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“Self Satisfaction” is something many have been involved in either voluntarily or because they are addicts. Some of the people who have been caught up with this ‘sexual’ act are celebrities.

In this article, we will look at some celebrities who have either been accused of masturbating or have confessed to the act for one reason or the other.

Some of the people on this list have currently built their brands as respectable people in the society and are doing marvelous things.

From musicians and business people to pastors who preach to different congregations every worship day, this list has it all.

Here are some of those celebrities include;

Robert Burale

It might be a shocker to find the life coach on this list but believe it or not, he has once m*sturbated.

Pastor Robert Burale himself once confessed that he has masturbated. According to him, he engaged in the act because he was a porn addict.

Burale said his journey to addiction started as peer pressure while he was in college in the United Kingdom.

Johnson Mwakazi

Former Citizen TV anchor Johnson Mwakazi is another one that confessed to being an addict to pornography and “Alone time addict”.

Mwakazi said he began masturbating at the age of 14 after being introduced by someone to the act. He said he engaged in the act as a way of satisfying himself.

“I remember there were days I would move from one movie to another just seeking for a movie, a pornographic movie, and it totally disoriented my thoughts or my understanding of really my worth,” Mwakazi as reported by Pulselive.

The media personality noted that to save himself from the act he had to repent and confess his actions.

Pierra Makena

In 2015, Kenya’s gorgeous Dj and entertainer reportedly revealed that she had once struggled with sex addiction.

According to Mpasho, the hot DJ Makena confessed that she is addicted to sex. Sex addiction is an impulsive urge for someone to engage in sexual activity. The condition normally compels victims to engage in any activity for sexual pleasure including “Self Satisfaction”.


Same as Mwakazi, secular-turned-gospel rapper Collins Majale aka Collo has also struggled with pornography and m@sturbat1on addiction.

Speaking to a local interview, the Bazokizo hitmaker noted that he struggled with the condition for a very long time. According to him, the situation was too bad that he never wished for someone else to go through it.

Frederick Muitiriri

In an interview with Radio Maisha, the former Citizen reporter revealed that he is a former pornography and “Self Satisfaction” addict. He said he struggled with the action for about 15 years.

Muitiriri told the station that he shared his journey with addiction to help encourage going through the same problem.

Other than the few celebrities, there are other dozens out there suffering from sexual-related disorders in Kenya and internationally.


A few months ago, Harmonize was embroiled in a huge scandal that caused him his relationship with ex-girlfriend Kajala Masanja.

During the scandal, Harmonize was accused of sending nudes and videos of him “Enjoying himself” to Kajala’s daughter, Paula Kajala.

Pornography addiction is the situation by which one can not stop wanting to look for porn content to an extent in which it affects their personal and professional lives negatively.

With the growth of the internet, it is clear to see how this addiction gets popular as days pass, as of December of 2021, statistics showed that at least 130 million people visited pornhub, a popular adult content website, daily.

Between 2019 and 2021 there was a recorded increase of 15 million visitors daily to the site.