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The Mosakaso singer, Charma Gal, made a memorable entrance into the music industry in 2005 with some smash hits. Since then, Charma Gal’s songs have attracted a huge following in Botswana and beyond. She is still one of the most successful artists to emerge from Botswana.

The Mosakaso singer, Charma Gal, made a memorable entrance into the music industry in 2005 with the formation of a music group, Culture Spears. Since then, Charma Gal’s songs have attracted a huge following in Botswana and beyond. She is still one of the most successful artists to emerge from Botswana.

Charma Gal’s real name is Magadeline Lesolobe. She was born on 11 November 1984 in a small village called Lerala in Botswana. This is where she grew up and completed her elementary as well as higher education.

Charma Gal has undergone a transformation of sorts in the last few years. Ever since she went solo, Charma Gal abandoned her natural look for a more refined look. Make-up is now an essential part of her appearance.

You will be forgiven to think she is a totally different person from the singer who led Culture Spears. Charma Gal now takes to the stage in style, usually rocking a Brazilian weave paired with designer sneakers and a face dolled in make-up.


When did Charma Gal’s music career start?
After her stint with Culture Spears and Eke Ntolo, Charma Gal ventured out on her own. She has since released several albums. One of Charma Gal’s runaway hits was Jabu, released in 2017, which is part of the Keya Mmokolodi (I am going to Mmokolodi) album.

The following year, the Mosakaso singer released her 7th studio album, ‘Lekgamu La Bananyana’. This was done through her own company Charma Gal Productions. The title track of the album made it to number 10 in the Yarona Fm Top 20 Countdown.

In 2019, Charma Gal released a new album, Personal Code. It includes songs like Masa, Temptations, Sereto, and Mabesekwa.

Throughout her career, she has collaborated with various artists, including Jah Prayzah for the song Dali Wangu, released in 2014. To date, this song has accumulated over 3,600,000 views, bearing in mind that Charma Gal’s video songs get repeated views. They are just that good!


Who is Charma Gal’s husband?

Charma gal was married to musician Kabelo Mogwe, also known as Leshman. They got married in 2011. Along with their friends Thembeni Ramosetheng and Angeline Mogwatheng, Charma Gal and Kabelo Mogwe, formed the Maskandi group, Culture Spears in 2004.

This Tswana traditional music group based in Botswana recorded its first album in Zimbabwe. Charma Gal’s husband was the frontman of Culture Spears. The group released the song Tihaswa Lesire in 2016.

Culture Spears enjoyed its heydays even after Charma Gal’s wedding. However, things took a turn for the worst when Charma Gal and Kabelo Mogwe divorced in 2016. Two years after their split, the ex-couple shared a short video of them performing a song together, Kulanche, on YouTube.

In between, Charma Gal had formed a new group, Eke Ntolo. Eke Ntolo released seven albums. She managed to make it big. The Eke Ntolo crew stole the show at a performance in Francistown when Charma Gal did her signature tune Matebele with Gusto while showing off her dancing prowess.

Is Charma Gal still married?

Charma Gal has not tied the knot again after her divorce from musician Kabelo Mogwe. The two got married in 2011 and divorced in 2016.

Charma Gal ex-husband
Charma Gal ex-husband

Charma Gal’s ex-husband is Kabelo Mogwe, aka Leshman. Like Charma, Leshman is also a musician and although the two have not disclosed how they met, there is a chance that their mutual love for music might have brought them together.

In 2004, the couple together with their friends, Thembeni Ramosetheng and Angeline Mogwatheng, formed the popular musical group, Culture Spears, of which Charma Gal’s husband was the lead singer.

After years of being together and working together, Charma Gal and Leshman got married officially in 2011 forming a musically gifted power couple.

Although the couple was regarded as one of the best couples in town, unfortunately, their marriage was not meant to last and in 2016 they filed for divorce.

Unlike their wedding which was quite lovely, the couple’s divorce was bitter and heated. While Charma Gal’s husband accused her of infidelity, Charma Gal retaliated by accusing her ex-husband of verbal abuse.

During the divorce proceedings, Charma Gal also disclosed that she had attempted suicide by overdosing on pills as a result of the stress that she experienced during her marriage.

Who are Charma Gal’s children?

Charma Gal’s first son, George, was born in September 2003. The Botswana singer had her second son, Thandolwane, in 2016, with businessman Resego Matenge. Thandolwane lives with his father.

Charma Gal children

Charma Gal has two children. Her first child is a son- George who was born in 2003 and her second and youngest son- Thandolwane was born in 2016. It is reported that Charma Gal’s second son lives with his father- businessman Resego Matenge.


