Larry Madowo

Kenya’s sexiest male TV presenters

Some people watch TV for the content, be it entertainment, education or just to receive information. Ideally, these are the reasons why anyone would want to watch TV.

However, as time has continued to prove, many do the contrary, they simply watch TV to see the presenters and go talking about them on social media.

The admiration is acceptable and we will help in that part, here is a list of some of the most talked-about male TV presenters on the internet today.

Rashid Abdalla

Rashid Abdalla

Before we go far, yes, he is taken, and this is for those who did not know. The Nipashe Wikendi news anchor who presents Swahili news alongside his wife, Lulu Hassan, has left many women drooling over him on multiple occasions.

The nicely dressed TV anchor has been on record more than once referring to himself as “Kijana handsome” which in English loosely translates to a “handsome boy”.

Among the ladies who have spoken about his outstanding qualities either on social media or on random occasions, they specifically describe his smile as a killer, “It weakens them”.

Mzazi Willy M Tuva

Willy M Tuva
Willy M Tuva

The multi-talented radio presenter is another whose look can never go unnoticed as many not only admire his good ear for music but also his appearance.

Although he, unlike many other celebrities, does not constantly take to social media to advertise his routine, Mzazi Willy M Tuva is a man under “siege” that is from ladies all around.

It is not clear why, but many ladies seem to be attracted to a man with that native Swahili accent and I may not need to say more than, just check him out.

Willis Raburu

The “10 over 10” show host is another whose journey has not only been inspiring for many to follow but also a clear indication that hard work and perseverance eventually pay.

Raburu who started off as a news reporter then anchor before he decided to go pro with his musical career has experienced quite the weight transformation journey within the last few years.

The tv host has seemingly reduced his weight significantly and now is on the same path as people who compete for Mr. Olimpia, or such kinds of competitions.

Willis announced his entry into the music scene with his hit song Kalale in which he featured some of the industry’s greats including Mejja, Breeder, Sylvia Sarru, and Reckless from the Gengetone group Ethic. The song was and still is a club banger.

Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo who worked as a host in NTV’s The Trend is another who has managed to curve an appearance for himself over the years and oh my, isn’t he drinking them, (anawakunywa).

His bald head, bushy beard, and average body size which he has fashioned as the appearance of his brand “Larry Madowo” have been his well-admired signature look.

The TV host can so far be referred to as Kenya’s most successful journalist as he has already made solid marks on some of the biggest media houses in the world.

He has worked as a business editor and news reporter/anchor for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) from where he was identified and selected for a lucrative master’s degree at the prestigious Columbia University.

After he left the University he joined news giants CNN where he currently works, in Kenya, he had previously worked at the Kenya Television Network (KTN) and Nation TV (NTV) as a business reporter and news anchor respectively.

He recently posted a photograph of himself presenting news for the CNN world service while in shorts.

Debarl Inea

Debarl Inea won the hearts of many after he made an appearance in the Tusker Project Fame as a contestant and his vocals and deep voice were what left many talking.

His well-built body size his cagey eyes make him one of the most appealing tv hosts in Kenya’s media.

The TV show host worked for a long time as a morning political debates tv show host on NTV before he made a move to K24 for a similar role after there was a staff reshuffle at the Kimathi street-based news channel.