Nikita Kering biography, age, tribe, education, songs, career, boyfriend, net worth

Nikita Kering is one of the youngest Kenyan musical artists who have shaken up the entertainment space. Nikita Kering rose to stardom from her song ‘Tragedy’, which was an effective means of creating awareness amongst listeners regarding violence in romantic relationships. Indeed, she has defied odds to win  several awards at her tender age. This article explores the biography of Nikita Kering.

Nikita Kering age, parents, and place of birth

Nikita Kering was born on February 26th, 2002 in Nairobi, Kenya. The 21 year old star is the only daughter in a family, with 3 brothers. Nikita Kering family comprises her parents Anne and Joseph Kering, who have always been extremely supportive of their children’s talents and education, and her three brothers.

Nikita Kering education background

Nikita Kering has attended the best schools in Kenya. She has gone to Riara Springs Academy, Kilimani Junior Academy, Nairobi Academy and then to Brookhouse International School where she pursued a Business in Technology Course specializing in Music Performance, Business, Marketing and Production. Talk of a “group of schools” product.

Nikita Kering music career journey

Nikita Kering started singing at a very young age singing along to artists such as Emmy Kosgey. In 2012, she had a debut stage performance during an album launch by Emmy Kosgey where she got to perform to a huge audience and impressed them immensely. This was the beginning which gave her the confidence and push to greater heights in her career.

She then spent a lot of time working on her music while juggling with school and made a name for herself. She is also an actress having performed at several plays and school productions.

In 2015, Nikita Kering met with Larry Madowo, who was then a host at The Trend TV show on NTV. The two took a photo together and Larry Madowo was amazed at the transformation that has happened between the two since then.

Nikita Kering and Larry Madowo
Nikita Kering and Larry Madowo

Nikita Kering signed up for Mr. Eazi’s initiative titled EmPawa Africa and was impressively one of the top 10 finalists who were to undergo finer training and grooming for the international stage. This Initiative was one that Mr. Eazi set up to improve the African talent exposure to global levels. Nikita became a finalist though could not proceed with the program as she was still too young. This opportunity also opened up more doors for her as they promised to support and mentor her in her endeavors.

Nikita Kering songs

Nikita Kering songs have received much admiration and accolades and she attributes this to hard work and the guidance of established artists such as Eric Wainaina who has sang several top songs such as ‘Okay’ and a popular ‘uzalendo’ song titled ‘Daima Mkenya’.

Nikita Kering bagged two awards at the 2019 AFRIMMA Awards and made history as the youngest female Kenyan to make it to such heights.

Nikita Kering personal life: boyfriend, relationship, husband?

Information on Nikita Kering’s personal life is unavailable as she maintains that part of her life private. She does not overshare her information and uses her social media platforms to share musical work, promote projects and share information involving her music.

Bantu has seen different sources linking Nikita Kering to Lil Maina. It’s possible the two are dating and in a serious romantic relationship.

Nikita has never revealed whether she was dating or not, a little revelation left us confused. It turns out Nikita had a thing with Genge tone musician Little Maina and it turns out she was not the only girl he was seeing.

Lil Maina collaborated with major Kenyan artists such as Ndovu Kuu on his hit song ‘Kishash,’ which became a party anthem.

Nikita Kering net worth and assets

Nikita’s net worth has not yet been established at the time of this article’s publication nor the details on the assets under her name been made available to the public yet. The musical work earns her some income and a few brand endorsements.

Nikita Kering Instagram and contacts, phone number

To get in touch with Nikita Kering, you can reach her through her social media accounts.

You can also visit Nikita Kering’s website at

However, Nikita Kering’s phone number is not so much in the public domain.

Nikita Kering controversies

Nikita Kering does not have many controversies at the moment. But we have noticed that since she turned 21 she has been doing adult stuff. She recently shares some steamy pictures of herself. She also entered a coffin in a music video of her song On Yah.  She had this to say about it: “Everybody asks why I entered this damn coffin. I think, right now the music and the video don’t make sense together because they’re not supposed to. At least for now, until my EP ‘The Other Side comes out. This video was a total explanation of what goes on in the EP. It’s a journey of, you know uhm, killing the old… let me not say ‘killing’, but letting go of the past and embracing this bold future for me.”