Harmonize – age, career, songs, girlfriend and net worth

Inspired to join the music industry by the late Ramazani ‘Remmy’ Mtoro Ongala, a Tanzanian guitarist and singer who ruled the airwaves in the 1980s, Harmonize is with no doubt a giant in the East Africa Music scene. He is a songwriter, singer, and dancer. His songwriting style is a cross between Afropop and Bongo Flava. But, many still opine he lives under the shadow of his former boss Diamond Platnumz.

Real name: Rajab Abdul Kahali
Occupation: Harmonize, Konde Boy, Jeshi, Tembo, Mbunge
Birthday: 15 March 1991
Nationality: Tanzanian
Star sign: Pisces
Birth place: Chitoholi village, Mtwara, Tanzania
Height: 5’8 or 175cm
Children: Zuhera Nasra
Net Worth: $1.2 million

Rajab Abdul Kahali, popularly known as Harmonize, is a Tanzanian Singer, songwriter, and dancer. His genre of songs is a mixture of Afropop and Bongo Flava Genre. The Bongo star now has his own label the Konde Music Worldwide Label, where he has signed a budding talent, Ibraah and is yet to sign even more talents.

Born on 15 March 1991, Rajab Abdul Kahali is a man of many names; Jeshi, Konde Boy, Tembo and Mbunge. Coming from a poor family in Chitoholi village, Mtwara, Tanzania, Harmonize’s early life clearly portrays resilience, hard work and hope. Nonetheless, Harmonize believed one day he would be a star if he never gave up.

In one of Harmonize songs “Never Give Up,” he sings about how he was a jack of all trades who tried out football, hawking but later gave in to music. The song also paints a picture of a struggling artist who could go to bed on an empty stomach.

“I used to sell water in Tanzania. Even when I started focusing on music, it took me two years to create a name for myself. I also worked as a hawker. At some point, I felt God had not planned for me to become a musician. There was a time I almost gave up in life, but my mother kept encouraging me to continue pressing on,” Harmonize told a local publication.

Konde Boy broke into the music industry in 2015 after signing with WCB Wasafi, a record label owned by Diamond Platnumz. Harmonize was the Record Label’s first artist to be signed.

Harmonize’s schooling

Harmonize completed his secondary school education at Mkundi Secondary School in 2009. He later relocated to Dar es Salaam, where he worked as a hawker at the famous Kariakor Market.

Harmonize’s career

Harmonize began his music career as a contestant in the Bongo Star Search Competition in 2010. However, he was rejected on his first attempt because his vocals were not as good.

Harmonize didn’t give up. He went home, worked on his craft and in 2015, lady luck smiled at him. WCB Wasafi Record label owned by fellow singer Diamond Platnumz signed him. After a few years of grooming and voice coaching Harmonize released his first single.

Harmonize was officially unveiled as a WCB signee on 6 November 2015, and released his first single ‘Aiyola’. The first Harmonize song that was shot in Johannesburg, South Africa, was an instant hit garnering over 22 million views.

Harmonize songs

Jeshi has never looked back since Aiyola. He went on to release more club banger and timeless hits like ‘Bado, Kwa Ngwaru, Matatizo, Happy Birthday, Sina, Kainama, Paranawe, Show Me What You Got, Kushoto Kulia, Anajikosha, Niambie, Atarudi, Nishachoka. Anajikosha, Niambie, Atarudi, Nishachoka.

Harmonize new songs

Since leaving WCB record label Harmonize has been releasing hit after hit. In 2020/21, Harmonize collaborated with many local and international artists to bless his fans with great music. Harmonize has worked with celebrated Congolese Musician Awilo Longomba in the song Attitude, other most recent hits include All Night, Bedroom, Uno, One Night Stand Falling For You, Ushamba, Mpaka Kesho, Sandakalawe and Teacher.

