The richest pastors in Uganda

We will be persecuted for saying this but it is true, religion is a money minting business in Africa and this can be supported well by the number of churches that spring up every day.

It appears that members of the flock are contributing good offerings to the good Lord these days going by how the Lord’s shepherds are living large.

Today we shall take a look at some of the richest pastors in Uganda that you should aspire to be like if you are planning on joining the preaching ministry.

Pastor Samuel Kakande

Pastor Kakande is one of the richest pastors in Uganda right now with his total net worth estimated at around Sh.915 Million by Forbes.

The head of The Synagogue Church of all Nations has invested his money in some great opportunities. He has shares in the Bank Of Africa and large chunks of land where he practices large-scale production of maize and rice.

His property includes giant mansions in Ggaba and Muyenga Hills and he only rides in expensive sleek drives like Range Rovers.

Pastor Samuel Kakande is no stranger to controversy, he has been married five times and has been accused time and again of practicing devil worship, although this has never been proven.

Pastor Dr. Joseph Sserwadda

With an estimated net worth of Sh.841 by Forbes, Pastor Joseph Sserwardda also qualifies to be on this list of the richest pastors in Uganda right now.

The head of Victory Christian Center also owns Impact FM and Alpha FM, which are gospel-based radio stations.

Among his many controversies, we will always remember that time in 2017 when Sserwadda proposed mandatory vasectomy as a way of managing the country’s population.

Pastor Robert Kayanja

The founder of one of the biggest churches in Uganda is also one of the richest pastors in Uganda.

Besides overseeing the Miracle Centre Churches, he is also in charge of other projects such as the Miracle Bible College, the Kapeeka orphanage, and the Never Again Children’s project. He also owns a TV station- The Miracle TV Channel 44.

Pastor Robert Kayanja’s net worth is estimated at around Sh.741 Million and he knows how to spend his money well. He owns a giant mansion in the upper side of Kampala near lake Victoria and another one in Ntinda.

His wealth aside, Pastor Robert has been involved in several controversies, the most popular one being in 2009 when he was accused of sodomizing some of his younger congregants. Although the allegations were withdrawn and the case overturned, the incident brought negative publicity to his brand.

Pastor Aloysious Bujingo

There is no way that The House of Prayer Ministries International’s head would miss on our list of the richest pastors in Uganda.

Pastor Aloysious Bujingo is not only a pastor but also a successful businessman who runs Salt Media Group of Companies.

Before salvation and money, Aloysious Bujingo started out in the streets as a houseboy after leaving his maternal grandparents’ home.

His current net worth stands at around Sh. 200 Million.

Priest Gary Skinner

This evangelist with Canadian roots is the founder of Watoto Church based in Kampala.

Skinner who preachers against power, sex, and money in his church, was born to missionary parents in Zimbabwe. He founded Watoto Church with his wife, Marylin in 1984.

In 2020, Skinner and his church were criticized for disregarding Covid restrictions and having his children’s choir go on tour. He has also been on the spotlight for promoting homophobia in Uganda.

Priest Gary Skinner’s wealth is estimated at Sh.130 Million which earns him a spot among the richest pastors in Uganda.

We would like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comment section if you know your pastor’s net worth and if you think that they can fit in our list of rich men of God.