Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool’s education background

Moses Ssali, also known as Bebe Cool is one of Uganda’s most famous celebrities who has been consistently relevant for more than 20 years as a musician.

Although a lot is known about Bebe Cool’s current life and status as a musician, businessman, husband and father, not much is often said about Bebe Cool’s education and background in general.

Today we take a look at Bebe Cool’s educational background and reveal the schools he attended and what his greatest educational level is.

But before we delve into Bebe Cool’s education, it should be noted that the artist was born to a prominent family. His father Jaberi Bidandi Ssali is a retired politician who besides founding the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) served as Minister for Local Government and also ran for the presidency during the 2011 general election but lost.

That being said, you would expect that Bebe Cool had the best childhood where he never lacked anything but it turns out that he didn’t. The musician revealed in a past interview that his rich father abandoned him and his mother and that he was raised by a single mother who struggled to make ends meet.

Let’s now dive into Bebe Cool’s education and learn everything that the King of Gagamel learned during his years in school.

Bebe Cool’s primary education

For his primary education, Bebe Cool attended two different schools. His first school was Aga Khan primary school before moving to Kitante Hill school.

Other notable alumni who went to Kitante Hill School include his rival Bobi Wine, Kiiza Besigye, Nick Nola, and boxer Moses Muhangi.

Which high school did Bebe Cool attend?

After successfully completing his primary education, Bebe Cool proceeded to Makerere college school which is located within Makerere University to pursue his secondary education.

In secondary school, Bebe Cool was a bright science student and studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics (PCB/M).

He also served as an entertainment prefect and during this period his interest in music began to develop.

Bebe Cool’s education was cut short one year to completion after he made a choice to pursue his dream of becoming a musician. Luckily for him, things worked out well.

Other prominent Ugandans who went to Makerere college school include Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile, Crystal Newman, and John Chrysestom Muyingo.

Does Bebe Cool hold a degree?

No, Bebe Cool does not hold a college degree. He is however one of the most successful musicians in the country who prove that education is not a real measure of success.

Despite not having a degree, Bebe Cool takes education very seriously. He loves encouraging his children to keep learning and during the COVID-19 lockdown, the musician was seen on several occasions assisting his children with their studies.

Bebe Cool’s children’s education

Bebe Cool has six children, and he has worked hard to ensure that they all get the best out of life including the best education.

His oldest son Allan Hendrick Ssali who is also a musician like Bebe Cool recently graduated from the International University of East Africa with a degree in Software Engineering.

His second son Alpha Thierry Ssali is a student at the prestigious Proline Soccer Academy and also plays for Proline FC.

Bebe Cool’s third child and first daughter- Sophia Beatta Ssali sat for her UNEB exams in 2019 and performed really well with eight aggregates.

Caysan Ssali and Deen Ozil Ssali are both in lower primary school while the last born- Eman who is only four years old has probably not started schooling.

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