Lady Jaydee biography, age, education, relationships, career, net worth

Lady Jaydee was born on June 15, 1979 as Judith Wambura Mbibo. She is a Tanzanian musician specializing in R&B, Zouk and Afro Pop genres. She was the first female singer to sing R&B in Swahili and is signed under one of the most successful music labesl in Africa, Taurus Musik. Lady Jaydee joined Taurus Musik in 2017. She is sometimes referred to as the Queen of Bongo Flava, which is a term used to refer to Tanzanian music.

Lady Jaydee life and education

Born in Shinyanda Tanzania in a family often children, Lady Jaydee was named Judith Wambura Mbibo. Her late father is Lameck Mbibo and her mother is Martha Mbibo. Lady Jaydee attended Bugoyi Primary School in Shinyanga before joining Zanaki Secondary School for her secondary education.

Lady Jaydee career

In her career that spans over 15 years, Lady Jay Dee has always come out on top as one of the top female musicians. Lady Jay Dee featured in Coke Studio Africa in 2013 where she performed some of her great hits, ‘Yahaya’ and ‘Joto Hasira’.

She has released seven studio albums; Machozi (2000)’ Binti (2003), Moto (2005), Shukrani (2007), The Best of Lady Jaydee (2012), Nothing But The Truth (2013) and Woman (2017).

Her rapping prowess was the rated the best that she won a rapping contest on radio where she also won the opportunity to record a song at MJ Records owned by Master J. She then joined a boy band ‘Afro Reign’ that was formed by Sebastian Maganga and Boni Harmony as they needed a female voice in the group. The group recorded its first single in 1996 called ‘Tunachoma’.

Lady Jaydee was signed under the Smooth Vibes label which saw the production of her first two albums, ‘Machozi’ and ‘Binti’, but after her second album was done she decided to work independently.

In 2000 she was the first Tanzanian female artist to launch a solo album and in 2003 she dropped her singles ‘Usiusemee Moyo’ and ‘Wanaume Kama Mabinti’. Her most successful single was ‘Distance’, a song in which she sang in seven languages (Kiswahili, English, Zulu, Lingala, French, Chinyarwanda and Chiganda). The hit single remains one of her best-loved hits.

Lady Jaydee dropped the much anticipated video for the love song ‘One Time’. The song revolves around a lady wishing to stay with her man always. In the song, she reminds him of the good days they had and wishes to hold onto those memories. She also released her hit single ‘Asante’ which was an instant hit.

Lady Jaydee boasts of a total of 7 albums and in 2020 December, she dropped her eighth album in celebration of her 20 years in the industry.

In support of Vanessa Mdee’s decision to quit music, Lady Jaydee had this to say

“… not all can withstand the pressure or survive long in a cutthroat culture. She explained that the US-based star who unceremoniously exited the stage soon after confirming her relationship with Power actor Olurotimi ‘Rotimi’ Akinosho should supported.”

Lady Jaydee relationships

Lady Jay Dee was once married to popular Tanzania radio presenter Gardner Habash, but sadly they split in 2016. When she filed for divorced, she accussed Habash of phsically and mentally abusing her.

However, during an interview with Clouds FM she revealed that she and Habash had patched things up and they were on good terms.

“I can’t speak for him, but on my part, I have closed that chapter and will never go back to him, we are just friends although at first, we feuded something that happens with divorcing couples, now we drink wine together. I even know his new lover and we get along,” she explained.

Lady Jay Dee then revealed her new man as the Nigerian musician and producer Chibuikem Nwanegbo aka Spicy. The two were spotted together at the East Africa TV Awards in Tanzania in December 2016 and it was at this event that Lady Jay Dee confirmed they were dating.

Lady Jaydee recognition and awards

She has been voted as  Best Tanzanian Female R&B Artist in 2002, performed at the Kora All Africa Designers Competition, and was awarded “Best R&B Album” at the Tanzania Music Awards on August 6, 2004. In July 2005, she won an award for “best female video for South Africa”.

Where is Lady Jaydee from?

