Kagiso Sento biography: career, family, relationships, net worth

Kagiso Sento
Kagiso Sento

Kagiso Sento is more than just Odirilie Sento famously known as Vee Mampeezy’s wife. Kagiso is a former model, a DJ, a businesswoman who has proven to be a fashion trendsetter. Kagiso Ludo Sento was born on 16 August 1988 in Ntweng ward, Kanye in Botswana. She attended Moeding College and switched to Seepapitso where she completed her high school studies. Kagiso is a qualified accountant from the Botswana Accountancy College.

Personal life quick facts

Kagiso Sento is one name that speaks volumes whenever its mentioned. The former model does not only bring her beauty to the table but her brains have also changed the lives of many in Botswana and beyond.

Every woman who aspires to be successful or enjoy looking good, love Kagiso and adores her lifestyle. Here are some of the things that many love about her:

Her love life

Kagiso is married to the most successful singer in Botswana Odirile Sento also popularly known Vee Mampeezy. Kagiso recently got a Valentine’s present from her husband and the two are always sending each other sweet messages on their social media pages.

Kagiso and her husband met in 2003 in Jwaneng during presidential holidays. Since then the couple have been joined at the hip.

The couple exchanges sweet messages on their anniversaries and birthdays and they have two children together, a son and a daughter.

Her fancy lifestyle

Besides that Kagiso is a humble Christian woman, she also is a trendsetter as she makes sure that she leaves a mark whenever she appears at an event or posts a picture on social media through her stunning sense of fashion. The ex-model is always stylish and on point when it comes to dressing well.

Most of Kagiso Sento’s clothes are designer tailored and on her wedding, she wore a dress designed by a South African designer by the name of Gert Johan Coetzee . On her birthday last year, her husband got her a Louis Vuitton hand bag. She also drives a BMW X6 which completes her flamboyant life.

Last year she adopted a new look when she cut her hair which also suits her exquisitely.

Her goals

Despite the fact that Kagiso married a popular musician, she also thrived to make a name for herself. Last year she was invited at the Glamour woman awards where other influential women like Connie Ferguson were awarded for being significant in the community.

Last year she also became a brand ambassador for a makeup brand.

Kagiso was also a judge at the Miss Charity beauty Pageant and Miss All Pre Schools Botswana in 2018.

Her social networks

Kagiso Sento mixes and mingles with the big names all over the world which include the former President Khama Seretse.


Kagiso keeps her body in good shape and everyone adores her banging body. We must say she does not look like a mother of two.


Kagiso Sento is not new to the entertainment business. She is a former model and since she exited the runway, she’s worked as a judge on Miss Charity Pageant and Miss-All Pre-Schools.

In 2019, Kagiso Sento surprised fans when she made her debut in the deejaying industry with the name Kagiso Sento The DJ. Interestingly, she now works alongside her husband Odirile Sento popularly known as Vee Mampeezy.

Away from the entertainment world, Kagiso Sento is a businesswoman. She sells fashion accessories and has a glasses collection named KLS Collection.

Kagiso Sento Relationships

Kagiso Sento is married to one of Botswana’s biggest musicians Odirile Sento Vee Mampeezy. The pair met in 2003 at an event where Kagiso was modelling and Vee Mampeezy was the entertainer. She explained that it was love at first sight and ever since they’ve been together.

Kagiso Sento’s wedding in 2014 brought Botswana to a standstill. The event was graced by the biggest names in town including the president at the time Ian Khama, cabinet ministers and other dignitaries.

Vee Mampeezy’s wife showed her stylish side when she wore an elegant wedding dress designed by Gert Johann Coetzee.

Kagiso Sento Family

Kagiso Sento and Vee have two children, a son and a daughter. Their son Elisha Tlotlang Okeditse Bobo Sento was born in 2007 and their daughter Armani Omaatla Amen Sento was born on 21 December 2015.


Vee and Kagiso fight

In 2021, Kagiso Sento and her husband Vee Mampeezy got into a nasty altercation after Vee accused his wife of cheating. According to Kagiso, the two were by the pool in their house when she received a phone call from a man she claimed was Vee’s fan.

Vee Mampeezy got angry and crushed her phone. In retaliation, Kagiso smashed his cars and was later accused of assault. She denied the claims and the couple opted to solve their dispute internally after the police got involved.

In another controversy, Kagiso Sento did not do herself any favour when she clapped back at a Twitter user who criticised her and fellow attendees of the Women 4 Girls Empowerment Leadership Brunch.

The Twitter user challenged the effectiveness of such functions and Kagiso was not pleased by the criticism. She said she didn’t owe anyone any explanation for her actions and even insinuated that the tweep was a peasant.

Net worth

Kagiso Sento’s Car

Kagiso Sento and her musician husband own flashy cars. Their collection has a Porsche Panamera, Mercedez Benz, BMW and a Range Rover.

Awards & Recognition

In 2019, Kagiso Sento received a special invite to the Glamour Women Awards in recognition of her hard work.

Social Media

Kagiso Sento is regarded as a fashion icon. Well, she uses her Instagram page to showcase her sense of fashion as well as products. Kagiso has over 110,000 followers on Instagram, over 15,000 on Twitter and more than 270,000 followers on Facebook.

Kagiso Sento’s Instagram: @Kagiso Sento

Kagiso Sento’s Twitter: @KagisoSento 

Kagiso Sento’s Facebook: Kagiso Sento


How old is Kagiso Sento?

Born on 16 August 1988, Kagiso Sento’s age is 35 years old.

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