Jacky Vike (Awinja Nyamwalo) biography: age, career, education, net worth, & wedding photos

Awinja, whose real name is Jacky Vike, came to the limelight when she was acting in Papa Shirandula that aired on Citizen TV. The actress was a funny comedian who was admired by many Kenyans. Jacky Vike is a Luhya babe.

Jacky Vike education background

Because of her depiction in the Papa Shirandula TV Show, many Kenyans wrongly think Awinga is not educated. In the TV show, she is a poor village girl who is heavily accented. Jacky Vike attended Heshima Road Primary School  for her elementary education and proceeded to Kegoye High School in Western Kenya for secondary education.

What is Awinja Jack Vike’s net worth?

She gained a lot of followers on social media and her life changed forever.

Papa Shirandula’s actress Awinja, who is now a brand ambassodor for Naivas Supermarket, has a very handsome net worth. She earns a lot of money from postings on her social media platforms and other gigs that celebrities of her stature attract.

Some celebrities like Eddy Butita have previously acknowledged Awinja’s wealthy and her humility. Many content creators in Kenya make a lot of money and the way Awinja lets us know is through her fashion. It is estimated that her net worth is nearly Kes 50 million.

Jacky Vike wedding and marriage to Cyprian Osoro

Jacky Vike’s relationship has not been in the public domain for as long as we have known her. However, she treated Kenyans to a surprise wedding to her lover Osoro. Cyprian Osoro is also a comedian from the Kisii region. Awinja’s wedding to Osoro was attended by many Kenyan celebrities.

Awinja wedding envelope poster
Awinja wedding envelope poster

Since Awinja is popular for displaying her magnificent sense of fashion to Kenyans, many netizens did not believe that her wedding was real when it went viral on social media.

It seems this time around, they meant serious business. Here are some of the photos from the Osoro and Awinja wedding:

Awinja and Osoro wedding
Awinja and Osoro wedding

Jacky Vike acting career

Most Kenyans don’t realise that before Awinja landed her job as ‘mboch’, she had no prior experience in ‘accent acting’. She went for auditions and met the director, Charles ‘Papa Shirandula’ Bukeko at a set where she was auditioning for a role which she ended up not getting, per the Standard.

“I went for an audition and it happened that Charles was part of the panel. After the third audition, I passed but then I don’t know what happened to the project. Almost a year later, he called me saying ‘I’m not calling you for that role you auditioned for but for Papa Shirandula. I’m giving you a house girl role and she is from Mumias’,” she narrated.

Jacky Vike
Jacky Vike

Jacky Vike is currently one of the most successful actresses in the Kenyan film industry.

When was Awinja born?

Wondering what is her age? Jacky Vike was born on the 8th of September 1987. She is currently 36 years old. She was born in Nairobi’s Eastleaigh neighbourhood but spent most of her childhood living in the village with her grandmother.

Jacky Vike family and siblings

Jacky “Awinja” Vike has four siblings: two brothers and two sisters. According to Nairobi Wire, her father was an alcoholic but he was the most responsible dad.

“He loved alcohol but was the most responsible father who treasured education and loved God. He was a drunkard. When a day passed without my mother being called to pick her husband, it was surprising. Sometimes we would be taking supper and hear screams outside, ‘Kujeni mchukue Baba Bony ameanguka kwa Mtaro na atanyongwa na maji. And we would run to his rescue.” She added: “We were from upcountry and my grandma gave us chicken. My dad had not planned to slaughter it. But I released it and it got lost. My dad came in the evening, and this time he was sober. When he heard that the chicken was lost, he went to take alcohol”.

Does Awinja have children?

Awinja seems to have a son.

A photo of Jack Vike Awinja and her son
A photo of Awinja and her son