Zuena Kirema

Who is Bebe Cool’s wife? Zuena Kirema

This article is everything you need to know about Zuena Kirema.

Bebe Cool has been married to the same beautiful woman for two decades now. On January 25th, 2022, the couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with heartwarming posts on social media that melted our hearts.

But as we congratulated the King of Gangamel and wished him and his beloved an eternity of love and bliss, we couldn’t help but realize just how much or how little we know about his wife. Here are some fun facts about Zuena Kirema that you didn’t know.

Who is Zuena Kirema?

Zuena Kirema is Bebe Cool’s wife, a mother, and a successful businesswoman.

She was born in 1984 in Jinja and is of mixed heritage. Her mother is Arabic, and her father is half Munyonkole and half Tutsi from Rwanda.

Like her husband, Zuena practices the Islam religion.

What does Zuena do?

Zuena Kirema
Zuena Kirema

Earlier in her life, the beautiful Zuena had a very successful modeling career.

She participated in the Miss Uganda pageant contest in 2001 when she was only sixteen or seventeen years old, and surprisingly, won the Miss Bell Lager title.

Winning the Miss Bell Lager crown opened more opportunities for Zuena, she became the face of Bell Lager, and she was able to travel the world.

Along the way, Zuena also took up a job as a TV presenter, where she hosted a show called ‘Life Stories Program’ on NTV. She, however, quit in 2015 to focus on her business.

After quitting her TV career, Zuena founded an event planning company called Zuena Events and a bakery called Zuena Cakes & Decor. These are two fields that she is interested in.

Zuena also takes part in the active management of Gagamel Studios, where she is listed as director.

How did Zuena and Bebe Cool meet?

Zuena Kirema
Zuena Kirema

Bebe Cool met his future wife in 2001 at Crane Chambers during a farewell party for Miss Uganda, who was traveling to China.

While Bebe Cool was instantly attracted to Zuena and asked for her number shortly after they started talking, Zuena was unimpressed by Bebe Cool’s dreadlocks and was reluctant to give him her number; she took his number instead just to get rid of him.

However, as the evening moved along and the two continued to talk, Zuena started seeing Bebe Cool as a sensible person, and she called him two days later, and they went on their first date. How romantic is that?

When did Zuena and Bebe Cool get married?

In September 2003, Bebe Cool and his wife exchanged vows in a civil wedding at Crane Chambers, where they had first met which hosted the Registrar’s office at the time.

The wedding was quite simple, the couple was dressed in everyday clothes, and they didn’t have a big guest list.

Despite the humble beginnings, the two have flourished over the years, and they are currently one of Uganda’s favourite couples.

Bebe Cool and Zuena’s children

Zuena is the biological mother of five children, namely Alpha Thierry Ssali, Beata Ssali, Deen Ozil Ssali, Caysan Ssali, and Eman Ssali.

She is also the stepmother of Bebe Cool’s son from his previous relationship called Allan Hendrick Ssali.

While most stepmothers and stepchildren don’t usually get along, Zuena and Allan Hendrick have an amazing mother-son relationship.

Did Zuena divorce Bebe Cool?

In 2008, the couple went through a rough patch in their relationship, and Zuena walked out of the marriage.

The breakup affected Bebe Cool, who went on to dedicate songs like Agenze and Bamugambe to his estranged wife.

Gladly, the two were able to resolve their differences and get back together.

Did Zuena and Mowzey Radio date?

The late Mowzey Radio and his singing partner Weasel once released a hit song titled ‘Zuena’ that sparked fans’ curiosity.

Although Mowzey Radio clarified that the song was not about Zuena Kirema, they both made it clear that they had never met before the song. It didn’t stop fans from speculating and Bebe Cool from punching Mowzey Radio.

Zuena Kirema’s Social media

Zuena is quite active on social media and has gathered a lot of followers over the years. You can find her on the following official accounts.

Facebook- Zuena Kirema
Instagram- @zuena_kirema
Twitter- @zuenakirema5

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