Benjamin Karis Millicent Omanga husband

Who is Millicent Omanga husband? photos and family snaps

Who is the current husband to Millicent Omanga?

While Millicent Omanga is currently married to a different man, Benjamin Karis, she was once married to a doctor by the name Francis Nyamoibo. Milliecent Omanga is a very sociable woman that loves socializing with men. Many people believe she is single because of her personality. Those who have been wondering about her marital status should know that she has been married before to Dr. Francis Nyamoibo, a specialist medical practitioner who is extensively involved in HIV/Aids research.

Millicent Omanga family photo
Millicent Omanga family photo. In this photo is the ex-husband and their two children.

Millicent Omanga is in a blended relationship with his current husband, who also has a child from a previous marriage. Millicent Omanga and her ex-husband Dr. Francis Nyamoibo were blessed with two children.

Benjamin Karis Kimani and Millicent Omanga got married recently in a traditional wedding in Eldoret.

Millicent Omanga’s husband, Benjamin Karis Kimani, is a wealthy businessman who got lucky to be married to the current CAS Ministry of Interior.

Karen Nyamu biography, age, education, marriage, relationships, family, net worth

Karen Nyamu is a prominent politician in Kenya. She lives in Nairobi and is blessed with two lovely children. She has worked as a lawyer and as a politicians. In 2017, she made an unsuccessful attempt at being the Nairobi women representative. In 2023, she paused her ambitions and got nominated as a senator in Kenya Kwanza government. This is the biography of Karen Nyamu as explained by Bantu.

Karen Nyamu having fun
Karen Nyamu having fun

What is Karen Nyamu’s hometown?

Karen Nyamu was born in Eastland Nairobi. She is of the Agikuyu tribe but details about her ancestral home remain unknown.

The relationship history of Karen Nyamu

Karen does not have a husband. People say that her love life is very controversial and that she changes men often. So she can’t be married to anyone.

  • Jacob Juma, a wealthy city businessman, is rumoured to have had an affair with Karen.
  • Karen is also said to have had an affair with Anthony Kungu, the Betting Control and Licensing Board Chairman and a shareholder of Sportpesa.
  • Fidel Odinga had an affair with Karen behind his wife’s back.
  • DJ Saint Kevin with whom she bore a daughter.
  • Mugithi star Samidoh.

Karen Nyamu ex-husband and daughter

Karen is the mother of three kids, a boy with Samidoh and a girl (6 years old) with her ex DJ Saint Kevin. On social media, Karen Nyamu keeps posting images of her first child’s father. Kelvin is the name of her baby’s father; nothing is known about him but he is a DJ. Her most recent Instagram post, in which she wished her daughter’s father a happy Father’s Day, drew criticism.

Karen Nyamu's baby daddy
Karen Nyamu’s baby daddy and daughter

Karen and DJ Saint dated for a while and had a daughter. The two fought regularly, making DJ Saint quit the marriage. He argued that he did not want to bring up his children in a family with constant fighting.

Karen Nyamu and DJ Saint Kevin

Karen Nyamu and Simidoh Muchoki drama

Karen first met Samido in 2019 while Samidoh was presenting at a political gathering. She said that she did not know that Samido was married because he did not have a wedding band. She first became aware of Samidoh’s wife through a friend in politics.

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh
A collage of Karen Nyamu and Samidoh

In the Samidoh’s wife drama, Karen said that she does not battle Samidoh’s wife since she is so helpful, has even assisted her in registering a business, and is eager to help her obtain tenders. Samidoh didn’t recognize Karen’s son, which led to a public argument between the two of them in late February 2021. She pressured Samidoh to acknowledge her kid, and she got her desire.

The daring Karen Nyamu

This lady is quickly becoming the queen of drama. She was recently caught on camera interrupting a Samidoh concert in Dubai. Karen Nyamu was seen attempting to sit on Samidoh’s lap in front of his wife Edday Nderitu while Samidoh was having a good time with his wife. Karen Nyamu has a child with Samidoh, which could explain why she is causing all of this drama. When questioned about it, Karen Nyamu blamed it on alcohol. This and other topics will be discussed, and you will learn more about Karen Nyamu Biography.

Karen Nyamu’s drama was not the only one. Karen Nyamu was also caught on camera interrupting Karangu Muraya, another Kenyan musician. Nyamu entered the stage where Karangu was dancing, disrupting the entire scene. Karangu Muraya security was forced to come to Karen Nyamu’s aid, and she was returned to her seat.

Karen Nyamu’s real name, date of birth, and age

Karen Njeri Nyamu, popular as simply Karen Nyamu, was born in the Dem wa Mtaa section of Eastlands, Nairobi. Karen Nyamu was born in Nyeri County, Kenya, on December 14, 1982, and grew up there. She is currently 41 years old.

Karen Nyamu family

Nyamu is the second of three children in her family. Her father was a high school principal, and both her father and mother were teachers. She once said that she was the “black sheep” of her family because of how rebellious she was.

Karen Nyamu education background

Nyamu went to primary school in Nyeri County at the Kamakwa Primary School. She then went to Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls High School in Nyeri to finish secondary schooling. Nyamu went to the University of Nairobi after high school and got a Bachelor of Laws degree there. She earned her degree in 2006 and became a lawyer in 2007.

Nyamu worked as a lawyer in Nairobi after she finished her law degree. She became known as a good lawyer and paid much attention to cases. Her work as a lawyer gave her a taste of politics, and she soon became interested in how the country was run.

Karen Nyamu’s Career

Karen Nyamu is a lawyer. She is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and has her own law firm, Njeri Nyamu & Co Advocates.

Karen also served as the Director of Nairobi Water & Sewerage Company.

Karen Nyamu political career

Karen Nyamu political career
Karen Nyamu political career

Nyamu got involved in politics in 2013 when he ran for the position of Member of the County Assembly (MCA) in Nairobi County. She ran for office on a ticket from TNA (The National Alliance) and won. Nyamu was put in charge of the Nairobi County Assembly’s Committee on Education and Social Services. During her time in office, she started several projects to improve the county’s schools and social services.

Nyamu’s political career took a new turn in 2017 when she ran for the position of Woman Representative for Nairobi County. She ran for office on a Jubilee Party ticket and came second in a close race. Even though she didn’t win the seat, Nyamu became well-known for her ability to bring people together and speak her mind.


Nyamu is well-known in Kenya as a socialite, lawyer, and politician. In 2018, a video of her dancing with the governor of Nairobi, Mike Sonko, went viral on social media. This brought her to the public’s attention. The video was taken at a public event where the two danced to a popular Kenyan song. People had much to say about what happened, and some questioned Nyamu’s morals.

Karen Nyamu networth, salary, and sources of wealth

We all agree that any person in government has money. Karen Nyamu is no different. She owns  law firm being that she is a professional lawyer. She is also a  nominated senator for the UDA party, Kenya’s ruling party led by William Ruto. Being linked to a popular musician in Kenya also adds on her ability to accumulate wealth in Kenya. It is estimated that Karen Nyamu’s net worth is about Kes 40 million. Her income comes from her work as a lawyer and as a politician. Karen Nyamu’s earnings from both endeavors are unknown.

As a nominated senator, Karen Nyamu earns a similar amount as do all the senators in Kenya. The amount stands at Kes 760,000 (a basic salary of 510,000, a house allowance of 150,000, and a market adjustment of 134,000).

Karen Nyamu
Karen Nyamu
  • Also known as: Bae wa Nairobi
  • Real name:  Karen Njeri Nyamu
  • Occupation: Lawyer, Politician
  • Birthday: December 14, 1982
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Star sign: Unknown
  • Birth place: Eastlands, Dem wa Mtaa, Nairobi
  • Height: N/A
  • Children: three children, 2 with Samidoh and 1 with DJ Saint
  • Net Worth: approximately Kes 40 million
Millicent Omanga

CS Millicent Omanga biography: age, political career, net worth, husband, children

Millicent Omanga biography explores the personal life of the current CAS in William Ruto administration. In this article, you will learn about the education background of Millicent Omanga, her net worth, the husband she is married to, her date of birth and age, and her children.

Millicent Omanga age

If you evaluate her by her appearance, you might believe she’s elderly, but she’s not. Millicent Omanga was born on May 30, 1982, and will be 41 years old in 2023. Kiamokama, in Kisii Kenya, is where she was born. Kisii is her tribe.

Millicent Omanga husband photos

millicent omanga husband photos
Millicent Omanga husband photos

While Millicent Omanga is currently married to a different man, Benjamin Karis, she was once married to a doctor by the name Francis Nyamoibo. Milliecent Omanga is a very sociable woman that loves socializing with men. Many people believe she is single because of her personality. Those who have been wondering about her marital status should know that she has been married before to Dr. Francis Nyamoibo, a specialist medical practitioner who is extensively involved in HIV/Aids research.

