Shamsa Ford

Shamsa Ford biography: age, career, education, relationship, family, net worth

Shamsa Ford is a Tanzanian actress and model known for her work in the Tanzanian film industry, particularly in Bongo movies. She gained popularity for her roles in various Tanzanian films and TV series. Ford has contributed significantly to the entertainment scene in Tanzania and has a sizable following in East Africa due to her acting skills and presence in the media.

Shamsa Ford

Shamsa Ford was born on December 31, 1989. As of 2023, she is 34 years old.

Shamsa Ford education

Shamsa Ford received her primary and secondary education from public schools in her locality before venturing into the entertainment industry.

Shamsa Ford career

Shamsa Ford began her career as a model before transitioning into acting in the Tanzanian entertainment industry. She gained prominence in Bongo movies, a term used for Tanzanian films, where she showcased her acting talent and charisma. Ford appeared in numerous popular Tanzanian films and TV series, earning recognition for her performances and becoming a well-known figure in the Tanzanian media landscape.

Her career trajectory included roles in various movies and TV shows, allowing her to amass a significant fan base across East Africa. Ford’s work not only showcased her acting abilities but also contributed to the growth of the Tanzanian film industry, cementing her status as a notable figure in Tanzanian entertainment.

Shamsa Ford relationship and family

Shamsa Ford had been in a relationship with Tanzanian businessman and media personality Chidi Mapenzi. They were known as a prominent couple in the Tanzanian entertainment and social scene. Together, they have one son named Terry.

Shamsa Ford partner

Shamsa Ford net worth

Specific details about Shamsa Ford’s net worth were not readily available in public sources. Celebrities often keep their financial information private, and precise figures regarding their net worth might not be officially disclosed or easily accessible. Therefore, the exact net worth of Shamsa Ford might not be publicly known.