Radio Jambo’s Gidi profile: biography, real name, relationship, age, net worth

Gidi was a famous musician whose song “Unbwogable” featuring Maji Maji was at one point a political anthem.

Joseph Ogidi Oyoo, popularly known as Gidi, grew up in the slums and had to work hard in order to put himself through school. Over the years, fans have seen him evolve to become the man he is today. He has managed to remain relevant in the ever changing media industry and establish a huge following.

Real Name:

Gidi Ogidi

Date of Birth and Age:

Gidi Ogidi’s date of birth is not publicly available. As of 2023, he is estimated to be in his 40s.

Gidi education background

Gidi attended Aquinas High school. He then proceeded to Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) for a Bachelor’s Degree in Information and Technology (IT). He went to the Strathmore School of Business for a Master’s in Business Administration.

Relationship Life and Children:

Gidi and his wife and daughter
Gidi and his wife and daughter

Gidi Ogidi has maintained a private stance regarding details about his relationship life, including information about his spouse or children. However, we do know he is married to Ziva Elijah and the two are blessed with a daughter, Mari-rose Hera Ogidi who was born in 2016. Gidi’s wife lives in France where she works and the two visit each other regularly.

Career Profile:

Gidi Ogidi is a prominent Kenyan radio personality known for his work at Radio Jambo. With a career spanning years, he has become a household name in Kenya’s media landscape. Gidi’s charismatic voice and engaging persona have made him a favorite among radio listeners. His captivating style and ability to connect with his audience have contributed to his success in the industry.


Throughout his career, Gidi has largely avoided controversies, maintaining a positive image in the public eye.

Awards and Recognition:

While specific awards may vary, Gidi Ogidi’s contribution to radio broadcasting has earned him recognition within the media industry.

Net Worth:

As of the latest available information, Gidi Ogidi’s net worth is not publicly disclosed. His success in radio and media likely contributes to his financial standing.

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