Millicent Omanga is in a blended relationship with his current husband, who also has a child from a previous marriage. Omanga and Dr. Francis were blessed with two children.

Millicent Omanga family and children

Millicent Omanga comes from a family of seven daughters. Millicent Omanga is a wife, married happily to Francis Nyamoibo, who is a medical professional. They are blessed with two children.

Millicent Omanga family photo
Millicent Omanga family photo

Her father, who worked as a mechanic in the Postal Corporation of Kenya, died in a road accident when she was only 17 years old, leaving her mother, Joyce, to raise the seven daughters.

Does Millicent Omanga have a tattoo?

She is one of the famous people who have a tattoo. Former President Uhuru Kenyatta Tatoo appears on her palm. I’m sure she regrets obtaining the tattoo because she’s not on good terms with the former president right now. She is now a supporter of Kenyan President William Ruto. If only the tattoo wasn’t permanent, she could have changed it to be that of William Ruto.

Millicent Omanga education

Millicent was able to study up to the university level despite the fact that her family was not well off. She attended Mumbi Girls High School before enrolling in medical school. She scored a B+ (plus) in high school. However, she dropped off from KMTC due to lack of school fees. Her education continued beyond there; she is also a graduate of Nairobi University, where she studied journalism, and she holds a master’s degree in commerce.

Millicent Omanga
Millicent Omanga

Millicent Omanga political career

Millicent Omanga is a prominent and controversial politician in Kenya. She hails from Kisii but she politics in Nairobi COunty. The former nominated senator Millicent Omanga was once on the verge of losing her senatorial seat following expulsions proceedings by the Jubilee Party. She and other nominated senators including Isaac Mwaura, Mary Yiane, Waqo Naomi Jilo, Prengei Victor and Iman Falhada Dekow who were expelled by the party because they were believed to be William Ruto’s confidants.

The tribunal upheld the decision by the Jubilee party’s national management committee after deliberating on the reports by the party’s disciplinary committee saying they were in order to dismiss them. This followed a warned issued earlier by the Jubilee Party Vice Chair David Murathe. He said their disloyalty would cost them.

In March while honouring a summon by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), Senator Omanga caused drama at the offices after being kept waiting for too long. The then nominated senator was seen storming the NCIC boardroom before unleashing a tirade at the NCIC officer. The senator demanded to know why she had been kept waiting for more than an hour.

Omanga was among 10 politicians who had been summoned by NCIC for allegedly fueling political violence in Matungu and Kabuchai by-elections.

Before joining politics, Millicent Omanga was close to other politicians in the country.

“When CS Chirchir called and asked if I was in Nairobi before directing me to rush to his office, I wondered what I had done. I got to his office and he informed me that the following day, KenGen would be holding its annual general meeting and that I had been nominated as one of the directors. I could not believe it,”

she shared during an end year party for a company associated with South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro.

Millicent Omanga vied for  the Nairobi Woman Representative seat in the 2022 elections without success. However, William Ruto came to her aid once again and nominated for another position. She is currently serving as a CAS.

Other projects by Millicent Omanga, her businesses and interests

Millicent Omanga in maroon dress

Away from politics, Omanga started the Mama Miradi project to support poor communities.

She also has an entrepreneurial bone disclosing that she made her first million at the age of 19 as a student at the University of Nairobi. The controversial politician said that she decided to venture into the business of selling bedsheets that eventually blossomed into a profitable business dubbed Milways Enterprises.


So what is the net worth of Millicent Omanga?

Millicent Omang’a net worth is currently not in the public domain. However, some Kenyans have made estimates concerning her wealth. From the jobs and positions she has held in her political life, she is a wealthy individual. Moreover, she is married to a considerably rich husband. Millicent Omanga made her first million at the age of 19 while at the University of Nairobi. “I started a business while at the University of Nairobi, I would go to Eastleigh, buy some merchandise then sell to my fellow students at the facility. That is how I made my first million and bought a car,” she said.

Milicent Omanga car

Millicent Omanga car
Millicent Omanga car

Millicent Omanga house

Millicent Omanga has two homes: one in Nairobi and another in Eldoret. The Eldoret mansion is a five-bedroomed haven any person would wish to live in.

Millie Omanga bedroom
Millie Omanga bedroom
Millicent Omanga house
Millicent Omanga house
Hassan Mugambi

Hassan Mugambi biography, age, education, career, salary, relationship

Hassan Mugambi is a journalist, crime reporter and Swahili news anchor at Citizen TV Kenya. He is a young an energetic presenter and shares his love for keeping fit and dressing well.

Hassan Mugambi is a professional journalist who works at Citizen Tv. He has been trending in the course of last week not because he said something controversial while presenting Citizen Tv news, but because of the claims that he is a deadbeat. There are some claims that he has a daughter but he doesn’t support her financially. Keep it here as we discuss more concerning Hassan Mugambi Biography

Hassan Mugambi relationship, girlfriend, wife?

At one time, in an interview with a local station, Hassan revealed that he was dating but did not mention the lucky woman’s name.

Hassan is said to have a grownup daughter and according to Obare, Hassan doesn’t take care of his previous family. Some days ago, Hassan posted his new fiance who was celebrating her birthday in Dubai. Mwanaidy Shishi is the name of Hassan Mugambi’s wife. Mwanaidy is an entrepreneur who operates “Mama Nilishe”, a Swahili hotel in Kilimani, Nairobi Kenya.

Hassan Mugambi with his wife
Hassan Mugambi with his wife

Hassan Mugambi’s age and date of birth

As of 2023, Hassan Mugambi is 35 years old. He was born on 26th July 1988.

Hassan Mugambi career and salary

He is a Graduate and journalist by profession. Hassan comes from a poor family born and raised in Kibera one of the biggest slums in Africa.

Hassan Mugambi salary is approximately Ksh.500,000 per month.

Hassan Mugambi with Lulu Hassan, his colleague at Citizen TV
Hassan Mugambi with Lulu Hassan, his colleague at Citizen TV

Hassan Mugambi tribe

Mugambi comes from Meru tribe.

Hassan Mugambi education

Mugambi attended Meru Boys Boarding School before being transferred to kanyakine high school which is also in Meru County. He is a Nairobi University graduate.

Being from Kibera, his first place to work was Pamoja FM which is in Kibira. After applying for the K24 job, Mugambi was lucky to be among the selected. Narrating how his first interview was, Mugambi said he borrowed a suit from his friend.

Hassan Mugambi controversies

Last week, Hassan was trending on Twitter. There was a video that was going viral. The video was showing Hassan with another woman having a good time. As you always know adult content in Kenya trends very fast and everyone was searching for videos everywhere including Telegram. Up to now, Hassan has not commented about the video that went viral.

In January 2019, Hassan made headlines for smacking his fellow journalists for blocking his shot at a press briefing. He however apologized and vowed not to repeat the same mistake.

That is all we have for now concerning Hassan Mugambi biography.

KRG the don

KRG the don biography: real name, age, relationships, net worth, parents,

Who is KRG? KRG the don, as he refers to himself, is one of Kenya’s entertainers. He came to the limelight for just displaying his flamboyant life online. He has not had a breakthrough in his music career, but he lives a life most successful Kenyan musicians can only dream of. Perhaps, music is not his only source of income: it remains a mystery to most.

In this article, KRG the don biography, you will learn more about your favorite artist.

KRG the don real name is Karuga Kimani. His moniker may have been formed from his first name KaRuGa.

KRG the don education background

It is not very certain which school KRG the don attended, but he has previously revealed that he went to many schools, including in Kenya and Uganda. He has even claimed that his parents used to give him Kes 150,000 as pocket money, which he attributes to his rising wealth. He started a shylocking business while in school.

He attended class 1 and 2 in Naivasha before proceeding to Kilgoris where he studied until class 8. He then moved to Uganda for his high school education, where he learnt the art of business.

KRG the don parents also took him to a deejaying school.

KRG the don music career

His first dancehall tune, “Whine and Drop,” was a hit. Fast Cash Music is the record label he founded, per Kelebrity. KRG the don has also claimed that he is passionate about deejaying. He has released about 7 songs, which are of the dancehall genre. However, he tells his fans that his music is diverse and they should expect anything.

It seems that KRG the don is not fully in the music career, though.

KRG the don age and date of birth

KRG the don, Kenya’s upcoming rapper was born in January 1991, making him 32 years old today. The Kenyan rapper was born to his parents in Kenya.  His real name is Karuga Kimani. He was born to mixed race parents and was brought up in both Kenya and Uganda.

What tribe is KRG the don?

KRG the don is of mixed race: Indian and Kikuyu. Many people mistake him for being a Kisii, which is a tribe in the former Nyanza region. Partly because of his accent and since he has been spotted in Kisii town severally, especially on Fridays where he joins other Kisii revelers in the town’s bustling night life.

