Cartoon Comedian relationship with Noriega Donself

Cartoon Comedian with Noriega Donself

Cartoon Comedian seems to be ready for the dating world. After informing her fans that she had been heartbroken, she has now debuted a brand new relationship with Otile Brown’s manager, Noriega Donself.

The two celebrities are now dating after Cartoon Comedian’s short break from her previous relationship. Kenyans had speculated that Cartoon Comedian split from her long-time boyfriend and collaborator Mbagiruh. However, in an interview with Eve Mungai, Mbagiruh said that he admired her but they have never had an intimate relationship.

Therefore, the identity of the man that broke Cartoon Comedian’s heart remains a mystery.

According to Kelebrity, Cartoon introduced the relationship on her Instagram and Noriega reposted in on his own.

Cartoon Comedian and crushie

Seems Cartoon Comedian has the looks to attract them men. Recently, she had a crushie from a South Sudanese musician who said he could giver his car. “There is this comedian, Cartoon Comedian, I would give her my car, I have a crush on her,” the musician expressed to Mzazi Willy M Tuva on his Citizen Tv show, Mseto East Africa. If this could happen, Cartoon Comedian would be a proud owner of a Range Rover.

Bantu wishes the Cartoon Comedian and Noriega Donself (Otile Brown’s manager) relationship all the best.