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Is Zari Hassan’s son, Raphael Junior, gay?

Zari Hassan, former partner of Diamond, recently encountered surprising news. Her second son shared his sexual orientation, revealing that he identifies as gay.

Raphael Junior made the revelation live on Instagram where he announced,” I’m coming out.”

As he came out the young lad made a request to people not to judge him for who is he is but to accept him the way he is.

His revelation has helped speculations that have been hovering around and bout his gay status which started way back in 2019.

The allegations were first made In June 2019 by Kenyan gay socialite Robettah who claimed that Zari’s son was gay after he allegedly sexually disrespecting him.

“Zari’s son is gay, end of the discussion,” said Robettah.

“How much?” I feel disrespected,” he added.

Raphael is one of the sons Zari sired with her first husband, the late Ivan Semwanga.

We don’t know how Zari is processing this news because we are not sure whether she was privy to the fact that her son was going to come out about his status, this has been kept secret for a very long time.

What we can assure you is that Zari is a very strong woman and we hope she sails through it. A question to ponder, was her son’s gay status influenced by King Bae’s brother (Zari’s ex bonkmate), because king Baes brother was gay? We don’t know.

Maybe we don’t need to worry a lot about how Zari felt and worry more about how the world took it.

While this happened, Zari defended his son saying: “He actually has a girlfriend amechoka na takataka kumtongoza Dm. Wanawake wakubwa kumtumia uchi wao. Wengine kuomba omba Dollar. Maybe it was a good thing to say he is Gay. Now you all will chill and leave him alone

In 2022, however, Raphael Junior shared a pic of his girlfriend on Instagram.

Raphael Junior and his girfriend
Raphael Junior and his girlfriend

Zari promised that he would support his son even if he was gay. But when he revealed his girlfriend on Instagram, she said:  ”It’s been 3 years, girls have been on his case, including old women from Kenya and Tanzania… So he said that to put them off. “He has a girlfriend and should it turn out to be what he says he is, because kids can be funny, he is my child and I will support him. But he is not gay.”