KRG the don net worth

“Kwanini watu wanakasirikia success yangu? Niko na pesa na sio tafadhali… Na pesa zangu sio za kupea watu bure coz naendelea kuchanga ndio nifikie akina Elon Musk and the other dollar billionaires.”

It is no doubt that KRG the don is one of the richest musicians in Kenya. However, many Kenyans are still skeptical about the sources of his wealth because he has even claimed to be richer than Musalia Mudavadi, who has served as Kenyan VP and deputy PM before. For KRG, his music career is not as successful as to make us belief it has earned him the fortune he claims; he recently said that his net worth is Kes 5 billion, making him richer than Musalia Mudavadi who placed his net worth at Kes 4 billion.

KRG lives in a lavish house in Kenya’s elite estates in Nairobi. He has also been seen driving flashy luxurious cars. Some sites even claim that he has more than 30 vehicles, which is not proven yet.

KRG the don range rover
KRG the don range rover

KRG the don relationships: family, marriage, wife, and children

KRG the don parents and family

KRG the don comes from a mixed race family: a hindi mother and a Kikuyu father. He said that his parents’ meeting and ultimate marriage remains unknown to him. He claims that his mother is young and beautiful, with many people confusing her for his sibling. KRG the don comes from a family of five children, three boys and two girls. The last born sibling is in high school and none of them is in the limelight.

KRG the don children

The singer also has children of his own. Tuko reported that the musician pays a minimum of Kes 300,000 as school fees per term for his children. The flamboyant Kenyan artiste KRG The Don disclosed during an interview he spent over four million per year to pay his kids’ school fees.

The flamboyant musician told Kiss FM:

Watoto wangu wanasoma Nairobi. Kuna mmoja nalipa laki saba, mwengine laki sita na mwengine laki tatu per term. Na kuna mwingine ndio anataka kuanza shule. Ukipiga kwa jumla utapata kwamba kwa mwaka kuna mwenye anachukua millioni mbili laki moja, nwengine millioni moja laki nane na mwengine anachukua kama laki tisa hivi.

Loosely translated to:

My children study in Nairobi. There is one I pay KSh 700,000, another KSH 600,000 and another KSh 300,000 per term.  And there is another one who is close to joining school. If you look at the total, you will find that in a year, there is one who takes KSh 2.1 million, another takes KSh 1.8 million, and the other around KSh 900,000).

KRG The don wife

KRG divorced his wife after she allegedly cheated on him with another man and was spending time with scumbags. He heard rumours that Linah Wanjiru, his gift recipient, was planning to sell her Audi vehicle. Don retaliated by reclaiming the car and claiming on social media that his ex-wife was depressed and broke.

This KRG the don biography has illuminated and answered most burning questions regarding the stars private life.

Gynecology courses in Kenya

Gynecologists are health professionals that have specialized in women’s reproductive health. There are so many places one can study gynecology in Kenya. Most of the universities in Kenya with a medical school offer gynecology courses to Kenyans.

If you are interested in knowing where to study gynecology courses in Kenya, this is the right place. When a person pursues a gynecology course, they are mostly interested in gaining the skills necessary to diagnose, treat, and manage all gynecological disorders, such as obstetrics, reproductive endocrinology, and infertility.

This article will provide a in-depth delve into the the gynecology courses available to Kenyans and how they can prepare them for a successful career in this field.

Levels of gynecology courses in Kenya

In Kenya, there are various levels of gynecology courses available, ranging from certificate programs to degree and postgraduate studies.

Here in this section, is an overview of each level, including their descriptions, requirements, and job prospects:

Certificate in Gynecology & Obstetrics for Kenyans

This is a short-term course that provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to assist a gynecologist in conducting medical procedures related to the female reproductive system.

To be precise, the course covers topics such as the anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive system, the menstrual cycle, common gynecological conditions, contraceptive methods, and women’s health issues.

Minimum entry requirements
C-minus in your KCSE

Other entry requirements
A minimum of a Certificate in Nursing or Clinical Medicine from a recognized institution.

Valid practice license from the relevant professional body.

Additionally, some institutions may require you to have practical work experience in a health-related field or pass an entrance exam before admission.

Sidenote: Please note that requirements may vary depending on the institution offering the program.

Job Prospects after pursuing a certificate in gynecologist:
You can work as a gynecology assistant in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

Diploma in Gynecology in Kenya

A diploma in gynecology offers comprehensive training in gynecological procedures, patient care, and reproductive health.

The program includes both theoretical coursework and practical clinical experience to develop the necessary skills and knowledge required to work in the field of gynecology.

Minimum entry Requirements:
Usually, you need to have a high school diploma or equivalent plus a certificate in nursing or a related field to pursue this course.

Job Prospects:
Graduates with a diploma in gynecology can work as gynecology nurses and reproductive health educators.

Bachelor’s Degree in Gynecology

A bachelor’s degree in gynecology is a comprehensive undergraduate program that does not exist as a standalone degree program.

In short, it is a specialized field within the broader field of medicine that focuses on the reproductive health of women, gynecological surgery, and research.

Entry Requirements:
You need to have a mean grade of C+ in your KCSE.

Besides, you must have scored B plain in the following subjects (cluster subjects)

Job Prospects:
With a bachelor’s degree, you can work as a gynecologist in hospitals, reproductive health researchers, or pursue postgraduate studies.

Master’s Degree in Gynecology

A master’s degree in gynecology provides you with advanced training in specialized areas such as gynecological oncology, reproductive endocrinology, and infertility.

Minimum entry requirements:
To pursue a master’s degree in Gynecology, you must possess a bachelor’s degree in medicine or a related field

Also, you must bear in mind that you must meet the university’s specific requirements and often have relevant work experience.

Job Prospects:
After completing a Master’s Degree in Gynecology, you can work as a specialized gynecologist, consultants, or pursue doctoral studies and academic research.

Doctoral Degree in Gynecology

This is the highest level of education an individual can attain while pursuing courses in gynecology. It includes research and detailed report on an issue after one has undergone some class work. Individuals at this cadre are respectable healthcare professionals that are often consulted from different countries. Their pay also commensurate to their level of study and years of experience while at it.

Having known all the gynecology courses offered in Kenya from the certificate to the master’s degree, I will now guide you on who teaches the courses and where you can study the courses as well in this section.

So, who teaches gynecology courses in Kenya?

Gynecology course in Kenya are often taught by medical professionals who have some specialization in the field. It is not common to see individuals with the same level of qualification teaching others to attain the same qualifications. In essence, a healthcare practitioner with a Masters can teach certificate, diploma and bachelor level students, and so on.

In short, gynecology is typically taught by qualified gynecologists who have completed their medical training and further specialized in obstetrics and gynecology.

Some of the institutions offering gynecology courses in Kenya

As we look at the institutions offering gynecology courses in Kenya, please note that this course is only offered in the school of medicine.

  1. University of Nairobi School of Medicine: Offers a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) degree program, which includes gynecology as part of the curriculum.
  2. Kenyatta University – Nairobi: Offers a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) degree program, which includes gynecology as part of the curriculum.
  3. Moi University – Eldoret: Offers a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) degree program, which includes gynecology as part of the curriculum.
  4. Aga Khan University Medical college – Nairobi: Offers a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) degree program, which includes gynecology as part of the curriculum.
  5. Mount Kenya University – Thika: Offers a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) degree program, which includes gynecology as part of the curriculum.
  6. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) – Nairobi: Offers a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) degree program, which includes gynecology as part of the curriculum.
  7. The Nairobi Hospital Training Center – Nairobi: Offers various gynecology-related training programs for healthcare professionals, including ultrasound training and gynecological endoscopy courses.
  8. Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC): Offers a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery program, which includes gynecology as part of the curriculum.

FAQs about the gynecology courses in Kenya

  • How long does it take to study Gynaecology in Kenya? Typically, it takes you about 4 years to complete a bachelor degree but please remember you have to go for the internship that takes between 3 to 7 years.
  • Does KMTC offer Gynaecology? Yes! KMTC offers a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery program, which includes gynecology as part of the curriculum.
  • How much does it cost to see a gynecologist in Kenya? The cost to see a gynecologist in Kenya vary depending on the hospital but in most cases, private hospital, consultation ranges from Kshs. 2,500 to kshs.3,000

Gynecology courses in Kenya, conclusion

As we finalize, those are gynecology courses offered in Kenya.

Importantly, it should be noted that becoming a gynecologist requires completing a medical degree followed by specialized training in obstetrics and gynecology.

Also, bear in mind that, after completing the basic medical degree as a graduate, you can pursue a specialization in gynecology through residency programs or further education and training.

Essy Okenyuri

Senator Esther Anyieni Okenyuri biography, age, marriage, husband, education, parents

Who is Esther Okenyuri? Esther Okenyuri is a nominated senator courtesy of the UDA party. She was nominated after the nomination of Soipan Tuta to the be the CS for Environment. After Tuya, Essy Okenyuri, as she is popularly known, was next in line in the list of submissions to the IEBC by the UDA party.

