Rayvanny biography: age, child, girlfriend, career, songs, net worth

Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa, better known by his stage name Rayvanny is a musician, songwriter and recording artist working under his own label Next Label Music. Previously, he was signed under WCB Wasafi records label founded by Diamond Platnumz. He has been signed by Diamond under the successful Wasafi Records for 7 years.  During the time, he worked on many music collaborations with his boss Diamond Platnumz and they seemed to have the best working relationship within the label until Zuchu came into the picture. Not only is he a musician, but he’s also a father. Here’s Rayvanny’s life history.

What is the real name of Rayvanny?

Rayvanny whose real name is Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa was born on 22 August 1993 in Mbeya, Tanzania. Rayvanny’s parents did their best to provide for him and his brother and their efforts have paid off.

Rayvanny is one of the most successful artists from Mbeya but very little is known about his family. He introduced his brother Shadrack to the world after he graduated from Ardhi University in Tanzania. Not much is known about him as keeps to himself.



It was a business deal after all

After allegations that Rayvanny cheated on his now ex-girlfriend Fahyma surfaced, fans were eager to hear what she had to say. She convened a press conference to address the matter only for her to announce her new business deal as the ambassador of Choice Baby diapers and Amorette pads. Fans felt cheated as they suggested that the two faked a break-up to promote themselves. On his part, Rayvanny said he wasn’t after cheap publicity.

It’s my song

Rayvanny was accused of stealing his emotional ‘Noagopa’ song from Riser Stardia. He hit back and said that he wrote the song even before he joined Wasafi Records in 2015. Further, he alleged that Riser stole his song and rushed to record it hence the confusion.

Rayvanny vs Harmonize

It was inconceivable to think that Rayvanny and Harmonize would have a public fallout after their budding relationship when both worked under Wasafi Records. If anything, many people, at least in the beginning, viewed their beef as a publicity stunt only to realize that the two no longer saw eye to eye.

Their beef started when Harmonize made fun of Rayvanny after he held a free concert. Vanny Boy did not take it kindly and escalated things. He shared a video of Harmonize with Paula Kajala, the daughter of Fridah Kajala who at the time was his girlfriend.

This got to Harmonize who then accused Rayvanny of courting an underage girl, something that even got him arrested.

Harmonize followed up with a song Vibaya to which Rayvanny responded with a diss track Nyamaza.

Rayvanny’s lifestyle

Rayvanny is giving ladies a run for their money with his ever-changing but creative hairstyles. It seems he’s always looking for something out of the ordinary as he wears a combination of braids with beads, kinky, with a neatly done hairline.


It’s become rare to spot a celebrity who doesn’t have a tattoo on the body. Harmonize joined the tattoo club after he got one on his neck. It was simply written blessed. Some fans urged him to get for his baby mama but we don’t think that’ll happen now as they broke up.

Net Worth

Rayvanny has no doubt made it big in the Tanzanian music scene. He generates his wealth from endorsements, shows, YouTube views and businesses. Rayvanny’s net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be $600,000 to $1.2 million.


Rayvanny owns several cars including a Toyota Voxy, Range Rover Sport, Toyota Max, and a Jeep Wrangler.


Rayvanny owns a palatial house located in Tegeta Wazo, Dar es Salaam. More than a few times, he’s flaunted his expensive mansion on social media. He shared images in which he is seen playing football with his girlfriend and son with whom he also took photos at the swimming pool area, and the basketball court.

Awards & Recognition

2021: Best African Act at the HiPipo Music Awards

2018: BET Awards Viewers Choice for Best International Act

2017: Nominated for Best Newcomer Awards at the Afrika Muzik Magazine Awards

2016: Nominated for the Breakthrough Act at the MTV Africa Awards

Rayvanny birthday, place of birth, and tribe

The Tanzanian singer, who is sometimes known as Chui (leopard) was born on 23rd August 1993 in Nzovye, Mbeya, Tanzania. The songwriter is currently 30 years old (as of 2022).

Rayvanny music career and popular songs

The successful singer discovered his music talent in 2011 while in high school. In 2012, he won a rap freestyle competition before joining Tip Top Connection music group the same year. Rayvanny then joined Wasafi Records in 2015 and released his first single “Kwetu” that propelled him to stardom.

It was not until 2015 when he decided to join WCB Wasafi Records, which is one of the biggest record labels in East Africa. It was during this time that he recorded his first song known as ‘Kwetu’ which ended up being a hit song.

Other Rayvanny hit songs include Unaibiwa, Tetema ft Diamond, I love you, Naogopa, GimmiDat ft Mayorkun, Teamo and Chuchumaa. He has 2020 EP Album known as ‘Flowers’.

In 2020, there were allegations that he was planning to quit the Wasafi Records label but this did not materialize until 2022. Diamond Platnumz wished him all the best on his own. Rayvanny’s involvement in music traces back to his primary school days. Before he graduated from high school, he took part in the regional Serengeti Rap Freestyle Competition in his hometown Mbeya and in 2011, he won the national competition held in Dar es Salaam.

