Educated musicians in Kenya

Kenya’s most educated musicians

They might be chucking bangers and club hits, but that most certainly does not mean they don’t have other talents and abilities. Quite the opposite, actually! It’s no secret that Kenya’s music industry is composed of some of the best brains the country has to offer.

From medical doctors, engineers, and architects among other highly regarded professionals, these celebrities had the brains, but music called them, and they obliged.

And if you know anything about the music industry in Kenya and how artists are compensated, you’d understand that for these guys, the music comes straight from the heart!

Here are some of Kenya’s highly educated musicians.


The P-Unit member fancies himself as one of the top brains in the music industry, commonly referring to himself as Dakitare. Other than producing music, the Dakitare hitmaker is also good at matters of human health, he is a medical doctor.

Frasha graduated from Kenya Medical Training College where he majored in physiotherapy and specialized in pain management, according to reports. The singer worked as a doctor at the Aga Kha hospital until 2011 when he resigned to join the music.

Since then, he has revealed that though he finds a lot of fulfillment in being a musician,n he is still a doctor, and that was highlighted when COVID hit and he went back to practice, opening a clinic next to Aga Khan called the Doctor’s Park. According to him, the pandemic proved that education still is and always will be the best thing to fall back on.


Singer Wahu Kagwi is one of the most learned musicians in Kenya. The beautiful songstress studied Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Nairobi where she majored in Mathematics.

The Sweet Love hitmaker also holds a Master’s Degree in Communication. She said she got the Master’s degree because her line of work demands communications.


Just like his wife Wahu, Nameless is an academic genius. He started his formal education at Nairobi Primary School and he furthered his studies at Strathmore Secondary School.

After High School, Nameless enrolled at the University of Nairobi to study towards his Architecture Degree.

Even though he majored in music after university, the Te Amor hitmaker still practices Architecture. He is said to be the architect behind the KSh.4 billion Karen Hub mall, Nairobi.

Maureen Kunga

Maureen Kunga is another brainy singer who is even qualified to vie for the Chief Justice job, (or could be qualified in a few years) courtesy of her education as a law student.

The graduate of Nairobi University was admitted as an advocate to the High Court in 2014. On her education, Maureen revealed that she was a devout law student and loved going to school, even though she never had a favorite law teacher or anything of that sort.

Fun Fact, Maureen Graduated law school at the same time Elani Released their first studio album!

Bryan Chweya

Singer Bryan Chweya is a second member of Elani who is a lawyer by profession. The University of Nairobi graduate was admitted to the bar as an advocate in 2014.

Despite the hardships that come with getting yourself admission into the bar, Brian Chweya alongside his two bandmates beat all odds to bring the country some soulful music that lived in the hearts of many, at the time.