Diana B remixes Bahati’s “Mambo Ya Mhesh” with Sosuun and Ssaru

Finally, we have a new song from Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife. Diana B, as she is currently known as after venturing into music, has surprised her fans with a new song. Diana B’s newest song is a remix of Mambo ya Mhesh, a song that Bahati released after losing the Mathare Parliamentary seat in the August 2022 elections. After his loss, Bahati went silent on social media and was made no public appearance. Mambo ya Mhesh was his way of coming to the limelight again.

Below is the Mambo ya Mhesh remix  on YouTube:

Since the release of Mambo ya Mhesh, Bahati and his wife Diana Marua successfully delivered a newborn child. The celebrity couple has also done other music collaborations together, such as Nakulombotove and Sweet Love.

Bahati and his wife featured female rappers, Ssaru and Sosuun. Sosuun had taken a long break from music after she got married.

The 2-minute music video tells a story of Bahati going after two young girls but it ends with him going bac to his wife Diana, who is delivering in a maternity room.

As is her signature style, Diana B goes hard on her verse with one-liners. “Mnaoffer pudesh, na mi ndio mresh. Ama niwatoe na makofi za Shebesh,” she starts her song.

She then brags about her new baby as she finishes off, “Ata kwa labor nafunga zaidi yao. Diana B, mama yao.”