CS Soipan, Ruto and Essy
CS Soipan, Ruto and Essy

Esther Okenyuri was also nominated to be an MCA for the Jubilee party in the Kisii County Assembly but she was shortchanged. Speaking to Standard Media, the legislator said this was the saddest and most disappointing part of her political career.

Essy Okenyuri with President Ruto
Essy Okenyuri with President Ruto


This is the biography of Esther Okenyuri as told by Bantu.

Essy Okenyuri age?

How old is Esther Okenyuri? Born on February 18th in 1991. Essy Okenyuri is 32 years old. She was born in the Kisii tribe, Bomachoge Borabu constituency in Kisii County.

Esther Okenyuri education

Esther Okenyuri’s educational background manifests her intellectual prowess, having attended the best girls’ national school in Kenya for her secondary education. Before joining Kenya High School in 2006, Esther Okenyuri was in Taranganya Girls Primary School in Migori where she did her KCPE in 2005. At the school, she was active debater and the school bell ringer, per the Standard. In high school, Esther Okenyuri was a class and house official and an active member of the school football and environment clubs. She later joined the Maasai Mara University in 2011 to pursue a Bachelor of Information Science Degree. In campus, she also served as a class representative and later the first Female President of Students Union.  She graduated in 2015.

Esther Okenyuri’s academic journey also reveals how she is meted for leadership.

Esther Okenyuri political journey

Esther formed the Kisii Youth Alliance, a community-based organisation based in Kisii County to develop abilities of the youth to create and access opportunities to improve their livelihoods. She also founded the Raising Noble Sisters in 2014 while at Maasai Mara University, which was a mentorship platform to sensitise young women to participate in leadership at the University.

The young senator has also participated in the United Democratic Alliance party by-elections before the General Election. She was present at Msambweni Constituency, Kiambaa Constituency, Bonchari Constituency and Kiamokama Ward in Kisii County.

Essy Okenyuri is among the seven members nominated by Kenya Kwanza in the bipartisan talks with the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance.

Esther Okenyuri marriage and husband

Essy Okenyuri is married to the love of her life but she keeps this part of her life private. Her social media pages suggest she is happily married.

Essy Okenyuri parents and family

Essy lost her dad while in form 1. She comes from a loving family.

Senator Essy Okenyuri net worth

Kisi finest estimates the net worth of Essay Okenyuri at Ksh 50 million. She takes home a six figure salary as a nominated senator, along with several allowances.

Senator Okenyuri biography is a story of determination and competence, showing women can succeed the murky waters of politics and leadership in Kenya. She can only achieve more.


Sylvanus Osoro

Silvanus Osoro Onyiego biography, age, wife, MP- South Mugirango

Who is Silvanus Osoro?

This is the biography of Silvanus Osoro Onyiego, a prominent politician from South Mugirango. He is known for his wealth of experience in business, politics, and governance. He has been in the forefront in championing for the interests of William Ruto and his UDA political party in Kisii region. At one time the MP stood up to defend William Ruto from negative claims made by ODM’s Simba Arati on stage. He was kicked down by the then Dagoretti MP.

The lawmaker has been a member Kenya National Congress (KNC) since 2017 and an Aspirant Member of Parliament of Republic of Kenya representing South Mugirango Constituency.

Silvanus Osoro education background

From 1995 to 2002, he went to Chemasingi Primary School to study for a Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and later in 2003 till 2006, he moved to Hill Secondary School for his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). Between 2014 and 2017, Silvanus Onyiego joined the Mt. Kenya University to pursue a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B).

Silvanus career and politics

Since 2009 until now Silvanus Onyiego is working at Pitchface Marketing as a Managing Director/Founder. In 2017, Silvanus Onyiego joined the Kenya National Assembly as a Member of Parliament for South Mugirango Constituency in Kisii County under Kenya National Congress (KNC) party.

He is a member of the following committees: Departmental Committee on Defence and Foreign Relations and Committee on Implementation.

Contrary to popular belief, Silvanus was to get reelected again to serve the people of South Mugirango constituency for another five years, 2022-2027.

In a video and social media posts seen by, Silvanus was jubilant and thankful to his constituents for giving him an opportunity to serve them again.

Silvanus Osoro wife and marriage life, children

Silvanus Osoro is married to Stella Osoro and they are blessed with 3 sons. The 36 year old legislator was born in May 1987.

Irene Uwoya

Irene Uwoya biography: age, education, relationships, career, net worth

Irene Uwoya is a Bongo Flava actress known for her tremendous contributions in the entertainment industry. However, she also has her own share of cheating scandals propelled against but that has not stopped her from pursuing success in whatever she does. This article explores the wiki and history of Irene Uwoya.

Irene Uwoya has been linked to cheating speculations on social media. Her cheating scandals have circulated in social media, where she has been accused of  cheating on her first husband, Katauta with famous singer Diamond Platnumz.

Per, Irene Uwoya is a controversial figure in the entertainment industry in Tanzania. The celebrity site reports that Irene was rumoured to have cheated on her husband, Dogo Janja with the East African TV presenter — TBway.

However, she has also succeeded in the industry with several works as a film producer and director. Uwoya became the first runner-up for Miss Tanzania in 2006, which gave her career a kick start in 2007, as she started to explore the industry.

This is Irene Uwoya biography as reported by

Irene Uwoya age and date of birth

Irene Uwoya was born on the 18th of December 1988 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. She is currently 34 years old.

Irene Uwoya relationships life

Irene Uwoya was once married to the Rwandan Football mogul who was the captain of the Rwanda International, Hamad Ndikumana (aka Katauta). The two dissolve their marriage after Irene Uwoya was accused of cheating with Diamond Platnumz. They were blessed with a child Krish. Unfortunately, the ex-husband died in 2017. There were some speculations that Irene Uwoya was involved in the death of his ex-husband, according to Tangalebs

Diamond Platnumz and Irene Uwoya
Diamond and Irene Uwoya

After their divorce, Irene was rumoured to be dating Diamond Platnumz. After a short while, she was linked to musician Abdulaziz Chande known professionally as Dogo Janja.

“I don’t know what to say. Diamond and I have been friends for a while and we also work together. I don’t understand why people are panicking, it’s something ordinary (the picture) and there is no relationship between us. Don’t judge a book by its cover. They should chill, there is nothing new. Diamond and I are just friends and workmates,” Irene Uwayo said in response to allegations connecting her to Diamond Platnumz.

Their marriage was criticised due to the fact that Dogo Janja is five years younger than Irene. In his response to the criticism which was circulating, he said, “Most people despised my decision to marry a woman who is more than five years older than me but in my faith, this is the Prophet’s Sunna” in his interview with pulse

“As for now I have an understanding girlfriend and we hope for the best. The other marriage did not work but let us rather dwell on making each other better and talk about my projects- I don’t really want to publicise my private life,” adding that as a Muslim, he is following his religion and he can marry more than one wife.

However, love never fails because it seems Irene has a new boo and she said that if people want to see him then they should watch her show.

Irene Uwoya education background

She attended primary school at Dodoma. A few years after completion, she moved to Kampala — where she completed her secondary studies.

Irene then moved back to Dar-es-Salaam and she enrolled at University of Dar-es Salaam. During her university time, she joined the Miss Tanzania beauty pageant, and as her first — Irene won the competition without a sweat.

Irene Uwoya career

While in University, Irene Uwoya participated in the Miss Tanzania competition where she was the first runner-up. She stopped her modelling career afterwards, venturing into acting in 2007.

A year later, she landed her first role in the movie ‘Tanzanite’. She became a darling for most producers and featured in 2008 movies Shakira, Damu Moja, Peace of Mind, My Dreams and Pretty Girl. In 2013 she landed 11 roles in the films Money Talks, Safari, Question Mark, Doa Ndoa, etc.. These paved the way for Irene to explore movie directing and production.

In 2019, Irene released a music video that she titled Tah Tah and it was an instant hit amongst her fans.

Irene Uwoya

Irene Uwoya Net Worth

Irene Uwoya net worth is estimated at around Kes 30,000,000.


Musalia Mudavadi

Musalia Mudavadi duties as Prime Cabinet Secretary

Musalia Mudavadi is a Kenya politician who has served the public for many years. He has even served as the seventh Vice President of Kenya during Mzee Moi Regime and is the chairman of the Amani National Congress (ANC) Party. Currently, Musalia Mudavadi is the head of all the Cabinet Secretaries in Kenya. He was offered the position by President William Ruto for having ditched Azimio flagbearer Raila Odinga. He, along with Moses Wetangula, was supposed to deliver more than 70% of the western vote to William Ruto’s bid. Although the two never delivered what they were supposed to, they got rewarded anyway. Perhaps because William Ruto won the presidency because of the few votes they denied Raila Odinga, who was believed to bag a majority of the Luhya vote.

