Raila Odinga’s luxurious houses; they’re marvellous

Raila Odinga is one of the richest person in Kenya. He is the son of the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, who was the first Kenyan prime minister before Kenya became a republic in 1964. Odinga’s family has invested in multiple businesses in various sectors of the economy.

As a result, he has managed to build three luxurious homes in Kenya’s major cities of Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombasa.

The veteran politician uses the houses to conduct his political and commercial businesses within the country. He has earned admiration and support from Kenyans.

Raila Odinga’s Karen home in Nairobi

The former Prime Minister is a proud owner of a lavish home in the leafy Karen suburbs.

The house is magnificent and lies on 10 acres of land, with a well-manicured lawn. It has a natural fence, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and well-equipped gym. It has a 300-metre alley leading to the house, which has a wired perimeter wall. Being a retired Prime Minister, the house has top-notch security to assure the safety of property and occupants.

Kenyans have had an opportunity to see images of Raila Odinga’s house while he is being interviewed in numerous occasions.

Raila Odinga’s Kanyakwar home in Kisumu

Overlooking Kisumu International Airport is Raila’s luxurious mansion in Kisumu County. It is located at a place called Kanyakwar. It is estimated that it cost more than Ksh1 billion to construct. Its construction lasted five years, beginning in 2010 and ending in 2015. It has 74 rooms, 10 of which are bedrooms. The others are four expansive state-of-the-art kitchens, two main conference rooms, two small conference rooms, and many offices. With jacuzzis and a helipad, locals refer to the house as “State House”.

While family members wanted to convert the house to a hotel, it has been maintained as a residential home to date. Dennis Onyango once said that the house would be home to the Raila Odinga Foundation as well as being leased out for commercial businesses.

Raila's Kisumu home
Raila’s Kisumu home

Raila Odinga’s Nyali home in Mombasa

Raila Odinga’s Nyali house is classy but not as imposing as the Kisumu and Karen homes. Mombasa County, under Governor Joho, made it mandatory for all houses within Mombasa CBD to be painted blue and white. Thus, Raila’s home looks magnificent in Egyptian white and blue lines. In 2018, Raila hosted former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and his Kilifi counterpart (now Senate Speaker) Amason Kingi for a housewarming party.

No credible sources have verified the information regarding the size and cost of these houses.