Are Charma Gal and Culture spears headed for a historic reunion?
Considered one of the most sensational break-ups in Botswana music history, the famous traditional dance group Culture Spears was seemingly headed for a reunion. The group released its long-awaited single, Sebi-together. Charma Gal is part of the track.

When asked if Culture Spears is officially back together, singer Charma Gal (Magdalene Lesolebe) said: “What is really interesting is that it wasn’t Culture Spears that I left. What I left was my marriage. We had relationship problems because marriage was involved, and so the working environment was not as smooth as one would have liked.”

Charma Gal seems to have been teasing fans because she also maintains that she has her solo career to run. She definitely enjoys collaborating with the group and even stated that she would be involved in more tracks with Culture Spears.

Why did Charma Gal leave Culture Spears?
Charma Gal left Culture Spears after her divorce from Kabelo Mogwe. According to Charma Gal, their relationship problems made the working environment a bit uncomfortable. She successfully started a new group, Eke Ntolo.

Did Charma Gal attempt suicide?
Charma Gal attempted suicide by overdosing on pills, allegedly due to the stress she suffered in her marriage with Kabelo.

Did Charma Gal divorce Kabelo?
Charma Gal and Kabelo divorced after a three-year marriage. Rumour has it that infidelity was the cause of their separation. However, in an affidavit presented before the court during her divorce proceedings, Charma Gal blamed Kabelo for being verbally abusive.

Did Charma Gal miscarry?
Apparently, Charma Gal suffered three miscarriages during her marriage to Kabelo. When this information came to light, it was included in the affidavit she presented to the court during her divorce proceedings.

Did Charma Gal have a relationship with Resego?
Unconfirmed reports suggested that Resego and Charma Gal dated for three years. Their affair started before Charma Gal’s divorce from Kabelo was finalized. Their relationship ended after Charma Gal got involved with Zimbabwean artist Jah Prayzah.

In 2018, Charma Gal and baby daddy Resego were involved in a custody battle over their child Thandolwane. Resego accused Charma Gal of being a reckless parent who did not want to contribute to her son’s education. Resego was granted primary custody whilst Charma Gal was given visitation rights.

Net Worth

What is Charma Gal’s net worth?

Making her debut into the music industry in 2005, Magdeline Lesolobe, better known by her professional stage name, Charma Gal has been dominating the Botswana music industry for well over 15 years. Charma Gal was born in Lerala, a small village 300 kilometers north of Gaborone, she fell in love with music at an early age and worked hard to make a name for herself, not only in Botswana but also across borders. The 37-year-old began her career with the Culture Spears group and her career has continued to grow from strength to strength.

She currently sits as one of the highest paid artists in the country. As one of the richest and most popular singers in Botswana, Charma Gal’s net worth is estimated to be about $500,000.

How does Charma Gal make her money

As a musician and recording artist, a huge chunk of Charma Gal’s net worth is generated from her music. Because Charma Gal is such a big name and veteran in the industry, the artist remains booked and busy for appearances and performances across Botswana and neighboring countries.

In addition to her incredible performances, Charma Gal earns a lot of money from YouTube views on her songs, as well as royalties and licensing fees for all the music she puts out, both as part of Cultural Spears and as a solo artist. Her songs have some of the highest views on YouTube in Botswana.

Awards & recognition

Despite the controversy that has surrounded her career, Charma has remained a fan favorite in Botswana’s music industry. The singer-songwriter has six albums to her name, credit from her career as a solo artist, with many of them earning her award nominations.

In 2015, whilst in attendance at the Botswana Music Union (BOMU) awards, Charma Gal walked away with four awards including Song of the Year and Best Female Artist, beating out all the other competition. The numerous awards throughout her career have definitely added to Charma Gal’s net worth and have also served as a message to anyone who doubts her talent. She also won song of the year with her hit. Sekuta sa ga Charma Gal.


Who is Charma Gal’s husband?

Currently, Charma Gal is not married. She was the wife of musician Kabelo Mogwe. She married Kabelo Mogwe in 2011. They got divorced in 2016.

Is Charma Gal married?

Not anymore. Charma Gal was married to musician and Culture Spears’ group member Kabelo Mogwe. They got married in 2011 and divorced in 2016.

Why did Charma Gal leave Culture Spears?

Charma Gal left Culture Spears after her divorce from Kabelo Mogwe. According to Charma Gal, their relationship problems made the working environment a bit uncomfortable.

Social Media

Charma Gal’s Twitter: @CharmaGal_bw

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