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Ugandan celebs who are single mothers

Motherhood is a universal symbol of strength. There is simply nothing in the world that compares to it.

While it has its fair shares of joys and thrills, it also has its low points, and believe it or not, the low points hit harder when you are a single mum.

We may be aware that some of our fave celebs are juggling careers in the limelight and as amazing mums but did you also know that some of your favorite stars are raising their kids all by themselves?

Today we take a look at some of our top celebs who are single mums.

Zari Hassan

zari hassan socialite

Zari Hassan is a boss lady by all standards, she has managed her business empire with an iron fist, continued to thrive in the showbiz business, and still managed to raise her five beautiful children on her own.

The glamorous socialite has three boys from her first marriage with the late tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga. She also has a little girl and a boy from her relationship with ex-lover Diamond Platnumz.

It is a wonder how she manages to balance everything in her life so flawlessly.

Cindy Sanyu

Ugandan dancehall musician, Cinderella Sanyu better known as Cindy Sanyu is another single mama on our list.

The self-proclaimed King Herself and former member of the highly famed Blu 3 girl group has a beautiful daughter- Amani Brunetti with her Italian ex-lover Mario Brunetti, whom she has been raising alone since she parted ways with the baby daddy.

In 2020 she took to Instagram to ask for advice from other single mums on how they deal with difficult baby daddies.

Since then, however, it seems that she is not taking the solo journey anymore.

She is currently married to actor Prince Atyiku and together, they have a new baby who was born recently.

We wish Cindy nothing but love as she continues with her parenting journey.

Desire Luzinda

The curvaceous Desire Luzinda wears a lot of hats and with such great elegance.

Sis is not only a philanthropist, singer, and songwriter, but she is also a mummy to the most adorable girl.

In 2004, Desire’s relationship with Michael Kaddu resulted in the birth of their daughter Michelle Kaddu. For a while, Desire put her career on hold for her daughter whom she says is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

A major controversy surrounding Desire Luzinda’s child paternity came up when Maj Juma Seiko an aide of Gen Salim Salim publicly claimed that he was Michelle’s father.

This was however quickly rubbished by Desire as she denied any claims of ever having been in a relationship with the businessman.

Iryn Namubiru

This multi-award-winning Ugandan artist is also a single mum and not to just one child but two!

Iryn is a mother of two adorable sons from his past marriage with Frenchman Frank Morel Garusy.

The bootilicious songstress balances her time between France where her family resides, and Uganda where her fanbase is and despite her fully-packed schedule, she still finds time to be very present in her children’s life.

In 2019, her elder son Eko Morel graduated from high school and Iryn was a proud mother goose posing with her baby boy on IG.

She has an arrangement with her ex-husband that allows the children to spend time with both parents without getting involved in their relationship dynamics.

Judith Heard

Ugandan beauty queen, Judith Heard is also on our list today.

Judith, who is a model and event host was crowned Miss Africa in the 2021 Miss Elite Awards which was held in Egypt.

The 35-year-old hot mama got married in 2003 to Richard Heard and the two were blessed with three beautiful children. Their union however ended in 2014 amidst allegations that Richard had dumped her to rekindle his relationship with his first Kenyan wife.

That aside, Judith is still slaying in everything she does- from her career and of course parenting. We have no doubt that her children will grow up to be as successful as she is.

She recently launched a campaign against body-shaming after netizens bullied her for her slender appearance with some going to the extent of saying that she was sick.

Which of these single mamas do you admire most and which celeb single mama would like us to feature in the next article? Let us know in the comment section.