Musalia Mudavadi age, date of birth

Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi was born on 21 September 1960. He is currently 63 years old.

Musalia Mudavadi government duties as Prime CS

Under the Executive Order No.1 of 2022, President William Ruto clearly designated the roles for the holder of the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary including handling the Government Delivery Unit. Other than assisting the President and the Deputy President in the co-ordination and supervision of Government Ministries and State Departments, key roles for the Prime Cabinet Secretary include;

Liaising with the ministry of Interior and National Administration in overseeing the implementation of National Government policies, programmes and projects together with chairing and coordinating National Government legislative agenda across all ministries and state departments for transmission to coalition leaders in Parliament.

“The Prime Cabinet Secretary assists the President and the Deputy President in the co-ordination and supervision of Government Ministries and State Departments.

In addition, the Prime Cabinet Secretary Chairs and co-ordinates National Government legislative agenda across all ministries and state departments in consultation with and for transmission to the Party/Coalition Leaders in Parliament.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary, in liaison with the Ministry responsible for Interior and National Administration, oversees the implementation of National Government policies, programmes and projects.

Also among the key roles of the Prime Cabinet Secretary is to Chair the Principal Secretaries Committees and supervise the technical monitoring and evaluation of Government policies, programs and projects and to perform any other function as may be assigned by the President.” per the

Summary of Prime CS Musalia Mudavadi roles

The roles that Mudavadi assumes are as follows:

  • Assist the President and the Deputy President in the coordination and supervision of Government Ministries and State Departments.
  • In liaison with the Ministry responsible for Interior and National Administration, oversee the implementation of National Government policies, programs and projects.
  • Chair and Coordinate National Government legislative agenda across all ministries and state departments in consultation with and for transmission to the Party/Coalition Leaders in Parliament
  • Facilitate inter-ministerial coordination of cross-functional initiatives and programmers.
  • Coordinate and supervise the technical monitoring and evaluation of Government policies, programs and projects across Ministries.
  • Perform any other function as may be assigned by the President.

Musalia Mudavadi family, wife, children

Musalia Mudavadi has a wife Tessie and three children Moses, Michael and Maryanne. That’s two sons and a daughter.

Musalia Mudavadi net worth

When Musalia was appointed the Prime Cabinet Secretary, he had to be vetted in parliament in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya. It is then that he revealed his net worth is Kes 4 billion! He got $$$. Read to understand more of Musalia Mudavadi net worth.

Musalia Mudavadi in parliament

Musalia Mudavadi net worth: “I am worth Kes4 billion”

Musalia Mudavadi is the current Chief Cabinet Secretary, appointed by President William Ruto. Musalia Mudavadi net worth is expored in this article. Below is a summary of the properties that Musalia Mudavadi owns:

  • Riverside Stables – Sh1 billion
  • Rental offices – Sh870 million
  • Helicopter rentals – Sh200m
  • First Assuarance – Sh440m
  • Absa Bank – Sh545m
  • High end cars- Sh44m
  • Jodeci Inv. – Sh120m
  • Malulu Land & Dev- Sh250m
  • Other – Sh650m

Although Musalia Mudavadi revealed to the vetting committe that his net worth is Kes 4billion, many Kenyans believe that he is worth much more than that. The prominent politician has served in top positions in the government of Kenya. He has served as the VP for three months, being one of the shortest-ever serving VP in Kenyan history. He has also served as the deputy prime minister to the Raila Odinga, following a constitutional ammendment that allowed the creation of a Prime Minister position and two deputies. Musalia deputised Raila Odinga along with Uhuru Kenyatta.

Musalia Mudavadi was also elected as an MP for more than three times. All these positions have allowed him to amass some more wealth, building on what he inherited from his late father Moses Mudavadi.

While disclosing his net worth, Musalia Mudavadi told the vetting panel:

“If I take my investment in share in some companies and also properties that I own I would put my net worth at about Sh4 billion.” Musalia Mudavadi gets his income and wealth from current and anticipated income from rental income, dividends from shareholding, interests and other expenses that come from the farm. According to the Star Kenya.

Musalia Mudavadi cars among the net worth

Musalia Mudavadi car
Musalia Mudavadi in 2020 before the Mashemeji derby.

According to Capital News, Musalia Mudavadi acquired a sh36 million armoured car in 2016 in preparation for the 2017 presidential campaigns.

The car is 6 litre Toyota V-12 engine that gives absolute command on the road, which comes equipped with a full time 4 wheel drive, DVD navigation system, rear-view camera, among other things. Musalia Mudavadi’s car has a perimeter armouring of the passenger compartment to provide protection against a 7.62mm calibre bullet normally used in rifles, via Capital News.

Musalia Mudavadi homes, part of his Kes4 billion net worth

Musalia Mudavadi house

As a billionaire, Musalia Mudavi homes ooze serenity and luxury. Like most politicians in Kenya, Musalia Mudavadi has more than one home in Kenya. He has hosted both Raila and William Ruto in his homes.

Musalia Mudavadi net worth has shown that politics pays and rewards handsomely, if what is owned by the Chief CS is to go by.

Musalia Mudavadi

Musalia Mudavadi biography, age, family, net worth, shortest-serving VP

Musalia Mudavadi is a Kenya politician who has served the public for many years. He has even served as the seventh Vice President of Kenya during Mzee Moi Regime and is the chairman of the Amani National Congress (ANC) Party. Currently, Musalia Mudavadi is the head of all the Cabinet Secretaries in Kenya. He was offered the position by President William Ruto for having ditched Azimio flagbearer Raila Odinga. He, along with Moses Wetangula, was supposed to deliver more than 70% of the western vote to William Ruto’s bid. Although the two never delivered what they were supposed to, they got rewarded anyway. Perhaps because William Ruto won the presidency because of the few votes they denied Raila Odinga, who was believed to bag a majority of the Luhya vote.

Musalia Mudavadi age, date of birth

Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi was born on 21 September 1960. He is currently 63 years old.

Musalia Mudavadi education background

Musalia Mudavadi is a land economist.

Musalia Mudavadi’s political career

This Musalia Mudavadi biography explores the life of a resilient politician who has always been in government except when he supported Raila Odinga. Musalia Mudavadi’s political life started in 1989 when he became an MP for Sabatia Constituenc. Musalia Mudavadi was elected unopposed following the death of his father Moses Mudavadi.

Musalia Mudavadi was re-elected in 1992, 1997, and 2007.

He joined forces with President Uhuru Kenyatta as his VP during the 2002 elections but despite support from the then President Daniel Moi, the two were defeated by former President Mwai Kibaki.

He was appointed VP in October 2002 to replace the late George Saitoti, who Moi had sacked in a succession war after he chose Mr Uhuru Kenyatta as his successor(via He ended up losing that bid as well as his Sabatia Parliamentary seat.

In 2007, he was Raila Odinga’s running mate in the contested election which then President Mwai Kibaki won.

In 2013, Musalia Mudavadi quit the ODM party and vied for the Presidency. However, he emerged second runners up behind former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the late President Mwai Kibaki. Mudavadi had formed the Amani National Congress Party through which he vied for the Presidency.

Mudavadi has been a distinguishable voice of reason in 2020 and part of 2021. He has often been the lone voice that has appeared to question things – ask questions of the government. In 2020, he spent most of his time calling out corruption, and pushing the government of Uhuru to punish corrupt individuals..

In August 2020, he challenged President Uhuru Kenyatta to invoke his constitutional powers by forming a commission of inquiry to probe the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency scandal whose file has been approved by the senate for prosecution.

Musalia Mudavadi family, wife, children

Musalia Mudavadi has a wife Tessie and three children Moses, Michael and Maryanne. That’s two sons and a daughter.

Musalia Mudavadi net worth

When Musalia was appointed the Prime Cabinet Secretary, he had to be vetted in parliament in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya. It is then that he revealed his net worth is Kes 4 billion! He got $$$. Read to understand more of Musalia Mudavadi net worth.

Akothee children

Akothee children: a glance at her daughters and sons

When exploring Akothee’s children, you can not ignore the fact that the controversial musician has been married severally, with imminent break ups in each of her marriages. Akothee’s daughters have referred to her as a “bitch”, prompting Kenyans to wonder what kind of a relationship they enjoy with their mother.

However, Akothee’s sons are not as controversial as she and her daughters are. The boys are reserved. Perhaps because they are still young.

How many children does Akothee have?

Akothee daughter’s names are Prudence Apundo, Celly Rue Brown, and Vesha Shailan Okello. The boss lady’s handsome boys are Oyoo and Ojwang.

Akothee was once asked how much her net worth was and she said “5 kids”. She has three beautiful daughters and two handsome sons, all from different fathers who hail from different nationalities.

Akothee has openly come out as a proud woman who loves children and she doesn’t mind how many times she gives birth and with who. She publicly says she loves making babies. However, all her baby daddies seem to be wealthy individuals from different nationalities.

