Diana Marua biography, age, profile, education

Diana Marua Bahati (Diana B)

Diana Marua is one of the most popular celebrities in Kenya.

She is a darling for some of the Kenyans but hated by others in equal measure. This owing to her controversies in past and current relationship with other celebrities and ordinary Kenyans alike.

While some of you might have known about her after she was linked to Bahati, Diana Marua was still a popular socialite. A few years later and their home is a pool of children.

So who is Diana Marua and why does she matter?

Diana Marua
Diana Marua

We know she is a public figure. She models, represents brands, runs a YouTube reality show, and more recently, sings for a living. She confirmed to Rashid Abdalla that it is through her acting as a video vixen in Bahati’s song that made them start seeing each other.

This interview preceded leaked images of the two apparently having wedded, only for it to turn out to be a promotion for the song.

Her husband, with whom they are blessed with one kid is also a performer and singer. The two are crucial ‘elements’ in Kenya’s entertainment industry.

When was Diana Marua born?

Diana B was born in 1989, which makes her 34 years old. There is a notable age gap between Diana and her husband Bahati. However, the age difference seems to be a plus for their relationship rather than a hindrance as most Kenyan critics posit.

Jokingly, according to photos seen by BNN, Diana B has carried Bahati on his back. Which is synonymous to a mother carrying her baby. This could be due to the unending trolls they receive for the big age difference. But also as a show of the middle finger to haters that dwell on non issues.

Diana Marua education

Is the highly successful musician well-educated? That’s relative. We have established that Diana B has a Diploma in Information Technology from the KCA University and another one from St. Paul’s University in Marketing and Communications.

That is a no mean feat achievement! Congratulations to her.

What is Dina B’s tribe and who are her parents?

She is a ‘mix’ of a Luo and Kikuyu. She was born in Migori to a Joseph Omach, who is a long-standing advocate against stigma on patients suffering from cancer.

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