Celebrities who have battled depression

From their posts showing lavish destinations, captions expressing joy and happiness, and everything else in their lives, people believe that celebrities do not fight ailments like depression or anxiety.

That is most definitely not true.

Here, we’ve curated a list of celebrities who still battled depression while in the thick of their stardom.

Betty Kyalo

Before her wins, betty received an unfair amount of shame and bad gossip following her name. it all started when her large wedding went down the drain just months afterward which sent her down a spiral of depression and anxiety.

Not long after, her beloved daughter came ill and contracted a disease that sent her to the ICU and put her smack in the middle of life and death. Betty was all over the news for this and revealed in interviews afterward that she had never been so low as then.

Kamene Goro

Before Kamene was on Radio, she was married to a wealthy businessman who, though the marriage began well, soon fell into a toxic situation because the man was a serial cheater who never even hid his affairs from her.

His cheating was so hurtful that Kamene took a bottle of pills to try and end her life but was unsuccessful.


Naiboi was an alright musician before he released 2 in 1 and during those times, he revealed to Emos Njoroge during an interview that he was seriously battling severe depression.

According to Naiboi, going on social sites like Instagram was hard on him because he would see what bigger starts were up to when making music and would be very critical of himself. He even made news at some point for unfollowing everybody on his Instagram apart from his son!

Lilian Muli

We all know her as the lady doing the news. But what many do not know is that Lillian Muli suffered the worst moments of her life whilst on our television screens. She underwent the most troublesome divorce of any with a smile plastered on her face.

According to an interview with True Love, she developed alcoholism during the episode saying that although she lived in a beautiful house in Karen, she was highly depressed inside.

She was even caught on camera throwing a fit at a waiter one day and that was when she knew to make a change. In the divorce settlement, she said he cheated numerous times and never spent time with her.


Avril has made her stance on mental health very obvious to her fans. After a string of heartbreaks; from her rich South African ex-fiancee then getting a baby-daddy instead of a wholly loving family like she had dreamed of, to being attacked for her post-baby weight gain so much so that she went on to make a statement.

It may be right to say that has received her fair share of public humiliation, incidences that prompted her to take her mental health seriously and thus, her #reflectionday posts.