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Irene Uwoya biography: age, education, relationships, career, net worth

Irene Uwoya is a Bongo Flava actress known for her tremendous contributions in the entertainment industry. However, she also has her own share of cheating scandals propelled against but that has not stopped her from pursuing success in whatever she does. This article explores the wiki and history of Irene Uwoya.

Irene Uwoya has been linked to cheating speculations on social media. Her cheating scandals have circulated in social media, where she has been accused of  cheating on her first husband, Katauta with famous singer Diamond Platnumz.

Per, Irene Uwoya is a controversial figure in the entertainment industry in Tanzania. The celebrity site reports that Irene was rumoured to have cheated on her husband, Dogo Janja with the East African TV presenter — TBway.

However, she has also succeeded in the industry with several works as a film producer and director. Uwoya became the first runner-up for Miss Tanzania in 2006, which gave her career a kick start in 2007, as she started to explore the industry.

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Irene Uwoya age and date of birth

Irene Uwoya was born on the 18th of December 1988 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. She is currently 34 years old.

Irene Uwoya relationships life

Irene Uwoya was once married to the Rwandan Football mogul who was the captain of the Rwanda International, Hamad Ndikumana (aka Katauta). The two dissolve their marriage after Irene Uwoya was accused of cheating with Diamond Platnumz. They were blessed with a child Krish. Unfortunately, the ex-husband died in 2017. There were some speculations that Irene Uwoya was involved in the death of his ex-husband, according to Tangalebs

Diamond Platnumz and Irene Uwoya
Diamond and Irene Uwoya

After their divorce, Irene was rumoured to be dating Diamond Platnumz. After a short while, she was linked to musician Abdulaziz Chande known professionally as Dogo Janja.

“I don’t know what to say. Diamond and I have been friends for a while and we also work together. I don’t understand why people are panicking, it’s something ordinary (the picture) and there is no relationship between us. Don’t judge a book by its cover. They should chill, there is nothing new. Diamond and I are just friends and workmates,” Irene Uwayo said in response to allegations connecting her to Diamond Platnumz.

Their marriage was criticised due to the fact that Dogo Janja is five years younger than Irene. In his response to the criticism which was circulating, he said, “Most people despised my decision to marry a woman who is more than five years older than me but in my faith, this is the Prophet’s Sunna” in his interview with pulse

“As for now I have an understanding girlfriend and we hope for the best. The other marriage did not work but let us rather dwell on making each other better and talk about my projects- I don’t really want to publicise my private life,” adding that as a Muslim, he is following his religion and he can marry more than one wife.

However, love never fails because it seems Irene has a new boo and she said that if people want to see him then they should watch her show.

Irene Uwoya education background

She attended primary school at Dodoma. A few years after completion, she moved to Kampala — where she completed her secondary studies.

Irene then moved back to Dar-es-Salaam and she enrolled at University of Dar-es Salaam. During her university time, she joined the Miss Tanzania beauty pageant, and as her first — Irene won the competition without a sweat.

Irene Uwoya career

While in University, Irene Uwoya participated in the Miss Tanzania competition where she was the first runner-up. She stopped her modelling career afterwards, venturing into acting in 2007.

A year later, she landed her first role in the movie ‘Tanzanite’. She became a darling for most producers and featured in 2008 movies Shakira, Damu Moja, Peace of Mind, My Dreams and Pretty Girl. In 2013 she landed 11 roles in the films Money Talks, Safari, Question Mark, Doa Ndoa, etc.. These paved the way for Irene to explore movie directing and production.

In 2019, Irene released a music video that she titled Tah Tah and it was an instant hit amongst her fans.

Irene Uwoya

Irene Uwoya Net Worth

Irene Uwoya net worth is estimated at around Kes 30,000,000.