Dua Lipa biography, relationships, career

She is still very young, but already so successful: Dua Lipa is constantly storming the international charts and the hearts of her fans.

BORN: 08/22/1995, London, England / United Kingdom
SIZE: 1.73 m
PARTNER: Anwar Hadid (2020-2021) Isaac Carew (2013-2017)

Interesting facts about Dua Lipa

Dua Lupa
Dua Lupa

Dua is Albanian and means “love”, her grandmother had the idea for the name, which is actually so beautiful. However, as a child, Dua attracted attention in England with the exotic-sounding name. The last thing she wanted to do at the time was to attract attention and “would rather have been a normal English kid with a name like Jane or something”.

Because she has such a poor memory of her dreams, Dua Lipa kept a dream journal as a child. But her mother quickly talked her out of it, saying it would destroy the magic of dreams.

When Dua Lipa received the Brit Award for Best Single in 2019, she brought her parents to the ceremony. All attention was then suddenly on her handsome father, both on social media and at the awards ceremony itself. Presenter Jack Whitehall said to the singer: “You know how much I have a crush on your dad”.

Before each performance, Dua uses a squirt of Libre Le Parfum. As the brand ambassador of the perfume, she has a special bond with the fragrance.

What should never be missing in your bag? ”A moisturizing face mask. When I travel my skin gets so dry and dehydrated. So I smear whatever moisturizes my face. And brown lipstick. When I put it on, I’m ready for the day.”

mask. When I travel my skin gets so dry and dehydrated. So I smear whatever moisturizes my face. And brown lipstick. When I put it on, I’m ready for the day.”

It seems like nothing can beat power woman Dua Lipa. Or does it? The singer is terrified of spiders and takes to her heels.

Biography of Dua Lipa

She is still very young, but can still draw from the experiences of her life and can record groundbreaking successes: Dua Lipa has made a name for herself worldwide within a few years and has been awarded several times as the best newcomer. To achieve all this, she brings a lot of self-confidence, diligence and ultimately courage.

Dua Lipa and daugher

An early determination

When the Yugoslav wars broke out in the 1990s, Dua Lipa’s parents had to leave their homeland, Kosovo. The family was taken in in England, and Dua was born in London in 1995. Her father Dukagijn Lipa is a well-known rock musician in Kosovo, and she was apparently born with a talent for music. In order to promote this, Dua attended the renowned “Sylvia Young Theater School” in London . When the Lipa family returned to Kosovo for professional reasons in 2008, Dua initially had to put her training in London on hold.

Dua, who was already very confident at the time, was able to convince her parents to return to England alone when she was 15. Her desire to work on her musical career was too great, besides, she had already sniffed the London air. Very mature for her young age, she worked as a model and in a London club.

The first successes were not long in coming

British songwriter Marlon Roudette spotted the young woman’s talent and encouraged her to record a few demos. No sooner said than done – Dua recorded some covers and posted them to SoundCloud and YouTube. She quickly gained fans and the manager of Lana del Rey also noticed Dua Lipa and made sure that she was signed to Universal Music.

Dua Lipa storms the charts

Before her first album “Dua Lipa” came out on her later label ”Warner Bros. Records”, she was already a world-famous newcomer. In the summer of 2015, three years after she first uploaded a cover to SoundCloud, her first single “New Love” was released . Shortly thereafter she was in the charts of various European countries with her second single “Be the one”. Just one year later, she was also able to win over the American market: With “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” she was in the top 25 of the US Billboard charts. The BBC listed her as one of the most promising newcomers of 2017, and they should be right about that.

From bigger successes to huge successes

In 2017 her debut album was finally released, the single releases of which have already sparked international enthusiasm. Dua Lipa went on US and European tours, worked with artists such as Coldplay singer Chris Martin and Calvin Harris and finally bagged the Brit Awards in 2018: the awards for “Best Female Artist” and “Breakthrough Act of the Year”, so the newcomer of the year, were hers.

Her biggest musical success to date is “One Kiss”, which was created in collaboration with Calvin Harris. The single reached the top of the charts in 21 countries, and the still very young artist performed the song at the ”UEFA Champions League Finale” in 2018. That same year she was nominated for two Grammys – for Best New Artist and Best Dance Recording in ‘Electricity’, which should be a preview of her new album. She was finally awarded the Grammy in 2019 for “Best New Artist”. Since then, the pop star has continued to collect awards and has won the Grammy Award for Best Vocal Album 2021 for her album “Future Nostalgia”, among others, and the Billboard Music Award for Best Dance Song 2022 is on the shelf.

More than just a singer

Dua Lipa has long since proven that she has singing talent. But that’s not all, the young artist is also developing in other areas and trying out as an actress and podcaster. In her podcast “Dua Lipa: At Your Service” she regularly interviews well-known people and gives exciting insights into their lives. She also pays a visit to acting. Lipa takes on a small role in the thriller “Argylle” and admits that she doesn’t rule out a career as an actress!

Dua Lipa relationship life

Her career is going uphill, but unfortunately she stands in her way in other areas of life: in love. Dua Lipa has been happily taken twice already and each time it seemed like she found Mr. Right. But her relationships with model Isaac Carew and Anwar Hadid , brother of the famous Gigi and Bella Hadid , would not survive the stresses of pop star life. Lipa is currently going through life as a single and proves that she doesn’t need a man by her side to be happy and successful!

New image of their homeland

The homeland of her parents is very important to Dua. In this way, she wants to finally bring the well-known image of war-torn, devastated Kosovo to a new, real level. “Of course it’s still a poor country, there are a lot of really depressing places, but every time I’m there I see the positive development.” Her father organized the ”Sunnyhill Festival” in the capital Pristina with the same intention – with Dua Lipa as the headliner.