This served as a good launchpad for his career. The following year, he joined a music group called Tip Top Connection where he served as a backup singer to some of Tanzania’s seasoned artists like Madee Ali.

Rayvanny’s big move came in 2015 when he signed for Diamond Platnumz’s record label Wasafi Records and one year later, produced his hit song Kwetu. In the song, Rayvanny explains to his rich girlfriend about the difficulties he has back home after she nags him to share his background with her.

After the success of his first song, Rayvanny was nominated for the MTV Music Awards in the Breakthrough Act category. His name appeared in other awards lists such as the AEUSA in the Best New Talents category, Uganda Entertainment Awards in the Best African Act, and became the first Tanzanian artist to win the BET Viewers Choice Best International Act.

Rayvanny went on to release other hits under the label like ‘Chuchuma’ with over 11 million YouTube views, another East Africa ‘Anthem’ ‘Tetema’ alongside Diamond Platnumz with over 63 million YouTube views. The beats of the song which naturally gets you off your feet proved irresistible to the ear.

After five years at Wasafi Records, Rayvanny quit and launched his own record label Next Level Music. He received the blessing of his former boss Diamond who even claimed that Rayvanny’s Studio would be the biggest in East Africa.

Rayvanny has five albums, four of which are Extended Plays (EP). These include ‘Vanny Boy (2018 EP)’, ‘Flowers (2020 EP)’, ‘Sound From Africa (2021)’, ‘New Chui (2021 EP)’, ‘Flowers II (2022 EP)’.

One of the most prominent songs from his Flowers album is ‘ex-boyfriend’ which is about an abrupt end to what was otherwise a good relationship.

Rayvanny awards and nominations

  • In 2016, he was nominated for an MTV Africa music award in the category of Breakthrough Act 2016.
  • In 2017, he was nominated for a number of music awards such as BET Award for International Viewers’ choice, AEUSA for Best New Talent and Uganda Entertainment Award for Best African Act.

Rayvanny’s wife, girlfriend, baby Jaydan Vanny, and relationship life

Rayvanny dated Fahima (Fayvanny) and they were blessed with a son called Jaydan Vanny.

Rayvanny with Fayvanny and their son Jaydan Vanny

Fayvanny is extremely beautiful and the two were proud of each other. They always posted each other on social media, leaving their admirers with jealousy and bitter hearts. While there were claims that the two would get married, it never materialized as there were cheating allegations in their relationship.

In a song by Rayvanny Nana I Love You, the singer featured a beautiful video vixen called Nana. However, the video was poorly edited since viewers could see something that bordered on a used condom. This sparked wrangles and infighting within Fayvanny’s and Rayvanny’s love kingdom. Nana denied she ever cheated with the musician and Rayvanny stated their was nothing between them.

Who is Rayvanny’s wife?

Ever since Rayvanny broke up with his wife Faima ‘Fahyma’ Msenga, Rayvanny’s love life seems to be on a spin. Even before the dust settled on his new relationship with Paula Kajala, the two broke up as Paula accused Rayvanny of cheating with his ex-girlfriend Fahima. Rayvanny and his new girlfriend were in a long-distance relationship as she studies abroad.

Everything seemed to be going well, especially after Rayvanny splashed money on his mother-in-law during her birthday party. Well, money cannot solve all problems.

Is Rayvanny married?

Rayvanny and Faima weren’t legally married even though the singer referred to her as his wife. The wedding video is not of his own ceremony but a music video for his song “I love you”.


Rayvanny’s son with baby mama Faima ‘Fahyma’ Msenga was born in April 2017. He’s named Jaydan Vanny.

What is Rayvanny religion and why Fayvanny converted her faith?

Rayvanny is a Christian by religion. While this may have influenced Fahima’s decision to convert from Islam to Christianity, she denies the allegations saying that it was her own choice and not because she wanted to get married to Rayvanny.


How rich is Rayvanny?
Rayvanny’s net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be $600,000 to $1.2 million. He generates his wealth from endorsements, shows, YouTube views and businesses.

How many songs does Rayvanny have?
Rayvanny has five albums, four of which are Extended Plays (EP). These include ‘Vanny Boy (2018 EP)’, ‘Flowers (2020 EP)’, ‘Sound From Africa (2021)’, ‘New Chui (2021 EP)’, ‘Flowers II (2022 EP)’. Combined, these albums have over 40 tracks.

Who is Rayvanny to Diamond?
Rayvanny signed for Diamond’s record label Wasafi Record label in 2015 before he quit to start his own label Next Music Label.

How old is Rayvanny?
Rayvanny celebrates his birthday on 22 August 1993 which makes his age 29

How tall is Rayvanny?
Rayvanny is 5’8

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