Marco Reus biography, relationships, career

Striker Marco Reus wants to play, he wants to win. Sometimes he stumbles and loses traction. But his fans stand by him.

SURNAME: reuse
BORN: May 31, 1989, Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany
AGE: 33
HEIGHT: 1.8 m
PARTNER: Scarlett Gartmann (married) Carolin Böhs (2009-2013)
CHILDREN: Daughter (*2019)

Biography of Marco Reus

Marco Reus just doesn’t really want to work out with the big tournaments: First the 2014 World Cup, then the 2016 European Championships and now the 2022 World Cup in Qatar – they all took place without Dortmund. But he can’t be beaten!

A promising start

He and his family just worked too hard for his dream of becoming a football star. Marco’s father Thomas was a locksmith in Dortmund, but he quit his job to support his boy’s professional career wholeheartedly. He summed up his son’s childhood to “Welt”: “Always just football, if necessary also in the apartment.”

The effort has paid off: After his youth at Borussia Dortmund, Marco began his professional career at Rot Weiss Ahlen before moving to Borussia Mönchengladbach in 2009 and returning to his youth club Borussia Dortmund in 2012 . After this move, he developed his full potential and was voted Germany’s “Footballer of the Year 2012” in the same year.

The national team: A sensitive issue

Marco Reus was supposed to play for Germany for the first time against Malta in August 2010, but a hamstring prevented him from doing so and he had to cancel the following games as well. In September 2011, Reus also contracted a pubic arthritis and had to give up playing again – things just didn’t seem to be going well with him and the national team! Until October 7, 2011: That’s when he finally ran onto the pitch for the first time in the European Championship qualifier against Turkey. Then came the big disappointment in 2014: one day before leaving for Brazil, Reus injured his foot and had to miss the tournament – ​​and so unfortunately wasn’t part of the German team’s victory. Teammate Mario GoetzeAfter the award ceremony, he even held up Reus’ jersey to show his solidarity with his missing teammate.
Unfortunately, two years later, things didn’t look any better for Marco Reus at the 2016 European Championship: The footballer was injured again in one of the qualifying games, so he had to miss out on this big tournament as well. Particularly sad: Reus had even been nominated for the squad in advance, but then had to give up.

World Cup hope 2018

Marco Reus has missed the last two major tournaments, but in 2018 he will get a new chance in Russia to bring home the world title. On May 15, 2018, national coach Jogi Löw announced the provisional squad and of course Marco Reus could not be missing. In the end, Reus was there for the DFB disaster, but there was no sign of success here.

New challenges, new injuries

Although Reus is one of the most well-known soccer players in Germany, he is always plagued by new injuries . As the BVB captain, he puts in all his physical effort and injured his foot against Schalke – once again a forced break was required. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for the World Cup in Qatar, but Borussia Dortmund is counting on the athlete for its “Asia Tour 2022″. So instead of a World Cup, a PR trip is on the agenda. After ten years at BVB, however, Reus’ contract expires at the end of the 2022 season, but how the top athlete will continue is still in the stars. Quitting is definitely not an option: ”I still have good years in my tank and I feel very good. I’m perfectly healthy,” he clarifies.

Girlfriend, driver’s license, Facebook: Marco’s world away from the lawn

But if something should go wrong again, Marco Reus is lucky to have his family who have his back and ground him. The offensive all-rounder grew up with two older sisters, Yvonne and Melanie. Did they make sure he didn’t become a macho? Because Marco Reus is a professional footballer, but he doesn’t surround himself with models and doesn’t boast about women’s stories. From 2009 to 2013, Carolin Böhs was the woman at his side, and the kicker even lived with his girlfriend. And the footballer prefers to keep his relationship with his new better half, Scarlett Gartmann, in the background.There are hardly any joint appearances between the two, instead the footballer and the model prefer to enjoy their togetherness. But every now and then the two lovebirds post photos together on Instagram – to the delight of the fans. In 2019 they announced the good news: the couple got married! Reus also shared the birth of his “little princess” , as he calls her, on Instagram. However, the couple did not reveal the name of their daughter.
Marco Reus is a lot faster and more conspicuous on the road. In December 2014, he made a name for himself with his driving skills: The Borusse was fined 540,000 euros for repeatedly driving without a license! For years he had zipped around without a rag – in the appropriate sports car, of course. Compared to ”Bild” he said about his crime: “It was stupid.” Luckily, his fans didn’t blame him at all – on the contrary: Marco Reus has over 20 million Facebook likes – more than his football colleagues Thomas Müller or Mario Götze.

Interesting facts about Marco Reus

  1. The Reus driver’s license scandal (he was caught six times driving without it) was laughed at extensively on the Internet, and the hashtag #RollsReus prevailed on Twitter. In August 2016, the athlete finally succeeded: He passed the driver’s license test and was actually a news topic.
  2. Marco Reus’ favorite food is mashed potatoes, red cabbage and goulash.
  3. He used to dream of becoming a pilot.
  4. He has “Two and a Half Men” on TV.
  5. At many games he wears light blue lucky boxer shorts.
  6. His sports idols are basketball player Dirk Nowitzki and Czech football player Tomáš Rosický.
  7. His mother Manuela worked as an office clerk.
  8. In 2012, Marco scored the goal of the month three times: in January, June and September.
  9. Today Scarlett Gartmann is happy alongside Marco Reus, but her life wasn’t always so glamorous: the model’s father was at home in the Hagen red-light scene and tragically died of a cocaine overdose.
  10. Reus has launched its own vitamin water.