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KRG the don biography: real name, age, relationships, net worth, parents,

Who is KRG? KRG the don, as he refers to himself, is one of Kenya’s entertainers. He came to the limelight for just displaying his flamboyant life online. He has not had a breakthrough in his music career, but he lives a life most successful Kenyan musicians can only dream of. Perhaps, music is not his only source of income: it remains a mystery to most.

In this article, KRG the don biography, you will learn more about your favorite artist.

KRG the don real name is Karuga Kimani. His moniker may have been formed from his first name KaRuGa.

KRG the don education background

It is not very certain which school KRG the don attended, but he has previously revealed that he went to many schools, including in Kenya and Uganda. He has even claimed that his parents used to give him Kes 150,000 as pocket money, which he attributes to his rising wealth. He started a shylocking business while in school.

He attended class 1 and 2 in Naivasha before proceeding to Kilgoris where he studied until class 8. He then moved to Uganda for his high school education, where he learnt the art of business.

KRG the don parents also took him to a deejaying school.

KRG the don music career

His first dancehall tune, “Whine and Drop,” was a hit. Fast Cash Music is the record label he founded, per Kelebrity. KRG the don has also claimed that he is passionate about deejaying. He has released about 7 songs, which are of the dancehall genre. However, he tells his fans that his music is diverse and they should expect anything.

It seems that KRG the don is not fully in the music career, though.

KRG the don age and date of birth

KRG the don, Kenya’s upcoming rapper was born in January 1991, making him 32 years old today. The Kenyan rapper was born to his parents in Kenya.  His real name is Karuga Kimani. He was born to mixed race parents and was brought up in both Kenya and Uganda.

What tribe is KRG the don?

KRG the don is of mixed race: Indian and Kikuyu. Many people mistake him for being a Kisii, which is a tribe in the former Nyanza region. Partly because of his accent and since he has been spotted in Kisii town severally, especially on Fridays where he joins other Kisii revelers in the town’s bustling night life.

KRG the don net worth

“Kwanini watu wanakasirikia success yangu? Niko na pesa na sio tafadhali… Na pesa zangu sio za kupea watu bure coz naendelea kuchanga ndio nifikie akina Elon Musk and the other dollar billionaires.”

It is no doubt that KRG the don is one of the richest musicians in Kenya. However, many Kenyans are still skeptical about the sources of his wealth because he has even claimed to be richer than Musalia Mudavadi, who has served as Kenyan VP and deputy PM before. For KRG, his music career is not as successful as to make us belief it has earned him the fortune he claims; he recently said that his net worth is Kes 5 billion, making him richer than Musalia Mudavadi who placed his net worth at Kes 4 billion.

KRG lives in a lavish house in Kenya’s elite estates in Nairobi. He has also been seen driving flashy luxurious cars. Some sites even claim that he has more than 30 vehicles, which is not proven yet.

KRG the don range rover
KRG the don range rover

KRG the don relationships: family, marriage, wife, and children

KRG the don parents and family

KRG the don comes from a mixed race family: a hindi mother and a Kikuyu father. He said that his parents’ meeting and ultimate marriage remains unknown to him. He claims that his mother is young and beautiful, with many people confusing her for his sibling. KRG the don comes from a family of five children, three boys and two girls. The last born sibling is in high school and none of them is in the limelight.

KRG the don children

The singer also has children of his own. Tuko reported that the musician pays a minimum of Kes 300,000 as school fees per term for his children. The flamboyant Kenyan artiste KRG The Don disclosed during an interview he spent over four million per year to pay his kids’ school fees.

The flamboyant musician told Kiss FM:

Watoto wangu wanasoma Nairobi. Kuna mmoja nalipa laki saba, mwengine laki sita na mwengine laki tatu per term. Na kuna mwingine ndio anataka kuanza shule. Ukipiga kwa jumla utapata kwamba kwa mwaka kuna mwenye anachukua millioni mbili laki moja, nwengine millioni moja laki nane na mwengine anachukua kama laki tisa hivi.

Loosely translated to:

My children study in Nairobi. There is one I pay KSh 700,000, another KSH 600,000 and another KSh 300,000 per term.  And there is another one who is close to joining school. If you look at the total, you will find that in a year, there is one who takes KSh 2.1 million, another takes KSh 1.8 million, and the other around KSh 900,000).

KRG The don wife

KRG divorced his wife after she allegedly cheated on him with another man and was spending time with scumbags. He heard rumours that Linah Wanjiru, his gift recipient, was planning to sell her Audi vehicle. Don retaliated by reclaiming the car and claiming on social media that his ex-wife was depressed and broke.

This KRG the don biography has illuminated and answered most burning questions regarding the stars private life.