Benjamin Karis Millicent Omanga husband

Who is Millicent Omanga husband? photos and family snaps

Who is the current husband to Millicent Omanga?

While Millicent Omanga is currently married to a different man, Benjamin Karis, she was once married to a doctor by the name Francis Nyamoibo. Milliecent Omanga is a very sociable woman that loves socializing with men. Many people believe she is single because of her personality. Those who have been wondering about her marital status should know that she has been married before to Dr. Francis Nyamoibo, a specialist medical practitioner who is extensively involved in HIV/Aids research.

Millicent Omanga family photo
Millicent Omanga family photo. In this photo is the ex-husband and their two children.

Millicent Omanga is in a blended relationship with his current husband, who also has a child from a previous marriage. Millicent Omanga and her ex-husband Dr. Francis Nyamoibo were blessed with two children.

Benjamin Karis Kimani and Millicent Omanga got married recently in a traditional wedding in Eldoret.

Millicent Omanga’s husband, Benjamin Karis Kimani, is a wealthy businessman who got lucky to be married to the current CAS Ministry of Interior.