Lady Jaydee was born in Shinyanga, also known as Shinyanga Mji, a city in northern Tanzania. The city is the location of the regional headquarters of Shinyanga Region as well as the district headquarters of Shinyanga Urban District.

Brands that Lady Jaydee is associated with

  • In 2009 she signed up with Zain Tanzania (now known as Airtel Tanzania) to be their ambassador.
  • In 2010 she was appointed by Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation In Tanzania (CCBRT) to be their Ambassador to help women who suffering from Fistular disease.
  • In 2012 she was an ambassador of NMB (National Microfinance Bank) Tanzania for the project which was known as “PESA FASTA”.
  • In March 2014 she signed up with international cosmetics brand Oriflame Sweden to be one of their brand ambassadors.
  • In 2014 she was appointed by Marie Stopes Tanzania to be the Ambassador of Family Planning Tanzania.
  • In June 2015 she signed up with Tanzania Geita Gold Mine to be the Ambassador of Geita Gold Mine Kill Challenge Fund Against HIV/AIDS.

Lady Jaydee songs and albums

Since Lady Jaydee started singing, she has released seven studio albums:

  • Machozi (2000)
  • Binti (2003)
  • Moto (2005)
  • Shukrani (2007)
  • Ya 5. The Best of Lady Jaydee (2012)
  • Nothing But The Truth (2013)
  • Woman (2017)
  • 20 (2021)

Lady Jaydee awards and nominations

Since she made her debut in the music industry, Lady Jay Dee has been working hard only to release great hits. With that she has also received the recognition that she deserves, both locally and internationally.

Here’s a list of some of the awards and nominations she’s won:

2000 – Best Female Singer at the Clouds FM Awards (Won)
2001 – Best Female Artist from Tanzania at the M—Net s Africa Awards
2003 – Most Promising Female Artist in Africa at the Kora Awards (Nominated)
2003 – Best African East at the Channel O Music Video Awards (Won)
2003 – Best RnB Song at the Tanzania Youth Achievement Awards (Won)
2005 – Song of the Year at the BBC Radio Music Awards (Won)
2005 – Best Video East Africa at the Channel O Music Video Awards (Won)
2005 – Best Collaboration Video at the Channel O Music Video Awards (Won)
2006 – Best Collaboration at the Channel O Music Video Awards (Nominated)
2006 – Best Female Artist at the Pearl of Africa Music Awards (Won)
2007 – Best Female Artist at the Pearl of Africa Music Awards (Won)
2008 – Song of the Year at the Kisima Music Awards (Won)
2008 – Collaboration of the Year at the Kisima Music Awards
2008 – Best Female Artist at the Pearl of Africa Music Awards (Won)
2010 – Best Female Artist at the Pearl of Africa Music Awards (Won)
2011 – Best Female Artist at the Pearl of Africa Music Awards (Won)
2011 – Best Female Artist In Tanzania at the Uganda Divas Awards (Won)
2011 – Fiesta Hall of Fame Award at the Clouds FM Awards (Won)
2012 – Best Female Artist at the Baab Kubwa Magazine Awards (Won)
2013 – Best Female Artist at the Tanzania Music Awards (Won)
2014 – Best Female Singer at the Tanzania Music Awards (Won)
2014 – Best Zouk/Rhumba Song ‘Yahaya’ at the Tanzania Music Awards (Won)
2014 – Afro-Pop Song of the Year ‘Joto Hasira’ at the Tanzania Music Awards (Nominated)
2015 – Best Collaboration ‘Forever ft Dabo’ at the Tanzania Music Awards (Nominated)
2016 – Best Female Artist at the East Africa TV Awards (Won)
2017 – Best Female Artist in Eastern Africa at the All African Music Awards (Nominated)

Lady Jaydee net worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $3.9 million.

Lady JayDee shared the secret to her longevity in the game saying it is truth that has kept her going.

“When you write and sing about a true story, you create a genuine connection. The life we all live in is the same; we have shared experiences. A story of battery in Mwanza is no different from one in Dar, so, when you sing about it, you link worlds. When it rings true, it has a longer shelve life. Very few things stand the test of time, things change – people too.”