Museveni’s second wife

A lot is known about President Yoweri Museveni. From his ascent to the presidency, his regime that has spanned for more than 30 years, his lovely wife Janet Museveni and their four beautiful children, his love for his cows, and so much more.

However, very little is known about Museveni’s “second wife” and children from his second “marriage,” and the issue of whether President Museveni has a second wife or not is always a heated topic of debate.

To keep you informed, here is everything we know about Museveni’s alleged second wife.

Who exactly is Museveni’s second wife?

According to sources, Museveni’s second wife is a woman called Enid Kukunda. She is a tall, middle-aged woman with a dark chocolate complexion, short hair, and generous curves.

Sources indicate that she is from Rubabo county, Rukungiri district in Western Uganda. It is also alleged that she is probably from the Ankole tribe.

Not much is known about her because she prefers to be private. However, she is alleged to be a mother of two children with President Yoweri Museveni.

What does Museveni’s second wife do?

It is alleged that Enid Kukunda is a former statehouse staff; her former capacity at the statehouse is yet to be revealed, although this is probably where she met with President Museveni.

Enid Kukunda’s current position is unknown, and her educational qualifications are also not known but when we find out, you will be the first to know.

Are Museveni and his second wife officially married?

There is no evidence to show whether President Museveni and his second wife are legally married or not.

As of now, the only formally recognized wife of Yoweri Museveni is Uganda’s first lady Janet Museveni.

However, it should be noted that polygamy is legal and quite popular in Uganda.

Who are Museveni’s second wife’s children?

Kukunda and Museveni’s daughter- Angela, credit: The Kampala report

Reports indicate that Museveni’s second wife, Enid Kukunda is the mother of two grown-up children- a daughter called Angela Kakishozi, who is a medical doctor, and a son allegedly known as Joel, who is an engineer.

Although her son is not widely known, her daughter with Yoweri Museveni- Dr. Angela Nagasha Kakishoz, who recently got married to her long time beau, is w well known by the media.

The beautiful Angela wedded Gen Henry Tumukunde’s son on 26th February 2022 in a classy event at St Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe. While the father of the bride- Yoweri Museveni, was missing from the event, her uncle General Salim Saleh (Museveni’s brother), was present, and he walked her down the aisle.

Enid Kukunda’s appearance in the media

Despite keeping a very low profile over the years, Museveni’s second wife has made a few appearances in the media.

In 2020, an article by Uganda Activist claimed that Enid Kakande is closely related to renowned Kampala businessman Ben Kavuya and the late General Aronda.

Most recently, during her daughter’s traditional wedding ceremony, she made a speech that circulated on YouTube where she thanked God for the father of her children. In her own words, she said that given another chance, she would ask God for the same man and the same children.