Size 8 biography: age, net worth, family, husband, career, education

Size 8 is a secular musician turned Gospel artist. At the peak of her career, she made the bold decision to cross over and it’s paid off. She is now one of the most well-paid Gospel artists. Her brand has attracted endorsement deals as well as television and radio gigs.

  • Real name: Linet Munyali Muraya
  • Occupation: Singer, Actor, television host, radio presenter
  • Birthday: 4 August 1987
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Star sign: Leo
  • Birth place: Maringo, Eastlands, Nairobi
  • Height: N/A
  • Children: Ladasha Belle Muraya, Muraya Junior
  • Net Worth: Ksh 30 million or $250,000

She admits that she is loud but that is how Size 8 whose real name is Linet Munyali Muraya could be heard at home.

Size 8 was born on 4 August 1987 in Maringo estate in Eastlands Nairobi. She is the second last born in a family of seven children.

Some of Size 8’s siblings are Gladys Munyali, Robert Simiyu Munyali, Mary Munyali and Gladys Munyali. Linet Munyali aka Size 8 grew up in a Christian home.

Her father was a pastor and her late mother Esther Njeri Munyali who passed away in 2015 after kidney failure, also worked in the church. Thus, religion was not something new when Size 8 got saved.

In an online interview, Size 8 described her childhood as challenging but fun. She said her house was the loudest and was known by everyone because of that.

Her loudness came about as a necessity as it was the only way to get herself heard in a big household and that has stayed with her.

Size 8’s education background

Size 8 was a very bright student. She began her education in Dr Lirikson Primary School and later joined State House Girls High School.

However, she had difficulty paying school fees but was given a bursary because of her good performance. Size 8 was active in drama and music festivals.

Her talent saw her land a full scholarship at Hillcrest Secondary School after a play her school did was the best in the country.

Size 8’s career

Size 8
Size 8

Size 8 already knew what she wanted to do. After she completed high school, she wasn’t able to fund her university education despite being called to Manchester University and thus turned to act.

Around that time, the much-acclaimed Tusker Project Fame opened its auditions. Size 8 was not age-appropriate as the competition needed contestants who were above the age of 21.

Despite that, Size 8 went for the auditions where she met DJ Clemo. This was the turning point for her.

DJ Clemo who at the time worked at Calif Records introduced her to Jua Cali and eventually signed her at Calif Records.

Size 8 songs
Size 8

Size 8’s life changed as she moved from her bedsitter in BuruBuru to a two-bedroom house and even bought a car.

However, even with her new life, she was still dissatisfied. As she explained, she was on a downward spiral which is what inspired her to turn to Christ.

From secular to Gospel

This is one of the most interesting sections of the biography of Size 8. So how did she transition from secular to Gospel?

Before the expiry of her contract with Safaricom, Size 8 met Gospel disk jockey DJ Mo with whom she shared her intentions of joining the Gospel industry.

Size 8 and DJ Mo then secretly worked on her first Gospel song “Mateke” which was released in 2013 and marked the start of her career as a gospel artist.

At the same time, Size 8 announced she was saved again thus her name Size 8 Reborn.

“Mateke” became a hit and was voted Song of the Year and Video of the Year at the Groove Awards. Size 8 won the Female Artist of the Year award.

She has since released “Umetenda”, “Afadhali Yesu”, “Tam Tam” featuring Willy Paul, “Lift My Hands”, “Arise” amongst others.

Television and radio career

More blessings arrived for Size 8 since she transitioned to the Gospel industry. She has hosted several shows like Pambio Live on Maisha Magic East alongside resident deejay DJ Ruff and MinjiMinji Show on Rembo TV.

In 2021, Size landed a new radio show on MediaMax’s Milele FM dubbed Tambira Milele. She also hosted KVIBE916 every Friday on Kubamba radio.

In 2020, Size 8 and DJ Mo had their own reality TV show “Dine with the Muraya’s” air on NTV Kenya which was about their marriage life.

The show was pulled off the air at a time when SIze 8’s husband DJ Mo was embroiled in a series of scandals.

Size 8
A successful Size 8

Latest from Size 8

In December 2021, Size 8 Reborn was ordained as a preacher at the JCC Thika road.