Akothee daughters

At the youthful age of 14, the controversial artist gave birth to her firstborn daughter. The other two daughters followed when she was aged 15 and 16.

Therefore, Akothee had her three daughters extremely early in her life. Later, she added two sons to her family. The artist has numerously made it known that she enjoys having children.

Akothee daughters

In 2000, the songstress gave birth to another daughter as well, hitting to four beautiful daughters with the same man. Sadly, her second born daughter fell ill and the boss lady could not afford the hospital bills at that time and she ended up losing her baby.

In 2000, Akothee and the husband went their separate ways because of their personal relationship issues. You can imagine what the ‘benefactor’ artist went through with the kids. She even said that she was once an omena seller just to make the ends meet. Akothee reconciled with the husband; remember by that time, the husband was done with his university studies and he had a job in Nairobi. The boss lady decided to clear up her high school education from where she left at a nearby secondary, Kanyasrega.

Akothee cleared her high school level studies and joined the husband in Nairobi. Unfortunately, the husband got rich and he dumped her for another woman. That must be a difficult period for the beautiful Kenyan singer. Akothee’s character of being strong was in her and therefore her only option of survival was to go to Mombasa and join her brother who was working as a taxi driver. The profit share she got was her way of upkeep with the kids.

Akothe daughters on road trip
Akothee daughters on road trip to Watamu

 Prudence Apundo

Celly Rue Brown (alias Celine Dion Okello alias Rue Baby)

Vesha Shailan Okello.

Every person has a lucky day and it was Akothee’s time of turn over. What happened? Well, he met with diplomatic man as he was doing her daily rounds with the taxi. The man got curious on how such a young lady could get engaged in such a job. Akothee and the diplomatic man became good friends to an extent of her introducing him to her children.

Akothee sons

The relationship grew stronger making her to fly to Switzerland and live with him. In no time, Akothee conceived and she later realized that her Switzerland man interest wanted to just have a baby with her with no marriage. She felt bad and she could not hesitate to get back to her country. The good bit is that the swiss mate offered her around a million shillings for upkeep of their son. The support she receives from her baby daddies accounts for the flashy lifestyle Akothee children enjoy.

Akothee with her sons Prince Oyoo and Prince Ojwang
Akothee with her sons Prince Oyoo and Prince Ojwang

The strong woman was back to her taxi business. Akothee gave birth to a handsome baby boy; marking her 4th born child. The songstress was unstoppable and even breastfeeding could not stop her from doing her daily hustle. In no time, she met with a French man and they fell madly in love with each other. Akothee gave birth to another baby boy marking her 5th born child. The good bit is that Akothee sons are well taken care by their dads proved by her Instagram posts.

Now Akothee is a proud mother of 5 and she openly says that she does not mind to conceive other kids. Akothee children is an inspirational story of a mother who suffered when she was underage and “working” her way up the social ladder.

Sudan fighting

Sudan fighting: RSF and army conflict in Khartoum, why is there fighting?

Sudan: The basics

  • Sudan is in north-east Africa and has a history of instability: It fell under military rule in 2019, when long-time leader Omar al-Bashir was toppled
  • Since then, two men have been in charge: The head of the army and his deputy, who is also the head of a paramilitary group called the RSF
  • They disagree on how to restore civilian rule to Sudan: The RSF leader claims to represent marginalised groups against the country’s elites but his forces were accused of ethnic cleansing

Hospitals have been shelled in Sudan as fighting between rival armed factions continues for a third day, doctors say.

Patients in the capital, Khartoum, have appealed for safe passage as gun battles rage in the city.

Violence between the army and a paramilitary group called the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has left around 100 people dead, a doctors’ union said.

Both sides claimed to control key sites in Khartoum, where residents sheltered from explosions.

The Sudan Doctors’ Trade Union says there has been severe damage to al-Shab Teaching Hospital in Khartoum, along with two other hospitals, caused by clashes and “mutual shelling”.

It called the attacks a violation of international law.

More than 1,800 civilians and fighters have been injured according to Volker Perthes, the UN envoy for Sudan. He also put the death toll at 185 people on Monday, higher than the doctors’ union.

The two sides held a brief ceasefire on Sunday to allow the wounded to be evacuated, although it was not clear how strictly they stuck to it.

On Monday, clouds of smoke were visible above Khartoum’s main airport, with TV showing images of fires and explosions. Army air strikes targeted RSF bases, some of which are embedded in residential areas.

The fighting is between army units loyal to the de facto leader, Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and the RSF, a notorious paramilitary force commanded by Sudan’s deputy leader, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, better known as Hemedti.

He said on Monday that the international community must intervene, and branded Gen Burhan “a radical Islamist who is bombing civilians from the air”. Gen Burhan has said he is willing to negotiate.

Alarmed neighbours Kenya, South Sudan and Djibouti are planning to send their presidents to help mediate in the crisis, however this is not currently possible because the airport is closed.

The US, EU and UK have called for an immediate end to the fighting.

There has been fierce fighting around the country’s seat of power, the Republican Palace. The army says it remains in control of all its bases, including its Khartoum headquarters, where heavy weapons have been used during intense clashes.

The sound of gunfire and explosions has hardly stopped since Saturday morning. One estimate put the number of injured at 1,100.

Beyond the capital, the army says it is in control of eastern parts of the country and the key Red Sea port of Port Sudan. But fighting is continuing in Darfur, where the RSF is strong, and also in Kordofan in the south.

Sudan state TV is now back on air and broadcasting pro-army songs and anthems, after many hours without transmission.

The internet is still up and running – no doubt because the military wants to make sure their version of events and their propaganda narrative out.

But electricity is down in many places and water supplies to homes have been cut, leaving terrified residents no choice but to venture onto Khartoum’s streets in search of drinking water.

One group of students trapped inside the headquarters of an oil company in Khartoum by heavy fighting told the BBC that they have not had food or water in three days.

Speaking on Monday, one student said the group were trapped “in the middle of a heavy firefight”, while another said air force jets were constantly bombing the area and “flying strikes from above”.

Sudan is a majority-Muslim country and the fighting has brought an abrupt end to the kind of outdoor socialising that usually happens during Ramadan after the day-time fast is broken.

On Sunday and early Monday, the RSF claimed to occupy sites in Khartoum such as the presidential palace.

But some accounts indicated that the army had regained control of the airport, with the military saying they were dealing with “small pockets of rebels”.

The army previously denied that the RSF had seized key sites in the capital, and witnesses in the country told Reuters news agency that the army appeared to be making gains after blasting RSF bases with air strikes.

Residents of Khartoum have spoken of fear and panic, and reported gunfire and explosions.

The major sticking points between the army and RSF are over the plans to incorporate the 100,000-strong RSF into the army, and over who would then lead the new force.

A chorus of international voices has called for a permanent end to the violence.

Leading Arab states and the US have also urged a resumption of talks aimed at restoring a civilian government, while the African Union has announced that it is sending its top diplomat, Moussa Faki Mahamat, to try to negotiate a ceasefire.

Egypt and South Sudan also offered to mediate between the warring factions, according to a statement by the Egyptian presidency.

What are the fault lines?

A central cause of tension since the uprising is the civilian demand for oversight of the military and integration of the RSF into the regular armed forces.

Civilians have also called for the handover of lucrative military holdings in agriculture, trade and other industries, a crucial source of power for an army that has often outsourced military action to regional militias.

Another point of contention is the pursuit of justice over allegations of war crimes by the military and its allies in the conflict in Darfur from 2003. The international criminal court is seeking trials for Bashir and other Sudanese suspects.

Justice is also being sought over the killings of pro-democracy protesters in June 2019, in which military forces are implicated. Activists and civilian groups have been angered by delays to an official investigation. In addition, they want justice for at least 125 people killed by security forces in protests since the 2021 coup.

What’s at stake in the region?

Sudan is in a volatile region bordering the Red Sea, the Sahel region and the Horn of Africa. Its strategic location and agricultural wealth have attracted regional power plays, complicating the chances of a successful transition to civilian-led government.

Several of Sudan’s neighbours – including Ethiopia, Chad and South Sudan – have been affected by political upheavals and conflict, and Sudan’s relationship with Ethiopia, in particular, has been strained over issues including disputed farmland along their border.

Major geopolitical dimensions are also at play, with Russia, the US, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other powers battling for influence in Sudan.

Sources used: the BBC, The Guardian.

William Ruto children

William Ruto children – 2 sons, 5 daughters (biological & adopted)

If you are interested in knowing William Ruto’s children, we got you. The no-nonsense Kenyan president has 5 daughters and 2 sons.

In this post we look into the personal lives of President William Ruto’s 7 children, including their jobs, and educational background.

William Ruto is a father to Nick, the firstborn who is a lawyer. Ruto’s second born is a daughter named June. She is currently married to a Nigerian man and works as a diplomat. The third-born child is Charlene. Charlene has made several news headlines since her father became president. She studied Communication at Daystar University.

