Diamond’s dad is living a poor life

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz is one of the richest musicians in Africa. He has said before how he gets paid in billions by Apple Music and YouTube. But still his own father is living a meagre lifestyle, going by pictures which are making internet rounds.

Diamond’s dad Mzee Abdul Naseeb has given many a reason to talk after photos of him boarding a public service vehicle while carrying a huge sack went viral, igniting mixed reactions.

According to media reports, Diamond’s father has been hawking in the streets to make ends meet despite his son being a millionaire.

A year ago, the Waah hit singer agreed to meet his biological father after years being apart. He accused the old man of abandoning his family.

‘I have realized Diamond is not on the wrong. I am the one who slipped. I already made peace with his mum. I thereafter saw it wise to look for Diamond and ask for his forgiveness,’ Juma said during one of his visits to his son’s home.’

The two mended their relationship after being estranged for over 20 years. In 2019, a video surfaced of the old man being barred from using the dining room where Tanasha and Diamond were having breakfast.

It is not clear if Diamond threw his father out after that or not as he is seen to be homeless at the moment.

It could be that Diamond got tired of his father sharing family secrets to the public.

In February this year, Mzee Abdul had an interview where he narrated how even while dating Tanasha, his son is still in search for a perfect partner.

He said:

“He is looking for a good wife. he can marry, even now but end up separated. and then people will talk and say, ‘see he cannot even sustain a marriage! Unless he wants to add wife number two and three since it is allowed in Islam. I think he hasn’t found a woman that he is satisfied with or one that needs him enough. I believe God will bless him with the perfect wife,”

He added that he could not understand why his son had not settled down with Tanasha.

Diamond and his dad have not been on good terms though the cause of their rift is still unknown, even though his mother Sanura Kasimu has occasionally been speaking to Jumaa.

Diamond, who is a billionaire and very successful in his career, has not said anything about his dad’s situation.

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