Babu Owino

Kenya’s armed celebrities

There’s something about rappers and guns. All rappers, whether from hardcore or soft rap, want to own guns and flaunt them in their music videos and social media platforms.

This has over the years come to spread out to all celebrities, be it in fashion, film industry, you name it. They all just want to own guns. It’s all fun and games until you shoot yourself on the toe.

This list however does not just comprise of rappers only. These are just Kenyan celebrities that own guns and have not been afraid to expose themselves as they are all legally registered gun owners, and, are wealthy, or rather on their way there.

We’ve actually had of incidences where such celebrities have been involved in gun scandals, and shootouts, like the one that happened just months ago involving a famous veteran Kenyan actor, which led to the accidental shooting of a security guard.

Here is a list of just five of the most heavily armed Kenyan celebrities.

Khaligraph Jones

There is no denying that Khaligraph Jones just has that “gangster” look, even without considering the fact that he recently got a license to own a gun. Khaligraph Jones has never been shy of letting his fans know that he is a fan of guns and that he has his own and is ready for whatever. He even brandishes shotguns and rifles in most of his music videos.

Big Ted

This media personality has for a very long time been a registered gun owner. In fact, it is alleged that he not only owns one, but multiple guns.

The Master of Ceremonies (MC) turned Statehouse employee once went on record stating that there was a time when he went broke while still working in the President’s house.

Jalang’o, as expected, did not believe a word from his statement and highlighted that, as it is known people who work for, or around the head of state are known to be among the most well-paid Kenyan citizens.


It is no secret that Jackson Makini, popularly known to his fans as Prezzo, has had more than one gun scandal with the police over the years. Prezzo is one of the most famous gun-holding celebrities in Kenya.

His reason for owning a gun can, however, be understood since he is among the wealthiest celebrities in the country seeing to it that he hailed from a well-off family and his rather long career as an artist.


Mombasa-based rapper known as Cannibal of the major hit, “Street Hustler”, was one of the first rappers in Kenya to flaunt their legally owned pistol, alongside his close friend, Prezzo.

Real name, Ralph Sandal Masai, Cannibal, now a saved Christian, is also one of the few Kenyan celebrities known to be gun holders.

Ainea Ojiambo

Veteran actor, who is also a producer and media personality, Ainea Ojiambo was recently involved in a shootout in Nairobi. He was attacked by two thugs as he was having a conversation with a lady, and he swiftly pulled out his firearm at shot at the then fleeing culprits.

Unfortunately, he missed and shot a security guard in the eye. I think it is safe to say that Ainea Ojiambo is armed and dangerous, on the defiance though.

Babu Owino

Controversial Embakasi East Member of Parliament, Babu Owino, is one politician who has had his share of brushes with the law as a result of gun misuse.

The legislator went on record shooting a Disk Jokey at a famous Nairobi club, an incident that attracted the attention of many.

Despite the charges getting thrown out the MP still attracts a lot of criticism any time he attempts to make a public statement or generally when he makes a post about anything on social media.

After the shooting, the DJ was admitted to the hospital where he stayed for a long time before he was later discharged.

We are, however, not sure if he is still a licensed gun holder.