Amber Ray with her ex Ibrahim

Who has Amber Ray dated? Here are her exes

Amber Ray’s real name is Faith Makau. She is known for dating men who end up pulling skeletons out of her closet.

After Amber Ray getting engaged by her boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo, many netizens are interested in knowing who the the beautiful socialite has dated before.

Amber Ray is known for her unconventional approach to dating life and s3x. She has been accused in many occasions of being “the other woman” in many of her relationships. In fact, she has been married as a second wife at least two times.

She is also on the record for advising girls to take a bath and get back in the dating market after a breakup (kuoga na kurudi soko).

“Tuache mauchungu and everything. You can never destroy me with what you think that you have on me. Let’s love and focus on what we had and everything nice.”

But who are these men linked to Amber Ray? Let us remember the life and times of her most scandalous relationships ever!

Amber Ray and her ex-husband Zaheer Jhanda

Amber Ray and Zaheer Jhanda
Amber Ray and Zaheer Jhanda

Amber Ray became popular because of her relationship with Zaheer Jhanda. This relationship earned her the nickname “demakuku”from netizens. Amber and Zaheer got together in 2016 as a second wife after eloping. However, Zaheer’s first wife, Aaliyah Zaheer, exposed the relationship on social media. She claimed Amber Ray went to a withdoctor in order to obtain charms that would keep Zaheer at her side, hence the infamous photo Amber Ray on her knees, holding up a black and white chicken in what looked like a witch doctor’s den. She denied consulting a witch doctor at first but it was her own friend who finally unleashed a photo of the incident to confirm Aaliya’s claims. This relationship earned her the nickname “demakuku”from netizens.

Amber Ray with her ex Jimal Rohosafi

This is perhaps one of the most popularized celebrity relationships in Kenya. Jimal Rohosafi was also married to Amira and the two were blessed with children.  Amber Ray even had a tattoo with Jimal Rohosafi  proving how serious the two were into each other. However things got messy and the two separated.

Kelebrity reports that: Jimal had announced that he was marrying a second wife who was Amber Ray. Amira did not take the news well and the two co-wives would go on to battle it out on social media bashing each other via Instagram. Amber and Amira were also involved in a fight in their gated community in Syokimau where they threw insults at each other on live Instagram. It was a fight of the century that Kenyans will not forget.

Jimal had disclosed before on Jalango TV that he had been involved in various affairs outside of his marriage.

Amber Ray and her ex Brown Mauzo

Amber Ray also date Brown Mauzo who is the current husband to Vera Sidika. This is perhaps the reason why Amber Ray hates Vera Sidika so much. Brown Mauzo and Amber Ray got together in 2019 and broke up in 2020. A few months later, Brown started dating Vera Sidika; they both went Instagram official and they have never stopped posting photos and videos of either on social media.

Amber Ray and Brian

Amber Ray also dated little-known man Brian for a short period in 2020.

Amber Ray and her ex Ibb Kabb

After Amber Ray and Ibrahim separated, Amber Ray briefly dated Ibrahim, a Sierra Leonean man.

Ibb Kabba is a Sierra Leonean basketballer who Amber Ray dated in mid-2022. For three weeks they pulled out all the stops for her to show she’d moved on from Jimal. By the end of those three weeks, it was over between her and Kabba.

When they broke up Kabba went to social media revealing that Amber Ray never bathed and had intense sexual urges that could end up in nearby bushes. Ibb Kabba warned any man intending to date his ex Amber Ray, asking them to help her grow and mature.

Amber Ray with her ex Ibrahim
Amber Ray with her ex Ibrahim, popularly known as Ibb Kabba

Amber Ray with her fiance Kennedy Rapudo

Amber Ray with Kennedy Rapudo

Kennedy Rapudo is the latest acquisition by Amber Ray the brand. The two had dated before, separated, got back together, and are now engaged.