzo’s inability to propose to Rema during their relationship was reported to be one of the reasons their relationship fell apart.

It was not all doom and gloom for Rema and Kenzo. The pair have good memories of their time together. You can see that in Rema and Kenzo photos posted online. Also, the two have a daughter named Aamal Mussuza.

Kenzo apologizes to Rema

After a nasty split-up, Eddie Kenzo ate the humble pie and apologised to his ex-lover Rema Namakula. In a post on social media, Kenzo asked for forgiveness from all those whom he had wronged, knowingly or unknowingly.

After Rema Namakula’s planned wedding to her husband Dr Hamza Sebunya was declared illegal, Eddie Kenzo made fun of Rema. In a post on his Instagram page, he shared a letter written by a lawyer meant to prevent the doctor from marrying Rema and described their plans as “comic”.


Alleged Debt

After her exquisite introductory ceremony, reports suggested that Rema Namakula put up her Toyota Prado TX for sale to raise money to offset debts she accrued as a result of financing her event. Rema refuted the claims and pointed out her weight gain as a sign that she was doing well financially.

Cake Gate

If there is anything you don’t expect a celebrity to be in the news for is cake design. But, one Rema Namakula hit headlines after the design of her baby shower cake irked people. According to the attendees of her event, Rema served a cake that had a big bump and pointed breasts. Witnesses said that Rema looked perturbed by what she served her guests.

Disgracing the Muslim community

Some Muslim leaders were not happy with how Rema Namakula and her husband Dr Hamza Sebunya conducted themselves during Ramadan in 2021. The two flew to Dubai to celebrate Rema’s birthday. Whilst on it, they kept their social media fans updated on their activities. Some of the images Rema shared were highly suggestive. Sheikh Abdalla Mawejje termed their actions a disgrace to the Muslim community. Both Rema and Hamza are Muslims.

Rema blasts Bebe Cool

Rema Namakula did not have kind words for her former boss Bebe Cool after he publicly supported the controversial social media tax. Rema described Bebe Cool as a “faded singer who had lost touch with the society.” She further claimed that Bebe Cool only supported the move because he was interested in “a government bailout” for his never-ending bankruptcy. Further, Rema expressed regret of having worked with Bebe Cool.

Response to Kenzo

Rema Namakula finally broke her silence over her nasty break-up with Eddie Kenzo. She said that Kenzo was still very much in love with her which is why his songs alluded to his regrets over not valuing Rema when they were still together.


Rema Namakula was gifted a red Range Rover by her husband Dr Hamza. This was a show of appreciation for withstanding the pain of giving birth to their child Aaliyah Ssebunya. The car was presented to her during their baby’s welcome home party.


Rema Namakula’s house in Namugongo was at the centre of controversy during her strained relationship with Eddie Kenzo. In an interview after their separation, Eddie revealed that he was not aware that Rema built a house there and only found out through social media. Many speculated that Rema moved out of their matrimonial home before they parted ways.

Net Worth

Rema Namakula is no doubt one of the most successful female musicians in Uganda. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 – $5 million. Her hubby Dr Hamza Sebunya must be doing well financially gauging by the expensive gifts he showers Rema with. Even so, Hamza Sebunya’s net worth remains unknown.

Awards & Recognition

2020: Record of the Year for Gutujja

2019: Nominated as the Best Female East Africa at African Muzik Magazine Awards

2018: Nominated for the Young Achievers Award

2015: MTN Caller Tunez Award

2014: HiPipo Awards

Best Female R&B song

Best Female Artist (Dancehall)

Best Female Artist of the Year

2013: HiPipo Awards

Best R&B song “Oli Wange”

Best Female Artist

Best Breakthrough Artist

Best HiPipo Charts Artist

Social Media

Rema Namakula Instagram: @Remah001

Rema Namakula Facebook: Rema 

Rema Namakula YouTube: Rema Namakula 

Rema Namakula Twitter: @RemaUG1


How old is Rema Namakula?

Born on 24 April 1991, Rema Namakula is 32 years old.

Who is Rema Namakula?

Rema Namakula is a recording artist and singer

How many children does Rema Namakula have?

Rema Namakula has two children. Aaliyah Sebunya who was born in November 2021 fathered by her husband Dr Hamza Sebunya. Her firstborn child is Aamal Mussuza, fathered by Eddie Kenzo.

Who is the husband of Rema Namakula?

Dr Hamza Sebunya is Rema Namakula’s husband. The pair got married in 2019 at a lavish wedding in Nabbingo, Butaka in Wakiso District.

When did Rema Namakula give birth?

Rema Namakula second child was born on 7 November 2021. Her name is Aaliyah Sebunya.

When was Rema Namakula born?

Rema Namakula was born on 24 April 1991.

Which tribe is Rema Namakula?

Rema’s comes from the Muganda tribe.

What is the real name of Rema Namakula?

Rema Namakula’s real name is Rehema Namakula

Who is Rema Namakula’s mother?

Rema Namakula’s mother was Hamida Nabbosa

When did Rema Namakula start singing?

Rema Namakula started singing when she was young but went professional in 2009. Her solo career began in 2013 after her fall out with Bebe Cool.

Who is the father of Rema Namakula?

Rema Namakula’s father was Mukiibi Ssemakula.

How much is Rema net worth?

Rema Namakula’s net worth is estimated to be $1 – $5 million.