DJ Mo and Size 8

DJ Mo’s HIV status revealed after cheating saga

It’s been a seemingly rough week for gospel star DJ Mo. A bombshell revelation by Edgar Obare concluded that indeed, his marriage to Size 8 was compromised from as early as 2016.

The lady in question – Margaret Wanyama – lay out the dirty linen in public, revealing the shocking shenanigans they engaged in for over 4 years. From sex escapades in hotels to the horrible things that DJ Mo said about his wife.

“I told you he said a lot about his wife. She doesn’t satisfy him in bed, mara ako slow in bed…some stupid things. I always tell him to train his wife to be better,” Margaret said.

While Margaret Wanyama went in and exposed DJ Mo for his cheating, she also confirmed his HIV status.

“I got scared told him to get tested while I was watching so he did the same found out he was negative coz we always f**king without a condom,” she revealed.

It is in the same instance when Margaret revealed that DM Mo would ignore his wife’s calls. Imagine that! Spending time with a side chick for a week while ignoring your wife’s calls…and later coming home to give an excuse…pretending that there was an emergency. The audacity!

Size 8 has previously admitted that she has been calling DJ Mo a lot when he is not at home, out of pure lack of trust.

“The reason why I call him that much is because I have my own reasons. The truth is I have been doing all he is accusing me of. There are times when paranoia, lack of security and lack of trust hits me,” she said.

Seems that her worst fears have now been confirmed. We can only wait for their statements in the meantime.