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Most romantic male celebrities

Most of these Kenyan male celebrities like to portray themselves as gangsters. They prefer holding up this “bad boy” image to the public and that’s okay. What some of you may not know is the fact that some of these “bad boys” out there are actually pretty romantic to their better halves.

No matter how secretive they may try to be about it, their ladies end up exposing them to the romantic dudes that they are.

Here are five of those romantic fellas.

1. Bahati

Bahati wife
Bahati with his wife, Diana Marua

This gospel singer turned secular artist doesn’t hide his love for his wife Diana Marua. He spoils her and documents it for his fans to witness. He recently bought her the biggest gift yet, a brand new white Mercedes Benz and he even shared the video through his social media platforms. This is the baby girl treatment right here.

2. Frankie JustGymIt

This is one strong man. He has always shown romantic love to his girlfriend Corazon Kwamboka. Where is the romance, you ask. Well, Frankie has always stood by Corazon even when everyone openly talked about her being loose and still a socialite.

He has never let any of that affect them and he still publicly shows her love. If that isn’t romantic, I don’t know what is.

3. Eric Omondi

This is a real Luo man. At one time, when he was still in a relationship, Eric Omondi rented out a billboard on the road to put up a welcoming message for his girlfriend as she was returning to the country from a business trip. Wow!

4. Brown Mauzo

Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika
Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika

This Mombasa-based singer really knows how to treat a lady. His wife, Vera Sidika is heavily pregnant with their first-born child, and the singer has been treating her so well that she can’t help but post every single sweet deed that he does for her.

From the simple foot massages to the expensive gifts and trips, this guy goes all out. Just a few days ago Vera posted videos of Brown Mauzo treating her to a vacation to a lavish hotel and she documented every step of it.

5. Swat

This young and very popular Gengetone rapper is always talking about his lovely girlfriend. Constantly posting her on social media and dedicating sweet love messages to her almost on a daily basis, this young man knows how to make his girlfriend feel like a queen.


Jackson Makini has never been shy to express his love when in a relationship. The biggest romantic gesture that this extravagant artist has ever done is tattooing his girlfriend’s name on his body. This right here takes balls. He then posted the picture of the tattoo on his social media platform, proudly declaring his love for the girlfriend.

These artists may have that gangster look, but deep down it seems they can actually be very sweet. The acts mentioned are just a few of many and there are many more artists that are also very romantic to their significant others. Let’s try to follow suit people.