DP Ruto's children

1. Nick Ruto

Nick Ruto is  William Ruto’s firstborn son who prefers to live his life away from the public, he occasionally accompanies him to his political meetings. Nick Ruto married Everlyne Chemutai in a grand traditional ceremony and was admitted to the bar by retired Chief Justice David Maraga in February 2019.

Nick Ruto wedding ceremony
Nick Ruto wedding ceremony

2. June Ruto

June Ruto is William Ruto’s first born daughter. June Ruto is a foreign diplomat. She had a colourful wedding in May 2022 at William Ruto’s Karen residence. The ever-glowing first daughter has represented Kenya in Poland. Her Nigerian boyfriend is Alexander Azenagu.

June Ruto
June Ruto

3. Charlene Ruto

Charlene Ruto is President William Ruto’s third-born child. She studied Communication at Day Star University and has been rumored to work as a director of PR at Weston Hotel, his father’s hotel, as the director of PR and branding.

“Today I am a proud father, our daughter graduated from Daystar University. She has made my wife Rachel and I proud. Parents should always strive to support their children in whatever way they can,” Wiliam Ruto stated during her graduation.

Unlike her other siblings, Charlene seems to like the public glare; she often leaves Kenyans amazed by her stylish fashion sense.

Charlene Ruto
Charlene Ruto

4. Stephanie Jepchumba Ruto

Stephanie Ruto is also William Ruto’s child. She also leads a private life. She graduated from Strathmore University with a degree in law, just like Nick Ruto. Her parents attended the 2019 graduation.

Stephanie Ruto
Stephanie Ruto
William Ruto and Stephanie Ruto
William Ruto and Stephanie Ruto

5. George Ruto

George Ruto is the lastborn son of William Ruto’s only two sons. He works as a pilot.

George Ruto
George Ruto

6. Abby Cherop

Abby Cherop came to the limelight in 2017 when the President, who was the then Deputy President, was taken to court by her baby mama Prisca Bett. She did her high school exams in 2019 and did well, proceeding to Alliance Girls High School.

Abby Cherop, William Ruto's daughter
Abby Cherop, William Ruto’s daughter

7. Nadia Cherono

Nadia Cherono is William Ruto’s  last born daughter. She was adopted by the President after being abandoned as a newborn. William Ruto offered to adopt her and named , Cherono  after his mother. Nadia accompanied Rachael Ruto to pick President Ruto’s election certificate after winning the August 9 elections.

Nadia Cherono - Ruto's lastborn daughter.

William Ruto’s daughters

President Ruto's daughters
President Ruto’s daughters

The photo shows William Ruto’s four biological daughters. Below is a photo of the adopted daugher, Nadia Cherono:

Nadia Cherono with William Ruto
Nadia Cherono with William Ruto

There you have it. These are President William Ruto’s children.

Chicken farming in Kenya

Chicken farming in Kenya is part of the poultry farming which is the raising of domesticated birds such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese for the production of meat and eggs.

The most common poultry in Kenya is chicken, which is the most common delicacy on important social occasions and festivities.

Categories of chicken farming in Kenya

The keeping of chicken farming is categorized into three, depending on the number of birds kept.

  1. 1 – 1000 birds: small scale chicken farmers
  2. 1001 – 10,000 birds: medium scale chicken farmers
  3. 10,000+ birds: large scale chicken farmers

Is chicken farming profitable in Kenya?

You may be wondering how profitable is chicken farming in Kenya. It is indeed very lucrative to keep chicken in Kenya. The demand for chicken meat and eggs keeps rising every day and the supply is not even enough, forcing the Kenyan government to import from neighboring countries such as Uganda.

Done correctly, chicken farming is very profitable in Kenya.

Which breeds of chicken are kept in Kenya?

If you are interested in getting started with chicken farming in Kenya, the kind of breeds kept in Kenya may interest you. Some of the most common commercial chicken breeds kept in Kenya are:

  1. Broilers
  2. Layers
  3. Improved Indigenous breeds  (Improved Kienyeji chicken) such as KARI, Kenbro, Sasso Kuroilers
  4. Pure Indigenous chicken / Village chicken

KARI Improved Kienyeji Chicken

KARI Improved kienyeji chicken is a dual purpose chicken that is reared for both meat and eggs. In Kenya, KARI Improved kienyeji chicken is reared by individual smallholder farmers and is preferred due to its HIGH DISEASE RESISTANCE, low feed consumption and high egg production. The bird also matures early at only four and a half months of age. The main company that deals with this breed is HOMERANGE POULTRY KENYA. This company supplies day old chicks, poultry feed specifically formulated for this breed of chicken, and also meat locally.


Broilers are reared for meat. In Kenya, broilers are raised both by corporations and individuals. Large scale companies include Isinya Poultry and Brade Gate Poultry Industries. These companies supply meat locally as well as to other countries.


Layer chicken farming in Kenya are chicken breeds kept mainly for their eggs. Most of the layer breeds in Kenya are exotic. Examples of layer chicken breeds in Kenya are ISA Brown, Hy-line, Lohmann, Leghorns, and Shavers.

Kenbro Chicken

Kenbro belongs to Kenchick. Kenbro chickens can be reared both for eggs and meat. These chickens are fed for six months before they start laying. Their egg production is lower than that of layers. Those reared for eggs take longer to mature than those reared for meat.

Need inspiration? Who is the richest chicken farmer in Kenya?

There are many rich poultry farmers in Kenya. Among them is the current Kenyan president. Willian Ruto keeps over 200,000 chicken for eggs in his home county. He once said that he makes over KES 1.5 million selling eggs daily.

Chicken farming in Kenya is one of the many businesses you can start as a farmer.



Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta net worth, wealth source, businesses & properties owned

Uhuru Kenyatta is one of the richest citizens in Kenya. His family has been linked to politics and different business interests in media, dairy farming, banking, insurance, land, and hospitality.

Uhuru Kenyatta is married to Margaret Gakua and he is approximately 1.85m tall. He was born in Nairoi Kenya on the 26th Octobe 1961. He is currently 62 years old.

Uhuru Kenyatta has been a Member of Parliament for Gatundu Constituency (2002-2013). He has also served as the Deputy Prime Minister in the Grand Coalition government. In 2013, he was elected as Kenya’s 4th President.

It is no surprise that Kenyans are interested in knowing Uhuru Kenyatta’s net worth because of his past roles in the Kenyan politics.

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, who has three children (Jaba, Jomo, and Ngina), has a net worth of an estimated $530 million.

Uhuru Kenyatta business ventures

As noted earlier, Uhuru Kenyatta businesses are spread in the media industry, dairy, insurance & banking sectors, and land holdings.

Below is a detailed list of the properties that Uhuru Kenyatta owns:

Land holdings

The Kanyatta family is perhaps the largest land owner in Kenya, with vast racts of land in several different areas of the country. The exact size of the land is not known. After inheriting huge chunks of land from his father Jomo Kenyatta, the first president of Kenya, Uhuru has also acquired huge pieces of land in Kenya. Before leaving office, Uhuru Kenyatta bought a 1,000 acre ranch in Oloolmongi, Lolgorian district. He is believed to have retired to Narok County. The ranch is a great viewing place for the Great Wildebeest Migration.

In 1978, when Jomo Kenyatta died, the CIA made a report on the land holdings of the Kenyatta family.  The report stated:

(Jomo) Kenyatta himself owned only about a half-dozen properties covering roughly 4,000 hectares, mainly farms in the Rift Valley and in the district of Kiambu where he was born. His wife, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, however, owns at least 115,000 hectares including a 13,000 hectare ranch in the Kiambu district, two tea plantations at Matu and Mangu, and three sisal farms near the Tanzanian border. She also has considerable holdings in the resort areas around Mombasa and is involved in coffee plantations and in the Kenyan ruby mines.

Real estate property

Uhuru Kenyatta net worth is boosted by investments in real estate. While it is not known how much real estate the Kenyatta family owns, the Pandora Papers leak in 2021 revealed that one of the family’s companies bought a prime apartment in central London. The UK Land Registry valued the property at around $1.3 million. It is believed that Emma Ann Hardy, a British MP rents the property. Her spokesperson said that she has no knowledge of who owns the property.

Offshore accounts

The Uhuru Kenyatta family also has numerous offshore investments. The Pandora Papers revealed that the family owns companies with stocks and bonds valued at $30 million, which is about KES4.5 billion.  The Kenyatta family also has registered companies and foundations in Panama, a tax haven for the super rich.


Mediamax is the media holding of the Kenyatta family. Mediamax brands include K24, the People’s Daily, and Kamene FM. The company was founded by Rose Kimotho whose company defaulted a bank loan and she had to give up the property.

