Hassan Mugambi

Hassan Mugambi biography, age, education, career, salary, relationship

Hassan Mugambi is a journalist, crime reporter and Swahili news anchor at Citizen TV Kenya. He is a young an energetic presenter and shares his love for keeping fit and dressing well.

Hassan Mugambi is a professional journalist who works at Citizen Tv. He has been trending in the course of last week not because he said something controversial while presenting Citizen Tv news, but because of the claims that he is a deadbeat. There are some claims that he has a daughter but he doesn’t support her financially. Keep it here as we discuss more concerning Hassan Mugambi Biography

Hassan Mugambi relationship, girlfriend, wife?

At one time, in an interview with a local station, Hassan revealed that he was dating but did not mention the lucky woman’s name.

Hassan is said to have a grownup daughter and according to Obare, Hassan doesn’t take care of his previous family. Some days ago, Hassan posted his new fiance who was celebrating her birthday in Dubai. Mwanaidy Shishi is the name of Hassan Mugambi’s wife. Mwanaidy is an entrepreneur who operates “Mama Nilishe”, a Swahili hotel in Kilimani, Nairobi Kenya.

Hassan Mugambi with his wife
Hassan Mugambi with his wife

Hassan Mugambi’s age and date of birth

As of 2023, Hassan Mugambi is 35 years old. He was born on 26th July 1988.

Hassan Mugambi career and salary

He is a Graduate and journalist by profession. Hassan comes from a poor family born and raised in Kibera one of the biggest slums in Africa.

Hassan Mugambi salary is approximately Ksh.500,000 per month.

Hassan Mugambi with Lulu Hassan, his colleague at Citizen TV
Hassan Mugambi with Lulu Hassan, his colleague at Citizen TV

Hassan Mugambi tribe

Mugambi comes from Meru tribe.

Hassan Mugambi education

Mugambi attended Meru Boys Boarding School before being transferred to kanyakine high school which is also in Meru County. He is a Nairobi University graduate.

Being from Kibera, his first place to work was Pamoja FM which is in Kibira. After applying for the K24 job, Mugambi was lucky to be among the selected. Narrating how his first interview was, Mugambi said he borrowed a suit from his friend.

Hassan Mugambi controversies

Last week, Hassan was trending on Twitter. There was a video that was going viral. The video was showing Hassan with another woman having a good time. As you always know adult content in Kenya trends very fast and everyone was searching for videos everywhere including Telegram. Up to now, Hassan has not commented about the video that went viral.

In January 2019, Hassan made headlines for smacking his fellow journalists for blocking his shot at a press briefing. He however apologized and vowed not to repeat the same mistake.

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