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Kenyan celebrities who don’t get along with their family

We often perceive celebrities as lucky and trouble free individuals. Evidently this is far from the case. In fact, most celebrities who are not in good terms with family members try to brush it off with an excuse about privacy protection. Others are more open about family related issues.

It is a common belief that most celebrities are more social with friends and peers than they are with their immediate family members. It is usually a sad story to tell when celebrities have trouble with family. Here are some of the top Kenyan celebrities who don’t get along with their family members.

Anne Waiguru

The controversial politician, Anne Waiguru and her husband are not in the best of terms. A solid fact is that they both live in separate houses. They claim to still spend time together during the weekend though it’s very evident that they have no plans of living together again.

Waiguru lives in Kihingo Village while her husband, Mr. Waiganjo live in Runda. She argues that her political affiliations amidst safety concerns are the reasons for their separation. It is however not clear whether the above reasons may be valid enough to create such a barrier in their relationship.

They have worked hard to polish their image to the public saying that despite the fact that they live separately, they are in good terms and that they always spent ample time as a family.

Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon Kwamboka is a famous Actor, Lawyer and a Model. She rose to quick fame when she posted images of her body on social sites. She and her lover, Frankie, A gymnastics expert have been in a relationship for 4 years.

The love birds have been flocking together up until later last year when rumors of their break-up hit the waves.

Both had something negative to say about the other while confronted by fans to speak out on their status. Frankie argued that Corazon was always complaining a lot when they were together.

She too spoke her mind and went on to say that she was left alone while coping with her pregnancy. It is still unclear whether the two have settled their differences.

CMB Prezzo

Jackson Makini to whom we all know CMB Prezzo from his all-time hit song ‘Prezzo’ back in the day.He is a father of . He has on multiple occasions been linked to a number of intimate relationships with famous celebrities all resulting to a break-up.

The popular artist was married to Daisy Kwamboka until they recently confirmed that they were having a divorce. Daisy was quick to let it be known that Prezzo was not willing to pay for child support after much confrontation from her.

According to the standard, she was granted an application from the high court where Prezzo was ordered to pay a monthly Child support allowance. The child was 6 years old when Prezzo and Daisy began having trouble in paradise.

Prezzo claims that he has not remarried since his divorce but fans are not convinced that Mr PREZZO has been single all this while. He blames his extra-ordinary lifestyle for his family related troubles.

Professor Hamo

Herman Kabogo, popularly known as Professor Hamo is a Kenyan comedian who rose to fame under the Churchill show. He allegedly abandoned his baby mama and does not support them in any way possible.

Most of his fans could not believe this until he responded to the allegations which left fans with questions regarding his responsibility of a father. It is still unclear what really transpired between them.

Kabi Wa Jesus

Peter Kabi also known as Kabi Wa Jesus is a Kenyan Comedian, Vlogger. He rose to fame when a popular parody song went viral all over the country. His success in showbiz has been backed with criticism amidst family feud regarding child support claims from another woman. Though the allegations did not separate him from his wife, Milly Kabi, it created a moment of tension and confusion among the family members.

It is quite common for celebrities to have multiple quarrels, misunderstanding and mostly misinformation about their family affairs. This is mainly caused by the level of popularity as well as the celebrities’ collision between their past lives and the present.

Many musical artists often find themselves in big quarrels due to infidelity and scheming. Other misunderstandings are caused due to pure propaganda and fake news that even the celebrities end up believing. Child support as well as property feuds are the most common reasons behind celebrity family feuds. Some even stage such fights in pursuit for clout and attention.