Sharing the news on social media, Size 8 recalled how people made fun of her when she got saved in 2013.

Her husband DJ Mo was with her and vowed to continue his support in her new role.

Brand endorsements

Size 8 endorsements
A photo of Size 8 promoting Kleesoft powder soap

Far from the fears that becoming a Gospel artist would derail her, Size 8 Reborn has become a magnet for brands.

She has been associated with brands such as Harpic, Softcare baby products and Softcare sanitary towels.

Size 8’s and relationships

Size 8 and Ian Muraya

Size 8 and DJ Mo met at a Safaricom concert back when Size 8 was at the peak of her career as a secular artist. She was also planning her move into the Gospel industry when they met.

The two crossed paths again at Truth FM when Size 8 dropped by to pick up her brother Robert Simiyu who worked at the station.

He introduced her to the DJ, they forged a friendship which led to courtship and eventually marriage.

Size 8’s and DJ Mo’s wedding was privately done in September 2013 thus contrary to what has become the norm, there were no wedding photos and videos of their ceremony to admire. Size 8 and DJ Mo celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary in 2020.

Size 8 and DJ Mo
Size 8 and DJ Mo

Size 8’s and DJ Mo’s wedding was privately done in September 2013 thus contrary to what has become the norm, there were no wedding photos and videos of their ceremony to admire. Size 8 and DJ Mo celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary in 2020.

Size 8 family

Size 8 and son

If you keep up with the Muraya’s, you will have come across her children. Size 8’s daughter is called Ladasha Belle Muraya and her son is Muraya Junior.

In 2020, Size 8 announced her third pregnancy but unfortunately, she lost her unborn child.

The “Mateke” hitmaker explained that she suffered complications occasioned by high blood pressure.

Size 8 family
Size 8 family

This was not the first time that Size 8 lost a baby as she admitted to having pregnancy complications.

In 2018, Size 8 lost her second pregnancy and was admitted to the hospital before she gave birth to her second child.

Size 8's daughter Ladasha Belle
Size 8’s daughter Ladasha Belle

Size 8’s net worth

Size 8 Reborn is without a doubt one of the best-paid Gospel musicians today. Her net worth is estimated at Ksh 30 million.

Size 8 house

On a couple of occasions, Size 8 has given fans a look into her posh house located in Lavington estate where she lives with her husband and children. They moved into the house in 2019 from Edenville along Kiambu road.

Size 8 car

Size 8 car
Size 8 car

In 2021, DJ Mo bought his wife Size 8 a brand new car. He posted three pictures of the white vehicle believed to be a Toyota Celica in which he stated that he wanted Size 8 to enjoy it after she overcame her fear of driving. Earlier on, Size 8 was reported to have bought a red Jaguar XF worth over Ksh 7 million.

Social Media

Size 8 Reborn Instagram: @Size8Reborn 

Size 8 Reborn @Size8Reborn

Size 8 Reborn Facebook: Size 8 Reborn

Size 8 Reborn YouTube: Size8Reborn 

Awards & Recognition


Song of the Year, Female Artist of the Year and Video of the Year at the Groove Awards.


What is the real name of Size 8?

Size 8’s real name is Linet Munyali Muraya.

How old is Linet Munyali aka size 8?

Born on 4 August 1987, Linet Munyali’s age is 35

What is Linet Munyali’s tribe? 

Linet Munyali comes from the Agikuyu tribe

When did Size 8 marry?

Size 8 and DJ Mo got married in September 2013 in a private wedding attended by close family and friends. The two made the news public a month after the ceremony happened.

When did Size 8 get saved?

Size 8 got saved in 2013 after she met her husband Gospel deejay DJ Mo at a concert she attended. She made the announcement when she released her hit song “Mateke”.

Who ordained Size 8?

In December 2021, Size 8 Reborn was ordained as a preacher at the JCC Thika road.

Is Size 8 still married?

Yes. Despite the cheating allegations against her husband DJ Mo, Size 8 is still married to him. They have two children – Ladasha Belle Muraya and Muraya Junior.

Did Size 8 have a miscarriage?

Size 8 lost her unborn child due to pregnancy due to complications which she said were brought about by high blood pressure.

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