Harmonize’s businesses

However, the ‘Uno’ hitmaker has tirelessly proved himself a man of his own. Harmonize runs a successful Konde Music Worldwide record label which has so far signed six artists – Country Wizzy, Anjella, Ibraah, Skales, Killy and Cheed.

Harmonize’s relationship

Harmonize is not a lucky man when it comes to women. Early in his career, he dated Bongo Movie actress Jacqueline Wolper but the two broke up in 2017.

It took Harmonize three years to reveal why they parted ways. In 2020, Harmonize, while performing to a crowd in Dodoma said he left Jacqueline Wolper because she had other lovers and also desired his boss Diamond Platnumz.

Is Harmonize single?

In 2019, Harmonize married Sarah Michelloti but they parted ways in 2020, in a widely publicised divorce. According to Sarah, the bongo singer began disrespecting her. He spent the night outside without her knowledge and was not keen on making their relationship work. As this was happening, Harmonize was rumoured to be dating actress Frida Kajala Masanja. This turned out to be the case.

However, two months after confessing his love for Frida Kajala Masanja and getting neck tattoos of each other, Harmonize confirmed he was no longer an item with the Bongo Movie Actress.

Who is Harmonize married to?

Harmonize does not have a wife after his highly publicized divorce with Italian ex-wife Sarah Michelotti.

Who is Harmonize dating?

Harmonize has found a new love in the hands of an Australian beauty Briana. This comes months after he parted ways with Tanzanian actress Fridah Kajala Masanja in April. The musician has revealed this in an Instagram post captioned:

“Been waiting for this moment to tell everybody what you mean to me. I just wanna love you in this life and respect every woman. Like sister, friend, auntie, mum. Promise to be there for you. Welcome to my world.”

Harmonize’s family

Harmonize was married to Sarah Michelloti but their marriage lasted only one year. They divorced over infidelity. According to Sarah, Harmonize cheated on her and even sired a child out of wedlock.

What is the name of Harmonize daughter?

Just a month after breaking up with his wife Sarah Michelloti, Harmonize took to his Instagram page to announce his only daughter Zuhera Nasra to the world. His ex-wife rubbished his announcement. She stated that Harmonize was incapable of siring children. Harmonize came out strongly and denied her allegations. “This is my blood men!” He said. He further stated that people could say whatever they wanted but Zureha Nasra is her daughter.

Is Harmorapa a brother to Harmonize?

Harmorapa is not a blood brother to Harmonize but a self-proclaimed ‘twin brother’. A very welcoming Harmonize has in the past recognized and appreciated Harmorapa as his copycat. Harmonize was quoted saying Harmorapa motivates him to work harder because if he fails Harmorapa will not have someone to look up to.


Harmonize is a great Bongo Flava musician but he is also not immune to controversies. Early in his career, Harmonize was dismissed as a poor musician who could not make it in the industry even with the massive support of Diamond Platnumz.

In the Tanzania music scene “Kiki” is a common word meaning clout chasing and Harmonize has long been accused of using it to push his music.

Exit from WCB

One of his biggest controversies was his exit from the Diamond led WCB record label. Harmonize revealed that he was under a 10-year contract. He joined the label in 2015. During his time there, he released some big hitters – kwangwaru, bado, kainama. Despite the success he enjoyed, Harmonize says he was forced to quit as his relationship with Diamond fast deteriorated.

According to him, Diamond thought that he (Harmonize) was becoming a rival hence the genesis of their problems. He pointed out that every musician who rose to fame under WCB or is a big name ends up crossing paths with Diamond. This is because the latter only wants all the glory to himself.

Harmonise was also not happy with the terms of his contract. He revealed that he got 40% of the revenue he generated while Diamond took home the rest of the share.

But, his exit from WCB was nothing but easy. It was expensive.

Harmonise has revealed that he had to sell three of his luxurious houses to raise money to pay off his exit clause. He paid some Ksh 22 million to get the rights to his name and every piece he produced under WCB. Even then, he said that Diamond frustrated his efforts. So, what to do? He sought the audience of the late President of Tanzania John Pombe Magufuli. Magufuli brought Diamond to sign Harmonize’s resignation letter.

