Kenya’s sexiest Mc’s

Don’t get it twisted. Some emcees might be doing a pretty decent job. However, according to definition, this is a list of inviting, alluring, appealing and stimulating Kenyan emcees.

This is not a loose list as these emcees definitely deliver. It’s not just looks without sense. Some of the qualities that make a person intriguing are physical attractiveness including face, body, poise and fashion choices and unequivocally mental attractiveness. Hence, these are the sexiest emcees in Kenya:

Amina Abdi

Top of the list is undoubtedly Amina. She is hot, presentable and eloquent. The multitalented beauty is your best bet when it comes to delivering aesthetically and energetically.

Being a radio/TV host, talk show host, singer, voice of Coke Studio, actress just to mention a few, Amina is officially the best female emcee in Kenya. She is bubbly and energetic.

Her experience in hosting events, launches and festivals has refined her delivery. Amina will definitely catch the audience’s attention easily with her infectious smile and exquisite style. She is a simple people’s person which makes her art even more diverse. It is a plus that you don’t have to worry about her using vulgar language in your event.

She is civilised like that; a whole package.

Dr. Ofweneke

What else tops a witty well-dressed man? On top of being among the funniest emcees in Kenya, his wardrobe is an envy for many Kenyan men. The man is stylish down to the socks. Dr. Ofweneke is a comedian at core. With wit, spontaneity and tact, he has his audience alert to his Nigerian accent. It’s an accent so flawless people were surprised to find out he is not Nigerian.

His jokes are effortless and relatable. His poise, effortless with a decent height and lean structure. What he does put effort to, nonetheless, are his looks. Sande Bush (his actual name) is always shaven clean with suits on most of the time. Make no mistake- these are not your ordinary suits.

These are suits with posh texture and rare colours such as Burgundy or turquoise. Now the shoe game is where he got us all with genuine leather or snakeskin sets. Of course, like all style icons, he puts the cream on the cake with his nice watches.

Mwalimu Churchill

The comedy baron will have your guests in non-stop laughter. Daniel Ndambuki knows how to manage an audience as proven in his very own Churchill show and other events he has emceed for. He is genuinely loved by the people as he literally brings the ‘good time’ to the event.

Churchill has sleek looks. He makes anything look good from Ankaras, suits, casual or formal, you name it. He is also among Kenya’s best dressed men. Whether he has a designer or not is not known as he mix and matches all sorts of outfits.

The only problem we have with Ndambuki is that he won’t share whom his barber is. Everyone deserves a clean fresh cut like that one. The event emcee will make a joke about anything and have the crowd dying from laughter.

Talia Oyando

Talia Oyando

It is no secret that Talia’s curves and style have the men going crazy. She knows what to say, she knows her music and owns the stage always. Her beauty and Intel will have you understand what it means to be fully endorsed.

The ‘One Love’ reggae show host or ‘Night Nurse’ as she is popularly known as has been in the limelight for quite long now. What you can bank on though with Talia is her fashion sense that is bold and daring.

She holds nothing back when it comes to expressing herself through clothing. The hit maker has the vibes, for lack of a better word, that will have the audience glued to the screen and or stage in the case of a live event.

Jamal Gadaffi

This handsome TV presenter has all it takes to be in this list. He always finds a way to make anything he wears over the top, in a good way of course. This ranges from official, casual, or Islamic attires.

The corporate emcee hosted a TV program called Mzooka on KTN and Lord knows he’s got the punchlines. His Swahili is just music to the ears. Jamal definitely has a good command of the language, ladies, the stage and men too.

Honourable mentions:

Eric Omondi
Joey Muthengi
Betty Kyallo
Robert Burale
Anita Nderu
Sarah Hassan
Janet Mbugua

Emceeing is a tact. And these personalities have proven that although you might have the looks, investing in doing a good job goes a long way. Looks are just an icing on the metaphoric cake. So anytime you have an event and feel like you want to catch the audience’s attention easy, these are your guys!