Kenyan celebs who love dogs

Don’t we all love dogs? Man, rich or poor has been famously known to keep dogs in their homes since time in memorial. Wealth and popularity among celebrities spikes a need for rare or exotic dogs.

After all, a dog is a man’s best friend. Can do anything for their dogs and are not discouraged by the hefty price they have to pay. Dogs are loyal and loving creatures. Do you know any celebrity who owns a dog? If not, here are top Kenyan celebrities who own dogs.


Akothee dog

Akothee is a phenomenal and extremely successful musical artist. She just loves dogs; she has them and she even lets them shower in her Jacuzzi.” This dogs won’t allow me to date in peace, no man can come in my bedroom as they all sleep under my bed”, Akothee once said. In fact, she claims that she prefers dogs over friends. She has dozens of dogs who she loves and care for.

She spends a lot of money feeding, training and maintaining their hygiene. According to pulse live, she says that her dogs consume 2 cows a moth. Her attachment to her dogs is simply alarming.

Shiksha Arora

Shiksha Arora is an award winning Kenyan Tv presenter and Dancer. She is a talented narrator and is a fluent speaker. Besides being a media enthusiast, she is a microbiology graduate from Nairobi University as well as a broadcast Journalism Master’s Degree holder.

She has 2 cute bulldogs named Leo and Bella. The dogs have also featured in showmax’s, ‘A dog’s Journey’.

Jeff Koinange

Jeff Koinange is a highly influential and talented journalist and talk show host. He hosts the most exciting and controversial shows in Kenya. In his free time, he spends time with his lovely dogs which are rumored to be very aggressive. This is because all his dog’s tails have been cut off.

Jaguar and Octopizzo

Charles Njagua is a politician, singer and philanthropist. He officially began his music career in 2004 when he released his first single ‘utawezana’ before joining Ogopa Deejay.

As the name suggests, Mr. Charles Njagua, famously known as jaguar is an animal lover. He owns a black German shepherd who he enjoys his free time with during weekends and holidays.

Octopizzo is a very famous rapper who has shaped the Kenyan Rap Industry with his legendary hits. He breeds and trains dogs for commercial purposes.

Despite being at it for business, he has a few favorite breeds that he claims that he couldn’t sell. Octopizzo is quite vibrant about his dog breeding venture and urges fellow artists to invest in other businesses while pursuing their career.

It’s clear and evident that celebrities that love dogs and can spend any amount on them to ensure their safety and comfort. Some are willing to go an extra mile in maintaining their dogs such that the common mwananchi is left speechless at the kind of life Dogs are offered by their owners. Other Celebrities such as Octopizzo do it as a business venture.

For the likes of Jeff Koinange, he enjoys the company and the security features offered by having a pack of aggressive and loyal dogs. Other celebrities are attracted to dogs for they serve as an important asset in their show biz, they can feature the dogs in shows and reels to entertain and engage fans.

Celebrities are always passionate to show off to fans and have them a glance at their pets living their best life. Seeing celebrities care for pets represent the artist as a loving and humble person in nature so if you ever find yourself as a celebrity, Better buy a dog.

Catherine Macharia

Catherine Macharia is a popular Tv producer and she happens to be madly in love with dogs.

She even describes her three-year old spitz dog called Flappy as her son. Flappy is well travelled since she carries the dog almost everywhere. She doesn’t mind spending big money on dog shampoo, food and deworming shots.

The dog is practically family. She claims that Flappy is her source of company and companionship. Grooming is done bi-weekly followed by a haircut and pedicure to keep him fresh and in style.