Akothee in a gym

Celebrities that have aborted

There is a lot of drama that normally goes on in the showbiz world. One of the dramas you will hear is that of a celebrity aborting a child for one reason to the other.

In this article, we are going to see some of the celebrities who have been accused of aborting a child or have confessed to going through the illegal procedure.

Here are some of those celebrities.


Akothee in a gym
Akothee in a gym

Akothee has been accused of a lot of things since coming to the limelight, and one of those accusations is that she aborted.

Two years ago, blogger Robert Alai accused Akothee of conducting an abortion while she was in Switzerland.

According to the blogger, the Benefactor hitmaker followed her mzungu lover who impregnated her to Switzerland but the alleged man refused to take care of the unborn twins. This prompted Akothee to abort, according to Alai.

Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu
Wema Sepetu

Tanzanian beauty queen and actress Wema Sepetu last year revealed that she has done two abortions.

The actress revealed that she aborted the late Steven Kanumba’s two children. In an interview, Wema noted that one of the abortions, she did with the knowledge of the actor but the other one she did in secrecy.

Vera Sidika

Businesslady and socialite Vera Sidika has been a victim of constant accusations that she has been aborting the children of her ex-lovers.

Both Otile Brown and her Nigerian lover, Yommy accused her of aborting their children.

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Otile Brown claimed that Vera Sidika aborted his child because she thought that he was not light skin enough to carry his child.

Paulah Mumia

Paula Mumia

Paulah, a former Nairobi Diaries actress, is also accussed of aborting a pregnancy.

Paulah allegedly aborted Dennis Oliech’s child at the time they were still dating.

The allegations about Pendo’s abortion were made by her fellow actress Mishi Dorah.

Rose Muhando

Gospel music icon Rose Muhando reportedly aborted a seven-month pregnancy.

According to Tanzanian authorities, Rose Muhando was forced to abort the pregnancy after she developed health complications.