Kenya’s funniest male comedians

Kenyans are naturally funny. On social media platforms such as Twitter, they will have you laughing just from comments to complaints. Now, imagine the heavyweights of the industry who do it for a living. They will have you in stitches even before they talk.

These are men who were built for the industry. Some with natural funny stances, faces and or accents, they have claimed followers of all ages. They will have you forget about your problems when they make fun of them. They will have you yearn for the next video release. Here are Kenya’s funniest male comedians:

8. Smart joker

Michael Akala Omuka debuted on Churchill Show. He has a natural funny stance that will have the audience laughing even before he opens his mouth to crack a joke. Smart joker appears on stage dressed like a clown with protruding eyes and delivers punchlines in a heavy Luo accent.

The stand-up comedian calls himself the sweet joking smart joker from Kibera with a ‘baby face’. He then utters his famous ‘Saaasaaa’ before stating his jokes and his fans love it.

7. DJ Shiti

Steven Oduor is also an actor, event MC and a musician. He starred in ‘The Real Househelps of Kawangware’. The show features a hilarious cast of househelps from different households in the neighbourhood. Shiti breaks people ribs with his perfect impressions and hilarious music lyrics.

6. Seth Omuga gor

Seth Gor started his comedy career in the Vines app before moving to Instagram where he now posts content as an official Instagram Viner. The 27 year old is the CEO Vines of Africa, a company that produces short skits and commercials. Gor confesses to have started doing short skits after inspiration by King Bach’s vines.

He then decided to do it in a way that Kenyans could understand. He went viral since his was a whole new type of humour as opposed to tribal jokes. The youngster is also very stylish.

Even though George Kimani was his vine competitor he called him so that they would work together .His facial expressions always carry the day. Seth is part of the trio with Kimani and Sharon Mwangi.

5. Njugush

Timothy Kimani was born dumbfounded yet he makes a living from talking. He started his acting career from a young age in college before getting a role in NTV’s ‘The real househelps of Kawangware’. Although part of Njugush’s funny act was his skinny body, the comedian has been working out and is starting to gain some muscle.

4. Flaqo Raz

Erastus Atieno Ayieko is incredibly talented. The youngster is a dancer, comedian and singer. Flaqo started comedy as a passion but went viral. Casting as Mama Otis, Bakari the choirmaster, Baba Otis, the brother and sister as well all in one skit, there is no question about his talent.

He acts and switches up all these roles perfectly. His comedy centres on things that happen in Kenyan homes.

3. Vinnie Baite

Vincent Mutwiri is arguably Kenya’s comedian with the most punchlines. His comedy drops bars after bars of elite jokes all with rhyme. He is famously known for ‘Story za jaba’ and his punchline ‘Achana nayo’. The Literature and film graduate says he loved comedy since childhood.

Despite the popular assumption that he might be hooked to miraa, Baite confesses he uses chewing gum as a disguise and is not dependent on the drug in real life. His style of comedy is story telling.

2. Eric Omondi

Eric is a renowned Kenyan comedian, radio and television personality, musician and footballer. He is well known for his parodies and satirical musical comedy videos. Omondi was discovered and signed by Churchill.

He now hosts ‘Wife Material’ and has done song parodies from famous musicians around the globe. With millions of views on YouTube, he was the first Kenyan comedian to be hosted on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

1. Crazy Kennar

Kennedy Odhiambo is undoubtedly the content cartel. Kennar is a live Viner who runs Tales of the Crazy Kennar. The Actuarial science student ganged up with some talented schoolmates to create the rib-cracking thriller: Roommates.

They also do vines and parodies about campus life, Kenyan music, schools, politicians, homes and clubs and have since taken over the new generation.

Kennar is very consistent, producing up to ten videos on a good week. Named society’s funniest mirror, what sets the comedian apart is his passion on addressing mental health issues such as depression.

The Kenyan comic industry is growing by the second. More talented comedians come up every day courtesy of social media that gives a platform to showcase talent. It is also impressive the new angles they come up with every day that killed the old and tired tribal jokes. The future is definitely funny with them on stage.