Francis Atwoli wife Mary Kilobi

Female celebrities who hate young men

Everyone has an age gap in the people they want to date or marry. Not just with age. Some have rules or just how one has to look before settling down with them.

As they say, love is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t care whether you are white or black, man or woman, tall or short. The truth is, love has proven to greater than anything in this world. People have found love in the way younger or way older people. With love, there are no rules. People should be allowed to choose who they want to marry. Enough with the criticism!

If you marry an older man than you, people will be quick to judge you, that you are only in it for the money. Here are three females who are married to older men, and they love it. At first, criticism was sent their way, but now, people are used to it.

Francis Atwoli and Mary Kilobi

News anchor Mary Kilobi found love in COTU Chairperson Francis Atwoli. At first, people don’t like it as they felt she is too young for him. Mary once said she is in love with Atwoli, and he is not in it for the money. When the two announced their marriage, the internet was on fire. Mary is 36 years old, while Atwoli is 70 years old.

Nyota Ndogo and Nielsen

Singer Nyota Ndogo married her mzungu husband, and fans, as usual, said she did it for the money. The singer is 40 years old while the mzungu is 74 years. The two fell in love and got married.

Akothee and her Swiss husband

When people tried to talk down on Akothee, she shut down the critics and advised people to keep off her affairs. She is happy, and that’s all that matters, right?