Life after WCB

After he left WCB, Harmonize is doing everything to steer clear of Diamond. Consequently, he has turned down collaboration requests by Hamisa and Tanasha Donna. Both were involved by Diamond. Harmonize says that he does not want to seem as though he is trying to get back at his former boss Diamond. He even refused to take photos with Zari when they met in South Africa.


Harmonize found himself in trouble again in 2020. One year after marrying his girlfriend Sarah Michelloti, Harmonize was embroiled in a cheating scandal. That led to the birth of his daughter called Zureha Nasra.

At the time he was married to Sarah, Harmonize got involved with Ugandan actress Frida Kajala Masanja. Sarah was agitated by his interaction with Frida. According to her, Harmonize told her that Frida was his sister. He also swore that he would never be romantically involved with her. However, after Sarah finalised her divorce, Harmonize admitted to being in a relationship with Frida. But this was also short-lived.

Just months after dating Bongo Movie Actress Frida Kajala Masanja, harmonize was embroiled in another controversy with Wasafi Artist Rayvanny. Rayvanny accused him of sending nudes to Paula Kajala, the daughter of Harmonize ex- Kajala Masanja.

Harmonize awards and nominations

  • 2016: Won the award for “Best African New Corner: by Watsup Africa Awards
  • 2016: Won “Best New Corner” by African Muzik Magazine Awards
  • 2016: Won “Best New Artist” at the African Entertainment Awards
  • 2016: Africa Entertainment Awards (AEAUSA) for Best New Artist, Africa Musik Magazine Awards for Best Newcomer, WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Awards for Best African Newcomer Video for Bado ft. Diamond Platnumz
  • In 2017, MTV Base included Harmonize in their “Ones To Watch 2017”
  • In 2019, he was nominated for the Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards

Harmonize net worth

He has an estimated net worth of over $ 1.7 Million. He gets most of his income from sale of albums, live show performances and brand endorsements.

Harmonize car

Harmonize cars include a Toyota Harrier, Corolla and Toyota Crown.

Harmonize house

Even though Harmonize had to sell three of his houses to his former employer, he still managed to get himself a palatial home in Dar es Salaam.

Social Media

Harmonize’s Instagram: @Harmonize_TZ 

Harmonize’s Twitter: @Harmonize_TZ

Harmonize’s Facebook: Harmonize


What happened to Diamond and Harmonize?

Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz got into a bitter feud after Harmonize disbanded his 15-year contract with Diamond’s Wasafi records. A tussle erupted after Harmonize’s efforts to end his contract with the Wasafi label was apparently thwarted, which brought their relationship to a bitter end.

Is Diamond related to Harmonize?

Diamond and Harmonize had a business relationship. Diamond Platnumz was the boss of Harmonize at WCB Wasafi.

How much did Harmonize pay Diamond to leave Wasafi?

Harmonize paid TSh500 million and equivalent $250,000 to leave Wasafi.

Why did Harmonize leave Wasafi?

Harmonize decided to end the Wasafi contract after he no longer felt he was getting value for his work. He was the second-highest income generator at WCB after Diamond Platnumz at the time of his departure.

Is Harmonize single?

Harmonize has been flaunting his new Australian lover Briana, months after ending his relationship with Bongo Movie actress Frida Kajala Masanjaa.

Why did Harmonize break up with Sarah?

Sarah dumped Harmonize just days after he announced publicly that he had a child with another woman.

Do Harmonize and Sarah have a child?

Harmonize and Sarah’s relationship did not bear a child. Harmonize has a daughter Zureha Nasra who he sired out of wedlock leading to his break-up with Sarah.

Is Harmonize rich?

With a steadily growing net worth of $1.2 million, Harmonize has to be considered among the richest artists in East Africa.