Bobi Wine’s children

Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine

Robert Kyagulanyi, a.k.a, Bobi Wine, is one of the most famous celebrities in Uganda. He is a prominent politician, a musician, an actor, a reputable businessman, and most importantly, a family man.

Bobi Wine is married to Barbie Kyagulanyi, and they are blessed with four beautiful children. Let’s take a look at Bobi Wine’s children and get to know each one of them.

Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi

Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi, credit: Instagram
Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi, credit: Instagram

The oldest of Bobi Wine’s children was born on 8th August 2005 and was named after the capital city of Uganda- Kampala.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi has already made a mark in the entertainment industry as an actor after unsuccessfully trying to be a musician. He was cast in the 2017 film By Ourselves.

Besides acting, Solomon also seems to have inherited a great sense of fashion from his parents. In 2021, he scooped the Teenz fashion star award at the Buzz Teenz Awards.

The 16-year-old star has also created a strong social media presence and is attracting international attention. In 2021, American rapper Kanye West followed him on Instagram.

While Solomon has been making his parents proud, he is your typical teenager and has been in trouble a couple of times. Most recently, he was suspended from St Mary’s College Kisubi after he was allegedly found in the possession of drugs(w**d) and a lighter.

Is it possible that one of Bobi Wine’s children has started using drugs at this young age? We will find out in due time.

Shalom Namagembe Kyagulanyi

Shalom Namagembe Kyagulanyi, credit: Instagram

Shalom Namagembe Kyagulanyi, credit: Instagram

Shalom Namagembe Kyagulanyi is the second of Bobi Wine’s children and his firstborn daughter.

Shalom was born in 2007, and she turned 13 years old on October 2021.

Like her older brother, Shalom has also tried her hand in acting. She starred along Solomon Kampala in the film By Ourselves.

In 2019, she vied for the School Library Prefect post at Hillside Naalya Primary and won by a landslide.

Shadraq Shilling Mbogo Kyagulanyi

Shadraq Shilling Kyagulanyi, credit: Instagram
Shadraq Shilling Kyagulanyi, credit: Instagram

The third of Bobi Wine’s children is Shadraq Shilling Mbogo Kyagulanyi, who was born on 23rd April 2010.

The young Shadraq is also taking after his father and older sister’s leadership ambitions. He was recently elected as the head prefect of Hillside Naalya Primary school during the 2022 school election.

Celebrating his son’s victory, Barbie Kyagulanyi posted a video on Instagram where Shadraq Shilling was giving his victory speech. The future looks bright for this young leader.

Suubi Shine Nakaayi Kyagulanyi

Suubi Shine Nakaayi Kyagulanyi, credit: Instagram
Suubi Shine Nakaayi Kyagulanyi, credit: Instagram

Suubi Shine Nakaayi Kyagulanyi is the youngest of Bobi Wine’s children and her father’s look-alike.

The adorable Suubi, who is keen on enjoying her childhood, celebrated her 6th birthday on 10th August 2021, and her parents, who adore their last born, went all-in with a princess-themed birthday party.

Who is the mother of Bobi Wine’s children?

Bobi Wine’s wife and mother of his children is called Barbie Kyagulanyi.

Barbie is an acclaimed author and philanthropist. She is the founder of an NGO called Caring Hearts Uganda, which has a special focus on girl child education.

Barbie is also a social media influencer and is one of the most followed Ugandan celebrities on Instagram.

Where do Bobi Wine and his family live?

Bobi Wine, his wife, and his children currently reside at their mansion in Magere, North of Kampala. In 2021, after the general elections, Bobi Wine and his wife were put under house arrest after voting.

Were Bobi Wine’s children cast in Bobi Wine’s reality show?

The Ghetto President reality show was aired between 2013 to 2014 and followed Bobi Wine’s days, family life, and work. His two children- Solomon Kampala and Shalom Namagembe, made appearances in the reality show.