NCBA Group

NCBA is one of the companies owned by the Kenyatta family. NCBA is Kenya’s third largest bank by asset value and the Kenyatta family owns a 13.2% stake in the group. The family receives dividend payouts of more than KES625.5 million as per reports in the recent past. The Kenyatta family had stakes in the Commercial Bank of Africa, which merged with NIC Bank to form NCBA Group. The merger was completed via a share swap with NIC shareholders remaining with 47% while the CBA shareholders including the Kenyatta family owned 53% of the merged entity. This revenue highly boosts the Kenyatta family net worth.

Brookside Dairy Limited

Brookside Dairy has a 45% market share in the dairy products in Kenya. The company generates revenues in the billions of shillings. However, Danone acquired a 40% stake Brookside.

Heritage Group

The Heritage Group of Hotels is a chain of high end hotels in Kenya. Its assets include Voyager camp and beach resourt in Tsavo and Mombasa, Kipungani Explorer on Lamu island, Intrepids camps in Samburu and the Maasai Mara, Golf Hotel in Naivasha, The Great Rift Valley Lodge and Mara Explorer camp.

It is evident that the Uhuru Kenyatta net worth is an inspiration for many wealth enthusiasts as well as an envy for many.

Denim Skirt

From mini to maxi: the denim skirt trends for 2023

The denim skirt is a prime example of how fashion trends can last for decades. Whether cut short or long: the denim classic is reinvented again and again – also in 2023. We present three new trends.
Admittedly, the denim skirt trends are not really new this year. At least as far as the length of the popular items of clothing is concerned: From mini to midi to maxi, well-known styles are again included. But what exactly characterizes the it-piece? It’s the colors and cuts that breathe new life into the denim classic in 2023 – and make it an absolute must-have for fashionistas. Whether A-line, high waist or pencil skirt: In the following we present three popular looks that you can easily recreate at home.

Denim maxi skirts

This year, maxi denim skirts are making a big comeback. It doesn’t matter if you go for a straight cut, an A-lineor a layered lookdecide – as long as the skirt reaches at least to the ankles, you are right on trend in 2023. An old acquaintance is particularly popular this year: the leg slit. It is usually found on the front and can vary in length; the long one stand out. And what is the best way to combine this outfit? Depending on whether you prefer to dress sportily or smartly, we recommend sneakers and boots or even ballerinas and boots as suitable footwear. As for outerwear, you can choose a blouse or a crop top, paired with a denim jacket or blazer. Incidentally, the denim skirt with a maxi length is just as suitable for curvy women.

Denim midi skirts

Midi-length denim skirts also prove that leg slits are very popular again this year. Most models reach down to the calf, which gives them their typical look. In terms of color palette, the 2023 washes vary from classic shades of blue to darker nuances like black or grey. Small eye-catchers such as button strips (besides the slits) are particularly noticeable in this fashion season, geometric proximity , belt or inlaid pleats. And of course there are also midi denim skirts for plus sizes. The cut ensures even more comfort if you opt for a model with an elastic waistband – here you can choose between a completely gathered version choose or a half page. The cuts in 2023 are often combined with sneakers, loafers or pumps.

Denim mini skirts

Another denim classic that shouldn’t be missing from the denim skirt trends for 2023 is the mini skirt. Since the 1960s, the world’s wardrobes would be unimaginable without this popular it-piece. For this reason, the narrow piece of fabric no longer has to reinvent itself – instead, the fashion favorite this year comes up with fine refinements. Mini pleated skirts are particularly popular, gathered cuffs, button plackets or side pockets. The cool to rocking look is rounded off by rough boots, sporty sneakers and, on top, in combination with a leather jacket. And what about the color palette? Also there is of blue to black everything included again. So summer can come, until the time comes, mini skirts can be combined with leggings or tights.

Leather jacket

Five current fashion trends for your wardrobe

Fashion is fun, because the right piece of clothing always goes hand in hand with an attitude towards life. If you feel comfortable in your own skin, you radiate it. Read here which five fashion trends will make fashion hearts beat faster in 2023.

Fashion trends are always changing and that’s a good thing. The focus is on variety and the joy of new ideas, because clothing not only influences the appearance, but also the attitude towards life and well-being. Read here which five trends you should not miss this year.

Fashion trend: leather

Leather is trendy in 2023, whether it’s a skirt, dress or coat, the material can be used in many ways. Whether it’s smooth leather or suede, it doesn’t matter, you can combine the material in different ways depending on your look. For the look it is not important whether it is real leather or imitation leather. The latter is in no way inferior to the original and protects animals and the environment. It is best to wear leather garments in combination with more reserved materials so that the outfit does not appear overloaded. For example, you could wear a light-colored, fine-knit sweater with a black leather-look dress.

Fashion trend: ruffles and flounces

Ruffles and flounces look beautiful in every season, they are used on blouses, T-shirts, sweaters or dresses and give the look something romantic and playful. Ruffles and ruffles are not the same thing, because ruffles usually appear more voluminous, while ruffles fall more smoothly. Flounces are currently adorning many summer dresses and skirts, and this applies in particular to beautiful wrap-around garments

Fashion trend: paperbag trousers

The paperbag trousers are not new, but these beautiful high-waisted trousers are currently everywhere. The fashion trend owes its name to the look of the waistband, because with a little imagination it looks like a crumpled up paper bag. If you want to conjure up a narrow waist, you are well advised to wear paperbag pants, because the beautiful high-waist cut flatters the figure and conceals the stomach. The trendy pants are available in many different materials, from fabric pants to jeans.

Fashion trend: sunglasses

The sunglasses are a trend now. 2023 reminds of the early 2000s, because the glasses are getting smaller and more colorful. Narrow cat eye sunglasses that only cover the eyes and leave as much of the face exposed as possible are particularly popular. Matching eyewear chains are practical and stylish at the same time and can be attached to the sunglasses so that they cannot get lost.

Fashion trend: bright colors

When it comes to color, things can really pop up in 2023, because beautiful bright colors are among the trend shades. This not only applies to colorful summer fashion, but also to statement pieces of clothing in autumn and winter.

How to download KRA PIN certificate, reprint procedure from KRA portal

Most times when you have applied for a KRA PIN, you will most likely get the PIN certificate sent directly to your email. However, along the way, you may lose access to your email or delete your emails. In this case, what do you do when you need to get your KRA PIN certificate through the KRA portal? Most definitely you will have to know how to download KRA PIN certificate and retrieve from the KRA online portal.

You might be wondering “How do I print my KRA PIN certificate?” or “How can I get KRA PIN certificate by email?”.

This simple guide is meant to help you get through this simple procedure of accessing your KRA PIN certificate, download it to your laptop and maybe print it.

Requirements for downloading KRA PIN Certificate

To begin with, a Kenyan taxpayer must have access to items before they can retrieve their KRA PIN certificate.

The process on how to download KRA PIN Certificate is pretty simple but you need:

  1. KRA PIN Number
  2. iTax Password

In other words, you will need your KRA PIN number and also your iTax Password to enable you login to your iTax account. If you have forgotten your KRA PIN Number, you can request for a password reset from the KRA portal, which will then be sent to your email. You will then proceed and use the new password to reset your password, which must adhere to the KRA password guidelines.

To reset your password, go to iTax Portal, enter your PIN and click on Forgot Password/Unlock Account. Your new password will be sent to your registered email address

How to Download KRA PIN Certificate

Step 1: Visit iTax Portal

The first thing you need to do is to visit the iTax Portal using the link:

Step 2: Enter your KRA PIN number

The next step is to enter your KRA PIN Number. The KRA PIN Number has eleven digits and starts and ends with an alphabetic letter.

Step 3: Enter your iTax Password and Solve the Arithmetic Question

The third step is to input your iTax Password. This is the password that you set when you changed the first initial password.

The system may ask you to reset the password from time to time if you have not changed for a period. Upon entering the password, you will need to solve the arithmetic question to enable you login.

Step 4: iTax Account iPage

Once logged in successfully, you will be able to see your iTax iPage account dashboard.

Step 5: Click on the Registration tab then Reprint PIN Certificate

The next step will be to click on the Registration tab, followed by Reprint PIN Certificate tab. It will load a new page where you will have to select applicant type as taxpayer and it will auto-populate the other two fields i.e. Taxpayer PIN and Taxpayer Name. Click on the submit button.

Step 6: Download the KRA PIN Certificate

The last step on this guide on how to download KRA PIN certificate will involve you downloading the PDF file KRA will provide (It will be your KRA PIN Certificate). You need to ensure that you have the latest Adobe Reader (PDF Reader).

Once you have downloaded your KRA PIN Certificate, you can be able to use it anywhere when needed. Now you know how to download KRA PIN Certificate.

Other methods to download the KRA PIN certificate include the email method and the option to visit KRA offices or Huduma Center. If you remember the email address you used to register for your itax kra, log in to this email address and search all all emails from KRA (admin. itax2) and see if it’s still there. The very first email probably contains your KRA PIN, download it.